ICT and the Future of Health Insurance

Feb 4, 2006

Bankix Systems Ltd has released another e-book, titled, ICT and the Future of Health Insurance. This new 168-page e-book presents an in-depth analysis of how the fundamental changes in contemporary health services delivery, driven by the relentless progress in medical knowledge and the increasing appreciation of the central role that healthcare ICT plays in the delivery of cost-effective yet qualitative healthcare, is progressively changing the health insurance archetype. The book examines how these changes would affect not just the future of the health insurance industry, but also their effects on key-player dynamics in the health industry. There is no doubt that these dynamics differ among countries and health systems. This book explores the nuances of these health systems in a comparative analysis that also reveals the commonalities in the new technology-driven, health paradigm that is forging a new direction for the health insurance, and indeed, other industries, and redefining labor and capital, and the concept of sustainable economic development. Increasing healthcare costs have become a concern difficult to ignore. Yet, public expectations on the quality of care are not only higher but also more sophisticated. Medical progress proceeds apace and coupled with the equally swift pace of technological innovations inspire promise. However, this promise besides meeting if not surpassing public expectations, is creating schisms in the health insurance industry likely to change how the industry does business for good. The possible short-and long-term effects of these changes on the aspirations of various countries to reduce health spending and to deliver qualitative health services to their peoples simultaneously, on related businesses and industries, and on individuals also constitute the subject matter of this book. Everyone interested in progress in the health and insurance industries and the effects of this evolution on their lives would enjoy reading this book. Health insurers, Company executives and personnel, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, Hospital administrators, executives, and staff, government agencies, software and ICT vendors, all other healthcare stakeholders, and members of the public would also find this e-book informative and pleasant to read.