A New E-Book

Oct 17, 2018

In November 2008 a journey of love started by writing a story titled ‘Mariah’ placed on bankixsystems.com as the ‘Story of the week' has led to "HIDDEN HEADS, a 1,538 page e-book.’
In it, you will find essays, stories, and poems on various subjects such as beauty, and faith. Others include topics such as existence, afterlife, philosophy, mathematics, science, culture, and quantum mechanics, among others.
These subjects reflect personal perspectives with no person or organization a target. In fact, all characters in the writings are fictional.
Anyone interested in the aforesaid or is curious about ourselves and our world would enjoy reading the book. Hopefully, various organizations including corporate bodies, government agencies, and libraries would also be interested in the book.
‘Hidden Heads’ and sixteen other e-books written over the years are available at bankixsystems.com. Please feel free to explore the website and buy the books. 
Thank you.