New e-book by Bankix Systems Ltd titled “Excursions of the Mystery of Life”, published

Jun 22, 2007

Saskatoon, Canada, June 22, 2007-Life continues to confound us even as civilization has enriched it, for many, although arguably, its benefits not pervasive amongst us, in reach, more so in scope, besides questions of the benefits indeed, at least in part, not being in a sense, really woes.

The position we take on this matter regardless, the mystery of our existence is a widespread angst with which we struggle, not just in a seemingly futile quest to unravel in form and content, its intents and purposes, but also in perplexity, seeking answers to emergent and enduring miseries alike.

Yet, we do not tire, even if the solutions to our impasse on the meaning of life that others and we proffer shimmer just for a while in the dimness that pervades us. Apparently, we cannot, given the emptiness we feel in the vastness of the universe of which miniscule even fails to describe the weight of our envelope of inner irrelevance that nonetheless, belies the intensity of our desire and efforts to assume a contrary stance.

That we might have and continue to ignore the fundamentals of this very issue in whose crypt the answers we seek reside is plausible though, if not in fact probable. To the extent that we nurture the bosom material to our pragmatic disposition of the irresolvable, as we in fluster perceive the enigma of existence, the obvious, given a diametrically opposed attitude, might indeed, be seemingly cryptic.

This implies not least complacency, even imprudence, but denial, faced with evident absurdity, what persistent confusion spawns. This is the mindset from which we need to escape, and urgently too, given the imminence of the diminution in time, the seemingly frenetic pace of the unfolding saga of contemporary existence impels on the options left we could explore in averting the puerile outcomes of the angst we so intensely dread.

In other words, we wince at the contemplation of the product of such a great civilization as ours, albeit also at how much we do to inspire and in fact, effect what we could forestall. The irony is indeed, pathetic, given that we could, understanding, and actually appreciating fully, the fundamentals crucial to preventing these, and therefore, inane although nonetheless, adverse, outcomes.

The question is why we are not doing just that, and for how long we could persist in not doing so, an exploration of which and related questions we would embark upon in this book. We would in attempting to answer these questions, also hope to elicit, via issues and challenges that we confront routinely, those with which they interplay in creating the confusion emergent from the seeming difficulty resolving the pervasive angst that torment us.

We would also be unraveling their pertinence to demystifying existence, in general and particular terms, at the individual and collective levels alike. The mystery of our existence might continue to be enigmatic as we define it in our own terms, but we would be able to perceive the significance for us all, in ensuring that we pursue life so defined in keeping with the fundamentals of existence that its full appreciation would reveal, and actions to accomplish which would emerge unforced. This e-book would interest anyone keen to explore the mystery of existence in an ever-changing and mystifying world.