Bankix Systems Ltd. latest e-book titled “Exploring Health in Liberty”, published.

May 2, 2007

Saskatoon, Canada, May 2, 2007- We are at the point where we need to recognize the significance of individual liberty for humankind to survive let alone thrive. The emergent ongoing reconstruction of the concept of liberty would engage us as events that could potentially compromise our quest to wrest control over our collective angst from the seemingly elusive dynamics of the intercalation of variables and processes increasingly unfold.

We would be examining these forces in depth in this book to highlight their roles in the interplay of the evolution of the fundamentals of liberty with and driven more or less by that of the healthcare delivery and technology dyadic. The implications of progress in a variety of other domains and their significance for healthcare delivery, for changes in our understanding of liberty would also be the subject matter of this book.

That the need for us to ensure that our concept of liberty aligns with the current dispensation would hardly be contentious given that we would increasingly appreciate the perpetuity of change in the many domains on whose operations the budding attributes of the individual, regarding healthcare delivery for example, would ever more predicate. We would also explore the congruence of the imperfection of our systems that these changes imply and the potential to improve them embracing liberty anew.

Our discussions of these issues should we aim, be a critical exposition. That of the urgency of the need by individuals, and by extension societies, and countries, to embark on the required collaboration crucial to an appreciation of the evolution of the concept of liberty as an essential driver of the mix of factors whose overall operations determines the direction in which we steer our immutable motion.    

This e-book would interest doctors and other healthcare professionals, and hospital staff and executives. It would also be useful to policymakers, health insurance executives, software vendors and other healthcare ICT firms, the public, health advocacy groups, the media, government agencies, health insurance companies, industry analysts and leaders, and other healthcare stakeholders.