New e-Book by Bankix Systems Ltd., titled “Doctors in an Information Technology Age” released.

Sep 30, 2006

The gap between a vision of healthcare delivery that guarantees access to qualitative healthcare for all and reality in many countries across the globe attests to the complexity of the issues involved in contemporary healthcare delivery on which its transition to the future hinges. It also indicates the need for urgent action to address these issues if we were to eliminate the gap. That doctors are key players in any initiative to do so is not in question and some indeed, would attribute the reasons for the gap, at least in part, to the seeming disinclination of doctors and the health industry as a whole to embrace healthcare information and communication technologies. This e-book emphasizes the need for doctors and other healthcare professionals to lead the efforts to promote the widespread diffusion of these technologies in the health industry, in both the clinical and non-clinical domains. It explores the mechanisms underlying the interaction of issues germane to healthcare delivery in both domains and the central role that doctors could play, managing the mechanisms in achieving this crucial, and indeed, historical role in the future of healthcare delivery.


It seems plausible that more effective policing of such laws as the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the United States would inspire compliance by the health industry with its requirements for technological upgrades for a streamlined, more efficient claims processing simultaneously assuring privacy protection, for example. It might also be such that an appeal to virtue would rouse action from within independent of external encumbrances to prevent the inevitable disease burden on society that the lack of access to qualitative healthcare by many engenders. Regardless, the need for action in many health systems worldwide with healthcare spending soaring relentlessly, in many cases with little to show for it in the quality of health services provision is no doubt rife, and doctors need to be at its vanguard, as this e-book argues. 


The evolution of healthcare delivery and progress in the technologies that have the potential to ensure not just its ability to achieve the dual healthcare goals of being qualitative and at once cost-effective, but also to spawn innovative models of care that would in turn stimulate interest in technological value creation, in a continuous, essentially symbiotic dyadic, are intertwined. The involvement of doctors in these processes seems likely to increase, as the very future of healthcare delivery, which in many countries is in a precarious balance unfolds, doctors the pivot.

This e-book would interest doctors and other healthcare professionals, and hospital staff and executives. It would also be useful to policymakers, health insurance firms, software vendors and other healthcare ICT firms, the public, health advocacy groups, the media, government agencies, health insurance companies, industry analysts and leaders, and other healthcare stakeholders.