Teledermoscopy Cost-Effective

May 12, 2018
Is Teledermoscopy Cost-Effective in Australia for Skin Cancer Referrals?

Bottom Line: An analysis estimates using teledermoscopy (dermatologist consultation over the internet using dermoscopic images and written information) in Australia for skin cancer referrals would cost extra per case but could achieve faster clinical resolution.

Why The Research Is Interesting: In Australia, melanoma accounts for more than 10 percent of all diagnosed and reported cancers. This study examined the cost-effectiveness of teledermoscopy for skin cancer consultations and referrals to determine its potential to improve the management of skin cancer in Australia.

Authors: Centaine L. Snoswell, B.Pharm., M.P.H., of the University of Queensland, Australia, and coauthors

For more details and to read the full study, please visit the For The Media website.