Temporary Hearing Loss

Apr 21, 2018
What Factors Are Associated With an Increased Risk of Temporary Hearing Loss After Attending an Outdoor Music Festival?

Bottom Line: People who attended an outdoor music festival who did not use earplugs, used alcohol and/or drugs and were male were more likely to experience temporary hearing loss.

Why The Research Is Interesting: During the past two decades, the frequency of hearing loss among young people has increased and going to music concerts, clubs and festivals may part of the reason. Noise-induced hearing loss because of recreational noise exposure may be reduced by using earplugs.

Who and When: 51 adults who attended an outdoor music festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in September 2015

What (Study Measures): Music festival visit for 4.5 hours (intervention); temporary hearing loss (outcome)

How (Study Design): A secondary analysis of data from a randomized clinical trial

Authors: Veronique J. C. Kraaijenga, M.D., University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands, and coauthors

Results: Factors associated with temporary hearing loss:

-Non-use of earplugs
-Use of alcohol and drugs
-Being male

Study Limitations: The inability to detect hidden hearing loss in study participants.

Study Conclusions:

Physicians should consider these factors to raise awareness about the combined risk of attending music festivals without using earplugs while consuming alcohol and/or drugs.

The intention to use earplugs was correlated with loudness and appreciation of music with earplugs, which may advocate for the use of personalized earplugs
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