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17 Aug 2019 Cannabis-Related Poison Control Cases in Kids, Teens in Massachusetts Around Medical Marijuana Legalization
10 Aug 2019 Opioid Prescribing Patterns in Children After Tonsillectomy
3 Aug 2019 Are U.S. Adults Meeting Physical Activity Guidelines?
28 Jul 2019 How is Urban Green Space Associated With Mental Health?
19 Jul 2019 Marijuana Use Among Northern California Women Before, During Pregnancy
6 Jul 2019 Androgen Deprivation Therapy Associated With Risk of Alzheimer, Dementia Diagnoses in Older Men With Prostate Cancer
1 Jul 2019 Birth, Child Outcomes Associated With Moms Using Opioids During Pregnancy
22 Jun 2019 Reports of Unprofessional Behavior by Surgeons and Risk of Complications for Patients
16 Jun 2019 Exposure to Artificial Light At Night While Sleeping and Women’s Weight
18 May 2019 Philadelphia Beverage Tax Associated With Higher Prices, Reduced Sales
11 May 2019 Disparities Associated With Buprenorphine Prescriptions for Opioid Use Disorde
4 May 2019 Could Mouth Rinse to Detect HPV DNA Be Associated With Predicting Risk of Head/Neck Cancer Recurrence, Death?
27 Apr 2019 Is State Medicaid Expansion Associated With Changes in Low Birth Weight, Preterm Births?
20 Apr 2019 Pharmacy Closures Associated With Declines in Cardiovascular Medication Adherence
13 Apr 2019 Study Reports on Bacterial STIs Among Men Using PrE
6 Apr 2019 Vision Loss Associated with Longer Hospital Stays, More Readmissions, Greater Costs
31 Mar 2019 Outcomes of Patients 65 Years or Older After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Based on Location of Cardiac Arrest in Japan
27 Mar 2019 Outcomes for Smallest Infants Born Weighing Less Than 400 Grams
17 Mar 2019 Opioid Prescribing Across United States
9 Mar 2019 Is It Ever Too Late for Adults to Benefit from Physical Activity?
3 Mar 2019 Family Opioid Use and Risk of Opioid Use Among Teens, Young Adults Following Surgical, Dental Procedures
27 Feb 2019 Visual Abstract: Effect of Epicutaneous Immunotherapy vs Placebo on Reaction to Peanut Protein in Children With Peanut Allergy
18 Feb 2019 How Common, Preventable Are Sepsis-Associated Deaths in Hospitals?
12 Feb 2019 USPSTF Recommendation Statement on Interventions to Prevent Depression During Pregnancy, After Childbirth
2 Feb 2019 Effect of Hydrocortisone Therapy on Outcomes of Very Preterm Infants Receiving Mechanical Ventilation
27 Jan 2019 Birth Rates in Fukushima City Before, After Nuclear Disaster
22 Jan 2019 Analyzing Aspirin Use in Patients Without Cardiovascular Disease
13 Jan 2019 Visual Abstract: Adjunctive Alteplase During Primary PCI in Patients With Acute MI
6 Jan 2019 Holocaust Survivors Had Higher Rates of Chronic Conditions, Lower Rates of Death
30 Dec 2018 Patient Preferences for Collecting Sexual, Gender Identity Information
23 Dec 2018 Study Compares Scheduled vs. Emergency-Only Dialysis Among Undocumented Immigrants
16 Dec 2018 Is Early Physical Therapy Associated With Less Opioid Use in Patients With Musculoskeletal Pain?
2 Dec 2018 Do Poorer Neighborhoods Experience Longer Ambulance Times?
25 Nov 2018 Association of Air Pollutant at Mothers’ Homes During Pregnancy, Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Kids
22 Nov 2018 Exposure to Police Violence Reported Often, Associated With Mental Health Issues
18 Nov 2018 Are Recreational Marijuana Companies’ Social Media Posts Compliant with Regulations?
13 Nov 2018 Concussion Associated With Suicide Risk
4 Nov 2018 Study Examines Racial Disparities in Patient Characteristics, Survival After Heart Attack
28 Oct 2018 Factors Associated With Persistent Opioid Use Among Injured Workers
18 Oct 2018 More Caffeine from Coffee Associated With Decreased Rosacea Risk
6 Oct 2018 Articles Examine Aspects of Sexual Assault, Harassment
22 Sep 2018 Do Rates of Burnout, Career-Choice Regret Vary by Specialty Among Resident Physicians?
15 Sep 2018 Lethality of Active Shooter Incidents With vs. Without Semiautomatic Rifles
8 Sep 2018 Disparities in Geographic Distribution of Dermatologists
1 Sep 2018 Trends Over 20 Years in ADHD Diagnoses Among U.S. Children, Adolescents
25 Aug 2018 Policy Intended to Curb Opioid Prescribing Associated With Increase in Filled Opioid Prescriptions after Surgery
11 Aug 2018 Was Brief Dermatologist Intervention Associated With Patient Behavior, Satisfaction?
4 Aug 2018 Mortality Rates Among Homeless Adults in Boston Who Avoid Shelters, Known as ‘Rough Sleepers’
28 Jul 2018 Risk of Later Death After Donor Blood, Marrow Transplant in Childhood
14 Jul 2018 Study Estimates Eyeglass Use by Medicare Patients
7 Jul 2018 Is Drinking More Coffee Associated With Lower Risk of Death?
30 Jun 2018 Is Cataract Surgery Associated with Reduced Risk of a Serious Traffic Accident?
23 Jun 2018 What Are Insurance Coverage Policies for Drug Treatments for Low Back Pain?
16 Jun 2018 Metabolic Effects of Antipsychotic Medications in Youths
2 Jun 2018 Are More Hospitals Requiring Flu Shots for Health Care Workers?
26 May 2018 Do Patients With TBI Receive Follow-Up Care After ED Discharge?
19 May 2018 How Accurate is Breath Test for Diagnosis Esophagogastric Cancer?
12 May 2018 Crowdfunding Campaigns for Unproven Stem Cell-Based Interventions often Underemphasize Risks, Exaggerate Effectiveness
5 May 2018 Rapid Increase of Synthetic Opioids Involved in Drug Overdose Deaths
28 Apr 2018 Inadequate Health Literacy Associated with Poorer Postoperative Recovery for Patients Undergoing Day Surgery
21 Apr 2018 Association of Cannabis With Cognitive Functioning in Young People
14 Apr 2018 Large Disparities in Impact of Cardiovascular Disease Persist Between States
7 Apr 2018 Frequency of Skin Cancer Screening Among Indoor Tanners
24 Mar 2018 Is Hearing Loss Associated With Increased Risk of Accidental Injury?
17 Mar 2018 U.S. Continues to Spend Much More on Health Care than Other Countries, Driven by Prices of Physician and Hospital Services, Pharmaceuticals
10 Mar 2018 Does Single PSA Test Have Effect on Prostate Cancer Detection, Death?
3 Mar 2018 Decrease Seen in Red Blood Cell, Plasma Transfusions in U.S.
24 Feb 2018 Findings Do Not Support Suggestion that Certain Diets May Be Better for Adults with Certain Genetic Makeup
17 Feb 2018 Screening for Ovarian Cancer Not Recommended
10 Feb 2018 Blood Clot in Lungs Rare in Patients at Emergency Department After Fainting
3 Feb 2018 ACA’s Medicaid Expansion Associated with Greater Likelihood of Patients Receiving Optimal Care for Serious Surgical Conditions
27 Jan 2018 What Effect Did the ACA Have on Out-of-Pocket and Premium Spending?
20 Jan 2018 Does Benefit of Weight-Loss Surgery for Patients with Diabetes Persist Over Time?
13 Jan 2018 Medication Did Not Decrease Cognitive Loss in Patients with Alzheimer Disease
6 Jan 2018 Frequency of Autism Spectrum Disorder in U.S. Stable in Recent Years
31 Dec 2017 Acid Reflux Associated with Head and Neck Cancers in Older Adults
30 Dec 2017 Research Letter Examines Firefighters and Skin Cancer Risk
23 Dec 2017 Cervical Device Reduces Rate of Preterm Birth
16 Dec 2017 Thyroid Medication Did Not Improve Pregnancy Outcomes for Women in China Undergoing IVF
9 Dec 2017 Abnormal Electrocardiogram Findings Are Common in NBA Players
25 Nov 2017 How Common Are New Cancers in Cancer Survivors?
18 Nov 2017 Improvement in Glycemic Control Among Patients With Diabetes May Have Plateaued
11 Nov 2017 Marijuana Extract Products Sold Online Often Do Not Contain Content as Indicated
4 Nov 2017 Cataract Surgery in Older Women Associated With Decreased Risk of Death
22 Oct 2017 Study Examines Racial Differences in Quality of End-of-Life Care
21 Oct 2017 Findings Add to Evidence of Association between Zika Virus and Guillain-Barré Syndrome
14 Oct 2017 Effect of Stopping Behavioral Interventions on Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing
7 Oct 2017 Use of CPR, Defibrillators Improves After Public Health Initiatives
30 Sep 2017 Findings Suggest Genetic Factors May Explain Most of the Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder
9 Sep 2017 Health Insurance Changes, Access to Care by Patients’ Mental Health Status
4 Sep 2017 What Is the Global Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?
2 Sep 2017 Men, Women and Risk of Developing Alzheimer Disease: Is There a Difference?
26 Aug 2017 Updated Analysis Finds Newer Type of LDL-C Reducing Drugs Still Not Cost-Effective
21 Aug 2017 Are There Racial Differences in Cognitive Outcomes Based on BP Targets?
19 Aug 2017 Intensive Lifestyle Intervention Provides Modest Improvement in Glycemic Control, Reduced Need for Medication for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
13 Aug 2017 Increases in Alcohol Use, Especially Among Women, Other Groups
12 Aug 2017 Racial Gap in Survival after In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Narrows
30 Jul 2017 What Are Risk Factors for Melanoma in Kidney Transplant Recipients?
22 Jul 2017 Is Mental Health Associated with Perception of Nasal Function?
15 Jul 2017 Use of Osteoporosis Drug with Anti-Inflammatory Medication Linked to Lower Risk of Hip Fracture
8 Jul 2017 Certain OTC, Less Expensive Hearing Aids Provide Benefit Similar to Conventional Hearing Aid
2 Jul 2017 Is There an Association Between Socioeconomic Status in Childhood and the Heart?
1 Jul 2017 Mixed Results on Effectiveness of Acupuncture to Treat Stress Urinary Incontinence, Infertility
25 Jun 2017 How Often Do Youth With Opioid Use Disorder Get Buprenorphine or Naltrexone?
24 Jun 2017 What Are Trends in Emergency Department Utilization, Costs for Shingles?
18 Jun 2017 Elevated Brain Amyloid Level Associated With Increased Likelihood of Cognitive Decline
17 Jun 2017 Study Examines Facial Fractures from Recreational Activity in Adults 55 and Older
11 Jun 2017 Weight Gain Greater, Less than Recommended During Pregnancy Linked With Increased Risk of Adverse Outcomes for Mother, Infant
10 Jun 2017 Effectiveness of Antipsychotic Treatments in Patients with Schizophrenia
3 Jun 2017 Must Children Attend Obesity Treatment with Parents to Be Effective?
27 May 2017 Comparison of Antibiotic Treatments for Cellulitis
22 May 2017 Was a Statin Beneficial for Primary Cardiovascular Prevention in Older Adults?
21 May 2017 Could There Be a Better Way to Estimate Body Fat Levels in Children, Adolescents?
20 May 2017 Findings Do Not Support Steroid Injections for Knee Osteoarthritis
13 May 2017 Long-Term Use of Quinine for Muscle Cramps Associated With Increased Risk of Death
6 May 2017 Types and Distribution of Payments from Industry to Physicians
29 Apr 2017 Elevated Biomarker Following Surgery Linked to Increased Risk of Death
22 Apr 2017 Adherence to High-Intensity Statin Drops-off For Many Following Heart Attack
15 Apr 2017 Potential Number of Organ Donors after Euthanasia in Belgium
8 Apr 2017 Monthly High-Dose Vitamin D Supplementation Does Not Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
26 Mar 2017 Direct-To-Consumer TV Advertising Associated with Greater Testosterone Testing, New Use, and Use without Recent Testing
25 Mar 2017 Study Examines Birth Outcomes for Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Survivors
19 Mar 2017 Underuse of Anti-Clotting Therapies Common among Patients with Atrial Fibrillation who Have a Stroke
18 Mar 2017 Repeated Eye Injections for Age-Related Macular Degeneration Associated With Increased Risk for Glaucoma Surgery
11 Mar 2017 Being Overweight in Early Pregnancy Associated with Increased Rate of Cerebral Palsy
4 Mar 2017 Reducing Cancer-Related Fatigue
25 Feb 2017 Older Adults Experience Similar Improvements Following Surgery for Herniated Lumbar Disk
18 Feb 2017 Findings Suggest Causal Association between Abdominal Fat and Development of Type 2 Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease
11 Feb 2017 Typical Male Brain Anatomy Associated With Higher Probability of Autism Spectrum Disorder
5 Feb 2017 High Percentage of Gunshot Injuries in Chicagoland Not Treated at Designated Trauma Centers
4 Feb 2017 Study Finds Discrepancy between What Symptoms Patients Report, What Appears in Electronic Medical Record
28 Jan 2017 Sepsis a Leading Cause of Hospital Readmission
21 Jan 2017 Increase in Distance to Nearest Abortion Facility in Texas Associated With Decline in Abortions
14 Jan 2017 Financial Penalties Result in Greater Reduction of Hospital Readmissions
11 Jan 2017 Folic Acid Supplementation Recommended for Prevention of Neural Tube Defects
8 Jan 2017 Gun Violence Research Underfunded, Understudied Compared to Other Leading Causes of Death
1 Jan 2017 Did Teen Perception, Use of Marijuana Change After Recreational Use Legalized?
31 Dec 2016 State, Regional Differences in Melanoma Rates 2003 vs 2013
18 Dec 2016 Gene Mutations Among Young Patients with Colorectal Cancer
12 Dec 2016 How Many Adults in the United States Are Taking Psychiatric Drugs?
11 Dec 2016 Proposed Biosimilar Drug Shows Potential as Breast Cancer Treatment
27 Nov 2016 Neighborhood Stressors Associated with Biological Stress in Kids in New Orleans
20 Nov 2016 Prevalence, Prognostic Implications of Coronary Artery Calcification in Women at Low Cardiovascular Disease Risk
12 Nov 2016 CPR from Bystanders Associated with Better Outcomes After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Pediatric Patients
31 Oct 2016 Hospitalizations for Children, Teens Attributed to Opioid Poisoning Jump
23 Oct 2016 Study Examines Work Status, Productivity after Bariatric Surgery
16 Oct 2016 Study Finds Variable Accuracy of Wrist-Worn Heart Rate Monitors
1 Oct 2016 Using Twitter as a Data Source for Studying Public Communication about Cardiovascular Health
24 Sep 2016 Skin Cancer a Risk for Nonwhite Recipients of Organ Transplants
18 Sep 2016 Zika Virus Can Be Detected in Eye’s Conjunctival Fluid
11 Sep 2016 Cesarean Birth Appears Associated with Higher Risk of Obesity in Children
10 Sep 2016 Implementation of Lean Processes Shows Potential to Reduce Surgical Wait Times at VA Hospitals
4 Sep 2016 Longer Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy After Stent Placement Improves Outcomes for Patients With Peripheral Arterial Disease
28 Aug 2016 Recently Approved Cholesterol Medication Not Cost-Effective; Could Substantially Increase U.S. Health Care Costs
27 Aug 2016 HIV-Infected Adults with Depression Have Increased Risk for Heart Attack
21 Aug 2016 Study Examines Use of Antipsychotics Early in Pregnancy, Risk of Birth Defects
13 Aug 2016 The Next Frontier in Facial Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery
30 Jul 2016 Do Patients Use Online Communications Following A New Breast Cancer Diagnosis?
23 Jul 2016 Are Provider-Related Factors Affecting the Likelihood of Breast Preservation?
16 Jul 2016 Loss of Independence after Surgery for Older Patients Associated with Increased Risk of Hospital Readmission, Death
10 Jul 2016 Vision-Threatening Stages of Diabetic Retinopathy Associated with Higher Risk of Depression
2 Jul 2016 BRCA1 Mutations Linked to Increased Risk of Serous, Serous-Like Endometrial Cancer
25 Jun 2016 What are Risk Factors for Dementia After Intracerebral Hemorrhage?
24 Jun 2016 Medications to Prevent Additional Stroke May Be Less Effective for Patients with Certain Gene Variants
21 Jun 2016 Study Finds Decrease in Uninsured Hospital Patients, Increase in Those With Medicaid
17 Jun 2016 High Rate of Patient Factors Linked to Hospital Readmissions Following General Surgery
13 Jun 2016 Hospital or Outpatient Care When Patients Present with Hypertensive Urgency?
12 Jun 2016 Survey Suggests Patients Prefer Dermatologists in Professional Attire, White Coat
11 Jun 2016 Pictures Warning of Smoking Dangers on Cigarette Packs Increased Quit Attempts
29 May 2016 Health, Wealth & Social Differences for Adults Born Premature, Low-Birth-Weight
28 May 2016 Study Identifies Risk Factors Associated With Eye Abnormalities in Infants with Presumed Zika Virus Infection
21 May 2016 Prevalence of Visual Impairment, Blindness in the U.S. Expected to Increase Significantly in Coming Decades
15 May 2016 Study Finds Low Levels of Ultraviolet A Light Protection in Automobile Side Windows
8 May 2016 Implementation of Telephone CPR Program Results in Improved Cardiac Arrest Outcomes
1 May 2016 Psoriasis Associated with Diabetes, BMI & Obesity in Danish Twin Study
24 Apr 2016 No Risk Association Observed for Anthracycline Chemotherapy, Cognitive Decline
9 Apr 2016 Study Shows Effectiveness of Earplugs in Preventing Temporary Hearing Loss After Loud Music
2 Apr 2016 Economic Analysis of PSA Screening, Selective Treatment Strategies
30 Mar 2016 Clinical Decision Tool May Help Predict Risks of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Following Coronary Stent Placement
27 Mar 2016 Longer-Time to Follow-Up With Patients After Heart Attack Associated With Worse Medication Adherence
22 Mar 2016 Drug Combination Reduces Polyps for Patients With Inherited Disorder and High Risk for Colorectal Cancer
19 Mar 2016 Many AFib Patients at Highest Risk of Stroke Not Receiving Recommended Oral Anticoagulant Therapy
11 Jan 2016 Proton Pump Inhibitors Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease
8 Jan 2016 Increase Seen in Subsequent Maltreatment in Children With Disabilities After an Unsubstantiated Report for Neglect
3 Jan 2016 Comparing Chemical and Surgical Castration for Prostate Cancer
29 Dec 2015 How Does Type of Toy Affect Quantity, Quality of Language in Infant Playtime?
19 Dec 2015 Decrease Seen in Newly Registered NIH-Funded Trials, While Industry-Funded Trials Have Increased Substantially
13 Dec 2015 Improving Educational Interventions for Physicians to Provide High-Value, Cost-Conscious Care
8 Dec 2015 Study Finds High Rate of Depression Among Resident Physicians
5 Dec 2015 Review Does Not Support Monthly Lab Testing for Oral Isotretinoin Use for Acne
29 Nov 2015 Postoperative Clostridium difficile Infection in the Veterans Health Administration
19 Nov 2015 Socioeconomic Factors Associated With Undergoing Surgery for Early-Stage Pancreatic Cancer
15 Nov 2015 Early Probiotic Use May Be Associated with Decreased Risk of Islet Autoimmunity in Children at Risk for Type 1 Diabetes
11 Nov 2015 Death of a Parent in Childhood Associated with Increased Suicide Risk
7 Nov 2015 Endovascular Intervention Associated with Improved Functional Outcomes Following Stroke Compared to Standard Treatment
6 Nov 2015 Study Examines Bacterial Susceptibility to Antibiotics Used to Treat Gonorrhea
1 Nov 2015 Decreases Seen in Leading Causes of Death
25 Oct 2015 Tdap Vaccination During Pregnancy Following Other Recent Tetanus-Containing Vaccine Not Associated With Adverse Outcomes
22 Oct 2015 Racial Differences in Outcomes, Costs of Care in Older Men with Prostate Cancer
18 Oct 2015 Comparing Total Body Examination vs. Lesion-Directed Skin Cancer Screenings
12 Oct 2015 Study Examines Concussion-like Symptom Reporting in Uninjured Athletes
9 Oct 2015 Examining Contemporary Occupational Carcinogen Exposure, Bladder Cancer
6 Oct 2015 Study Examines Antibullying Policies and Bullying in 25 States
1 Oct 2015 Most Women Undergoing BRCA Genetic Testing Not Receiving Genetic Counseling by Trained Genetics Professionals
26 Sep 2015 Study Finds High Prevalence of Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes in U.S.
23 Sep 2015 Study Shows Potential Benefit of Telehealth Visits For Postoperative Care
20 Sep 2015 Studies Examine Sex Differences in Academic Faculty Rank, Institutional Support for Biomedical Research
15 Sep 2015 Factors Examined That May Contribute to Higher Risk of Death Following Hip Fracture Surgery Compared to Hip Replacement
12 Sep 2015 Surgery Improves Quality of Life for Patients With Chronic Sinus Infection, Sleep Dysfunction
5 Sep 2015 Inadequate Blood Pressure Control Associated With Increased Risk of Recurrence of Intracerebral Hemorrhage
2 Sep 2015 Medication Improves Measure of Kidney Disease in Patients with Diabetes
29 Aug 2015 Two studies in the August 25 issue of JAMA examine the effect of physical activity and nutrient supplementation on cognitive function
26 Aug 2015 Two studies and an editorial published online by JAMA Psychiatry examine associations between cannabis use and the brain.
20 Aug 2015 Drug Helps Patients with Diabetes Lose Weight
15 Aug 2015 Emergency Department Intervention Does Not Reduce Heavy Drinking or Intimate Partner Violence
10 Aug 2015 Study Finds Association Between Blood Levels of Trace Metals and Risk of Glaucoma
3 Aug 2015 High-Dose Vitamin D Supplementation Not Associated with Benefits for Postmenopausal Women
31 Jul 2015 Findings Question Measures Used to Assess Hospital Quality
27 Jul 2015 Insulin Resistance, Glucose Uptake in the Brain in Adults at Risk for Alzheimer
23 Jul 2015 Adjuvants Improve Immune Response to H7N9 Flu Vaccine
18 Jul 2015 Drug Provides Improvement for Diabetic Kidney Disease Patients with High Potassium Levels
14 Jul 2015 Study Suggests Progress in Reporting, Management of IRB Conflicts of Interest
8 Jul 2015 Study Examines Association Between Certain Genetic Condition, Hormonal Factors, and Risk of Endometrial Cancer
1 Jul 2015 Study Details Use of Antipsychotic Medication Use in Young People
26 Jun 2015 Drug Used in Erectile Dysfunction Medications Associated With Small Increased Risk of Malignant Melanoma
21 Jun 2015 Extremely Preterm Infants Enrolled in RCTs Do Not Experience Worse Outcomes Compared to Infants Not Enrolled
18 Jun 2015 Parkinson Disease Appears Associated with Many Cancers in Taiwan
15 Jun 2015 Study Estimates Deaths Attributable to Cigarettes for 12 Smoking-Related Cancers
11 Jun 2015 Obesity Associated with Increased Breast Cancer Risk in Postmenopausal Women
6 Jun 2015 Study Questions Effectiveness of Computerized Clinical Decision Support Systems
31 May 2015 Metformin Use Associated with Reduced Risk of Developing Open-Angle Glaucoma
26 May 2015 Study Examines Association of Genetic Variants with Cognitive Impairment
24 May 2015 Studies Examine Prevalence of Amyloid among Adults and its Association with Cognitive Impairment
22 May 2015 Pliability, Elasticity of Skin Increase Following Wrinkle Treatment with Botox
17 May 2015 Newer Method of Oxygen Delivery Shows Benefits for Patients at Risk of Respiratory Failure after Surgery
15 May 2015 Study Estimates Prevalence of Glaucoma Among Singapore Chinese
9 May 2015 Effectiveness of School Competitive Food Policies Appears Tied to Neighborhood Socioeconomics
6 May 2015 Survival Rates in Trauma Patients after Massachusetts Health Insurance Reform
2 May 2015 Use of Vena Cava Filter Does Not Reduce Risk of Recurrent Blood Clot for Patients Receiving Anticoagulant
29 Apr 2015 Certain Genetic Factors Associated With Rheumatoid Arthritis Severity, Risk of Death and Response to Treatment
26 Apr 2015 Parent Training Program Helps Reduce Disruptive Behavior of Children with Autism
20 Apr 2015 Obesity Intervention Program Results in Some Improvement of Kids’ BMI
15 Apr 2015 Depression, Diabetes Associated with Increased Dementia Risk
11 Apr 2015 Rural African-American Women Had Lower Rates of Depression, Mood Disorder
7 Apr 2015 Risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer May Differ By Type of BRCA1, BRCA2 Mutation
2 Apr 2015 Suicide Not Associated with Deployment Among U.S. Military Personnel
28 Mar 2015 Variety of DBT Interventions with Therapists Effective at Reducing Suicide Attempts
24 Mar 2015 Use of Stent, Compared to Medications, Increases Risk of Stroke in Patients With Narrowed Artery Within the Brain
17 Mar 2015 Folic Acid Supplementation Among Adults with Hypertension Reduces Risk of Stroke
14 Mar 2015 Germline TP53 Mutations in Patients with Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer
7 Mar 2015 Trends of 21-Gene Recurrence Score Assay Use in Older Patients with Breast Cancer
2 Mar 2015 Eating Nuts & Peanuts Associated with Reduced Overall, Cardiovascular Death
22 Feb 2015 Mindfulness Meditation Appears to Help Improve Sleep Quality
21 Feb 2015 Study May Support Active Surveillance for Favorable Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer
20 Feb 2015 Unlikely That Topical Pimecrolimus Associated with Increased Risk of Cancer
16 Feb 2015 Hot Flashes, Night Sweats Last for 7+ Years in Many Midlife Women
14 Feb 2015 Smartphone Applications, Wearable Devices Appear to be Accurate in Tracking Step Counts
8 Feb 2015 Care of Patients Prior to Making a Diagnosis Rarely Assessed By Quality Measures
4 Feb 2015 Neuroimaging Studies Review Suggests Areas of Agreement in Psychiatric Diagnoses
31 Jan 2015 More Than 2 Million Years of Life Saved in 25 Years of Organ Transplants in U.S.
26 Jan 2015 Brain White Matter Changes Seen in Children Who Experience Neglect
21 Jan 2015 Study Examines NSAID Use, Risk of Anastomotic Failure Following Surgery
17 Jan 2015 Community-Wide Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programs Associated with Reductions in Hospitalizations, Deaths, Over a 40 Year Period
12 Jan 2015 Study Suggests Some Older Adults Potentially Overtreated for Diabetes
4 Jan 2015 Maternal Supplementation with Multiple Micronutrients, Compared With Iron-Folic Acid, Does Not Reduce Infant Mortality
1 Jan 2015 How Economic Insecurity Impacts Diabetes Control Among Patients
27 Dec 2014 Extreme Heat in U.S. Associated With Increased Risk of Hospitalization Among Older Adults
21 Dec 2014 Feeling Younger Than Actual Age Meant Lower Death Rate for Older People
16 Dec 2014 Low-Glycemic Index Carbohydrate Diet Does Not Improve Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Insulin Resistance
12 Dec 2014 Many Breast Cancer Surgery Patients Do Not Receive Shorter, Less Costly Radiation Treatment
8 Dec 2014 Tramadol Associated with Increased Risk of Hospitalization for Hypoglycemia
4 Dec 2014 Teleophthalmology for Screening, Recurrence of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
1 Dec 2014 Anticholesterol Rosuvastatin Not Associated with Reduced Risk for Fractures
28 Nov 2014 Survival Differences Seen for Advanced-Stage Laryngeal Cancer
23 Nov 2014 Study Examines National Trends in Mastectomy for Early-Stage Breast Cancer
20 Nov 2014 Pain, Magnet Displacement in MRI in Patients with Cochlear Implants
16 Nov 2014 Overall Death Rate from Heart Disease Declines, Although Increase Seen for Certain Subtypes
15 Nov 2014 Quarter of Patients Have Subsequent Surgery After Breast Conservation Surgery
13 Nov 2014 Telemedicine Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy Finds Condition in 1 of 5 Patients
10 Nov 2014 2nd-Hand Smoke Exposure of Hospitalized Nonsmoker Cardiac Patients
6 Nov 2014 Location of Oral Cancers Differs in Smokers, Nonsmokers
2 Nov 2014 Maintenance Opioid Agonist Therapy for Injection-Drug Users Associated with Lower Incidence of Hepatitis C
30 Oct 2014 Self-Reported Cognitive Difficulties Better for Patients with Tinnitus in Clinical Trial
27 Oct 2014 Traumatic Brain Injury Associated with Increased Dementia Risk in Older Adults
22 Oct 2014 Online Dermatologic Follow-up for Atopic Dermatitis Earns Equivalent Results
15 Oct 2014 Fewer Depressive Symptoms Associated with More Frequent Activity in Adults at Most Ages
13 Oct 2014 Study Estimates 14 Million Smoking-Attributable Major Medical Conditions in U.S.
10 Oct 2014 Study Looks at Cardiometabolic Risk, Schizophrenia and Antipsychotic Treatment
1 Oct 2014 Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder Associated with Dendritic Spine Loss in Brain
28 Sep 2014 Hardwiring AHA Guidelines into Order System Reduced Telemetry Orders
25 Sep 2014 Rate of Diabetes in U.S. May Be Leveling Off
19 Sep 2014 Vitamin E, Selenium Supplements Unlikely to Effect Age-Related Cataracts in Men
17 Sep 2014 Waistlines of U.S. Adults Continue to Increase
13 Sep 2014 Study Examines Immunosuppressant Effect on Central Nervous System Disorder
9 Sep 2014 Long-Term Follow-up Shows Benefit of Statin Therapy for Children With Inherited Cholesterol Disorder
4 Sep 2014 Outdoor Activities May be Linked to Exfoliation Syndrome in Eyes
1 Sep 2014 Family Dinners Good for Teens’ Mental Health, Could Protect From Cyberbullying
29 Aug 2014 Complications of Tube Insertion in Ears Not Worse for Kids with Cleft Lip/Palate
26 Aug 2014 Lower Opioid Overdose Death Rates Associated with State Medical Marijuana Laws
23 Aug 2014 Patient, Tumor Characteristics for High-Mitotic Rate Melanoma
19 Aug 2014 Intervention Helps Smokers Quit Following Hospital Stay
16 Aug 2014 Prevalence, Risk Factors for Diabetic Macular Edema Explored in Study
11 Aug 2014 Normal Cognition in Patient Without Apolipoprotein E, Risk Factor for Alzheimer
3 Aug 2014 Study Examines Effect on Pregnancy of Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy for Prevention of HIV
30 Jul 2014 Research Letter Examines Pacemaker Use in Patients with Cognitive Impairment
28 Jul 2014 Electronic Screening Tool to Triage Teenagers and Risk of Substance Misuse
25 Jul 2014 Increased Risk for Head, Neck Cancers in Patients with Diabetes
21 Jul 2014 Comparing Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatments
19 Jul 2014 Study Examines Dietary Fatty Acid Intake, Risk for Lou Gehrig Disease
18 Jul 2014 Vision Loss Associated with Work Status
14 Jul 2014 Management for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Varies Widely Among Physicians
10 Jul 2014 Study Does Not Find Increased Risk of Blood Clot Following HPV Vaccination
6 Jul 2014 Drug Everolimus Does Not Improve Overall Survival in Patients with Advanced Liver Cancer
3 Jul 2014 Study Examines Hypertension, Antihypertension Medication, Risk of Psoriasis
30 Jun 2014 Blood Lead Levels Associated with Increased Behavioral Problems in Kids in China
26 Jun 2014 Study Examines Aesthetic Nasal Tip Projection, Rotation in White Women
24 Jun 2014 Women Sometimes Benefit More from Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy than Men
19 Jun 2014 Racial Disparities in Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Women with Breast Cancer
15 Jun 2014 Gene Variant Associated With Type 2 Diabetes in Latino Population
11 Jun 2014 PTSD, Major Depressive Episode Appears to Increase Risk of Preterm Birth
7 Jun 2014 Study Finds Public Awareness of Head and Neck Cancers Low
2 Jun 2014 No Sign of ‘Obesity Paradox’ in Obese Patients with Stroke
29 May 2014 Study Examines Risk Factors for Sagging Eyelids
25 May 2014 Antibiotics Continue to Be Prescribed at High Rate for Bronchitis, Contrary to Recommended Guidelines
22 May 2014 Children With Cochlear Implants at Risk for Deficits in Executive Function
18 May 2014 For Pregnant Women Who Smoke, Vitamin C Supplementation Results in Improved Lung Function of Newborn
16 May 2014 Monoclonal Antibody Combined With Statin Results in Further Reduction of Cholesterol Levels
13 May 2014 Low Rate of Adverse Events Associated With Male Circumcision
10 May 2014 Receiving Tdap Vaccine During Pregnancy Does Not Appear to Increase Risk of Adverse Events For Mother or Infant
7 May 2014 Multidimensional Frailty Score Helps Predict Postoperative Outcomes in Older Adults
4 May 2014 Study Finds Large Increase in Type 1 and 2 Diabetes Among U.S. Youth
1 May 2014 Research Letter Examines UV Nail Salon Lamps, Risk of Skin Cancer
27 Apr 2014 Conservative Management of Vascular Abnormality in Brain Associated With Better Outcomes
23 Apr 2014 False-Positive Mammograms Associated With Anxiety, Willingness for Future Screening
21 Apr 2014 Thyroid Disease Risk Varies Among Blacks, Asians, and Whites
16 Apr 2014 Mothers with Higher BMI Have Increased Risk of Stillbirth, Infant Death
12 Apr 2014 Viewpoint Offers Details of BRAIN Initiative
7 Apr 2014 Access to Primary Care Appointments Varies by Insurance Status
4 Apr 2014 Study Suggests Symptoms of Childhood Eczema Persist, Likely a Lifelong Illness
31 Mar 2014 Aspirin Use Appears Linked With Improved Survival After Colon Cancer Diagnosis
30 Mar 2014 Medication Does Not Reduce Risk of Recurrent Cardiovascular Events Among Patients With Diabetes
29 Mar 2014 Analysis Supports Use of Risk Equations to Guide Statin Therapy
23 Mar 2014 Children With Glomerular Kidney Disease More Likely to Have Hypertension as Adults
21 Mar 2014 Risk of Psychiatric Diagnoses, Medication Use Increases after Critical Illness
17 Mar 2014 COPD Associated With Increased Risk for Mild Cognitive Impairment
14 Mar 2014 Discontinuation of Randomized Clinical Trials Common
9 Mar 2014 Opening or Expanding a Casino Associated With Lower Rate of Overweight Children in that Community
6 Mar 2014 Anti-Coagulant Treatment For Atrial Fibrillation Does Not Worsen Outcomes for Patients With Kidney Disease
3 Mar 2014 Suicide in the Military: Army-NIH Funded Study Points to Risks and Protective Factors
1 Mar 2014 Obesity Prevalence Remains High in U.S.; No Significant Change in Recent Years
24 Feb 2014 Vegetarian Diets Associated With Lower Blood Pressure
22 Feb 2014 Treatment Using Electrical Energy, Instead of Medications, May Be Viable First Option for Treating Certain Type of Atrial Fibrillation
19 Feb 2014 Intracranial Carotid Artery Atherosclerosis Associated with Increased Stroke Risk
12 Feb 2014 Study Examines Use of Teledermatology for Inpatient Dermatology Consultations
9 Feb 2014 Non-Invasive Measure of Heart Tissue Scarring May Be Useful For Determining Patients Most Suitable For Procedure for Irregular Heart Beat
6 Feb 2014 Study Examines Corrective Nasal Surgery in Younger Patients
3 Feb 2014 Case Report on Genetic Diagnosis of Fatal Disorder in Embryos Before Pregnancy
30 Jan 2014 Study Examines International Prevalence of Indoor Tanning
26 Jan 2014 Many Cardiovascular Devices Approved by Process That Often Does Not Require New Clinical Data
22 Jan 2014 Estimates of Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalence May Be Lower Under Revised Diagnostic Criteria
20 Jan 2014 Vitamin D Status Associated With Multiple Sclerosis Activity, Progression
17 Jan 2014 Traumatic Brain Injury Linked with Increased Risk for Premature Death
13 Jan 2014 Most Students Exposed to School-Based Food Commercialism
10 Jan 2014 Study Examines Meditation Programs of Psychological Well-Being
5 Jan 2014 Autopsy-Based Study Examines Prevalence of Atherosclerosis Among U.S. Service Members
1 Jan 2014 Health Care Costs Higher for Former, Current Smokers in Year After Surgery
29 Dec 2013 Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agent Slows Rate of Progression of Neurodegenerative Disease
27 Dec 2013 Adding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Treatment of Pediatric Migraine Improves Relief of Symptoms
25 Dec 2013 Study Examines Inosine to Increase Urate Levels in Patients with Parkinson Disease
24 Dec 2013 Children at Lower Risk for Peanut, Tree Nut Allergies if Moms Ate More Nuts While Pregnant
21 Dec 2013 Study Examines Safety, Effectiveness of Weight-Loss Bariatric Surgery
18 Dec 2013 Antihypertensives Appear Associated With Lower Risk for Dialysis in Patients with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease
15 Dec 2013 Study Suggests Overdiagnosis in Screening for Lung Cancer with Low-Dose CT
13 Dec 2013 Traumatic Brain Injury Associated with PTSD Symptoms in Marines
10 Dec 2013 Study Examines Drug Labeling and Exposure in Infants
5 Dec 2013 Youth Suicide Attempts Associated with Mental Health Problems Later in Life
1 Dec 2013 Prevalence of Undiagnosed HIV Infection Low Among State Prison Entrants
28 Nov 2013 Micronutrient Supplements Reduce Risk of HIV Disease Progression and Illness
24 Nov 2013 Study Examines Parental Perspectives on Adolescent Hearing Loss Risk
23 Nov 2013 Therapy Using Stem Cells, Bone Marrow Cells, Appears Safe For Patients With Ischemic Cardiomyopathy
20 Nov 2013 Preterm Birth Risk Increases for Pregnant Women Exposed to Phthalates
16 Nov 2013 Outreach Programs Increase Organ Donations by Hispanics
13 Nov 2013 Depression Risk Lower After Final Menstrual Period in Menopausal Women
7 Nov 2013 Autoantibodies Found in Blood Years Before Symptom Onset of Autoimmune Disease
4 Nov 2013 Adolescent Boys Concerned About Muscles Who Use Supplements to Enhance Them More Likely to Binge Drink, Use Drugs
29 Oct 2013 Poverty in Early Childhood Appears Associated With Brain Development
28 Oct 2013 Clinical Trial Evaluates Outpatient Detoxification in Prescription Opioid Abusers
27 Oct 2013 Brief Risk-Reduction Counseling At Time of HIV Testing Does Not Result in Reduction in Rate of STIs
26 Oct 2013 Patients Report Doctors Not Telling Them of Overdiagnosis Risk in Screenings
19 Oct 2013 Study Examines Various Treatments for Nose Bleeds
16 Oct 2013 Medication Taken for Nausea During Pregnancy Not Associated With Increased Risk of Major Malformations, Stillbirth
12 Oct 2013 Clinical Trial Examines Oral Supplementation in Age-Related Macular Degeneration
9 Oct 2013 Prenatal Depression in Mothers is Risk Factor for Depression in Children as Adults
7 Oct 2013 Study Examines Probiotics to Prevent or Treat Excessive Infant Crying
6 Oct 2013 Mass. Insurance Expansion Associated With Increased Probability of Minimally Invasive Surgery for Nonwhite Patients, Reduced Racial Disparities
3 Oct 2013 Study Finds No Change in Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing for Sore Throat
30 Sep 2013 Study Compares 2 Commonly Used Estrogen Drugs and Cardiovascular Safety
28 Sep 2013 Study Examines Mobile Applications in Dermatology
22 Sep 2013 Chronic Care Management Program Does Not Result in Increased Abstinence From Alcohol and Other Drug Dependence
19 Sep 2013 Higher Cataract Risk Appears Associated With Statin Use
16 Sep 2013 Binge Drinking 5-Plus Drinks Common for High School Seniors, Some Drink More
14 Sep 2013 Irritability in Major Depressive Episode Associated with More Severe Illness
9 Sep 2013 Brain Circuitry Loss May Be Sign of Cognitive Decline in Healthy Elderly
7 Sep 2013 Cognitive-Behavioral Prevention Program Associated With Reduced Rate of Depressive Episodes In At-Risk Youth
4 Sep 2013 Topical Use of Corticosteroids by Pregnant Women Appears Not to be Associated with Pregnancy Outcomes
2 Sep 2013 Maternal Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Associated with Increased Risk for Child Maltreatment
31 Aug 2013 X-Ray Examination of Ducts During Gallbladder Surgery Not Associated With Significant Reduction in Risk of Common Duct Injury
28 Aug 2013 Rates of Depression Among Men and Women Appear Similar When Traditional and Alternative Depression Symptoms Are Combined
26 Aug 2013 Intervention Appears Effective to Prevent Weight Gain Among Black Women
20 Aug 2013 Implementation of Multifaceted Hypertension Quality Improvement Program Associated With Increase in Blood Pressure Control Rates
16 Aug 2013 Survey Estimates Extent Of Nontreatment and Undertreament of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis In U.S. Patients
13 Aug 2013 Healthy Diet, Moderate Alcohol Associated With Decreased Risk, Progression of Kidney Disease in Patient with Diabetes
4 Aug 2013 High Pain Sensitivity and Low Pain Tolerance Appear to be Associated with Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease
30 Jul 2013 Glucose Intolerance, Diabetes or Insulin Resistance Not Associated with Pathological Features of Alzheimer Disease
27 Jul 2013 Kidney Stones Associated With Modest Increased Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Women, But Not Men
23 Jul 2013 Report Documents Organ Transplantation as Source of Fatal Rabies Virus Case
21 Jul 2013 Swedish Study Suggests Bipolar Disorder Associated with Premature Mortality
18 Jul 2013 Socioeconomic Disparity Persists in Use of Eye Care Services Among U.S. Adults with Age-Related Eye Diseases
15 Jul 2013 One-Year Mortality Remains High in Patients with Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis With No Significant Difference With Early Valve Surgery vs. Medical Therapy
13 Jul 2013 16-Hour Work Limit for Medical Interns Associated With Decreased Operative Experience, Study Suggests
10 Jul 2013 The State of Health in the United States
8 Jul 2013 JAMA Internal Medicine Viewpoint Highlights
5 Jul 2013 Home-Based Walking Exercise Program Improves Speed and Endurance for Patients with PAD
2 Jul 2013 Study Finds In Vitro Fertilization Associated With Small Increased Risk of Mental Retardation
28 Jun 2013 Study Examines Prevalence, Characteristics of Traumatic Brain Injuries Among Adolescents
25 Jun 2013 Gene Mutation May Have Effect on Benefit of Aspirin Use for Colorectal Cancer
23 Jun 2013 Earlier Treatment Following Stroke Onset Associated With Reduced Risk of In-Hospital Death, Higher Rate of Discharge to Home
20 Jun 2013 Prenatal Smoke Exposure Associated with Adolescent Hearing Loss
16 Jun 2013 Certain Inflammatory Biomarkers Associated With Increased Risk of COPD Exacerbations
11 Jun 2013 Study Suggests Association Between Hypoglycemia, Dementia in Older Adults With Diabetes
9 Jun 2013 The Future of Quality Measurement for Improvement and Accountability
6 Jun 2013 Postoperative Patient Care Program Associated With Reduction of Common Postoperative Complications
3 Jun 2013 Vegetarian Diets Associated With Lower Risk of Death
31 May 2013 Weight Loss May Improve Psoriasis Symptoms in Overweight Patients
28 May 2013 Increase in Unintentional Marijuana Ingestion Among Young Children Following New Drug Laws in Colorado
25 May 2013 Study Suggests Certain Noncancer Pain Conditions Associated With Increased Risk of Suicide
22 May 2013 Less Sleep Associated With Increased Risk of Crashes for Young Drivers
20 May 2013 Bronchodilators Appear Associated with Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Events
18 May 2013 Study Suggests Cuataneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Carries Risk of Metastasis and Death
17 May 2013 Research Letter Suggests Twitter May Serve as a Good Forum For Communicating Information About Acne
12 May 2013 Short-Term Food Deprivation Appears Linked to High-Calorie Food Options
7 May 2013 Elective Cesarean Delivery Requested by Pregnant Women Requires Careful Consideration of Potential Benefits and Risks
3 May 2013 Study Suggests Preordering School Lunches Leads to Healthier Choices
30 Apr 2013 Shedding Light on the Long Shadow of Childhood Adversity
28 Apr 2013 Study Examines Brain Response to Empathy-Eliciting Scenarios Among Incarcerated Individuals With Psychopathy
24 Apr 2013 Study Examines Methods, Procedures For Improved Diagnosis of Ectopic Pregnancy
22 Apr 2013 Study Evaluates Mobile Acute Care of the Elderly (MACE) Service Vs. Usual Elder Care
20 Apr 2013 Treatment for Heart Failure Involving Cell Therapy, High-Dose Ultrasound Results in Modest Improvement in Measure of Cardiac Function
16 Apr 2013 Study Examines Influence of Providing Fee Data on Laboratory Test Ordering
7 Apr 2013 The Economics of Genomic Medicine – Insights From the IOM Roundtable on Translating Genomic-Based Research for Health
5 Apr 2013 Clinical Trial Finds Improvement in Cognitive Function But No Difference Between Group’s After Physical, Mental Activity in Older Adults
1 Apr 2013 Increased Risk of Venous Thromboembolism May Be Associated With Glucocorticoid Use
29 Mar 2013 Review Article Examines Sublingual Immunotherapy For Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma
24 Mar 2013 Study Suggests Nurse Understaffing Associated With NICU Infection Rates
22 Mar 2013 Viewpoints in JAMA
18 Mar 2013 Study Examines Outcomes of Screening Mammography for Age, Breast Density, Hormone Therapy
14 Mar 2013 Study Screened For Post-Partum Depression, Examined Positive Findings
10 Mar 2013 Patients With Post-Acute Coronary Syndrome Depression Benefitted From Active Treatment in Clinical Trial
2 Mar 2013 Long-Term Use of Medication May Improve Heart Function, But Does Not Improve Symptoms, Quality of Life for Heart Failure Patients
25 Feb 2013 Soccer Program Associated with Increased Activity in Students With Higher BMI
23 Feb 2013 HIV Infection Associated with Increased Risk of Sensorineural Hearing Loss
20 Feb 2013 Increase Seen in Use Of Robotically-Assisted Hysterectomy For Benign Gynecologic Disorders
12 Feb 2013 Prenatal Folic Acid Supplementation Associated With Lower Risk of Autism
8 Feb 2013 Use of ACE Inhibitor by Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease May Improve Pain-Free Walking, Physical Functioning
2 Feb 2013 Study Suggests Increased Rate of Diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder at Health Plan
30 Jan 2013 Meta-Analysis Examines Pharmacologic Treatment of Pediatric Headaches
27 Jan 2013 Personality-Targeted Prevention Program for Adolescent Alcohol Use and Misuse
20 Jan 2013 JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery Study Highlights
7 Jan 2013 Maintenance Therapy With Calcium-Channel Blocker to Suppress Premature Labor Does Not Significantly Reduce Adverse Perinatal Outcomes
4 Jan 2013 Economic Environment During Infancy Appears Associated With Substance Use, Delinquent Behavior During Adolescence
31 Dec 2012 Late-Life Depression Associated with Prevalent Mild Cognitive Impairment, Increased Risk of Dementia
28 Dec 2012 Study Examines Overuse of Ambulatory Health Care Services in United States
25 Dec 2012 Autopsy-Based Study Examines Prevalence of Atherosclerosis Among U.S. Service Members
19 Dec 2012 Intensive Weight-Loss Intervention Associated With Increased Likelihood of Partial Remission From Diabetes, Although Improvement in Rate Modest
18 Dec 2012 Study Examines Risk Reduction and Screening for Ovarian Cancer Among Women Following BRCA Testing
16 Dec 2012 Prevalence of Visual Impairment in U.S. Increases
12 Dec 2012 Study Suggests Odds of Visual Field Testing for Glaucoma Decreased Most for Hispanics in Past Decade
4 Dec 2012 Longer Treatment for Male Urinary Tract Infection Not Associated with Reduced Early or Late Recurrence Risk
1 Dec 2012 Anticoagulation Treatment For Longer Than Three Months After Aortic Valve Replacement Associated With Decreased Risk of Cardiovascular Death
28 Nov 2012 Study Suggests Eliminating Medicare Consultation Payments was Associated with a Net Increase in Spending
20 Nov 2012 Unemployment May Be Associated With Increased Heart Attack Risk
18 Nov 2012 Physical Exercise Improves Gait Speed, Muscle Strength, Fitness in Patients with Parkinson Disease
14 Nov 2012 Having Migraines Associated With Higher Incidence of Brain Lesions Among Women; Effect on Health Uncertain
11 Nov 2012 Study Examines Smoking by Inpatients During Hospital Stay
6 Nov 2012 Eating at Fast-Food, Full-Service Restaurants Associated With Increased Calorie Intake
29 Oct 2012 Overweight, Obesity in Adolescents Appears Associated with Increased Risk for End-Stage Renal Disease Over Time
27 Oct 2012 Viewpoints in JAMA
23 Oct 2012 Men With Certain Cardiovascular Risk Factors Appear to be At Increased Risk of Peripheral Artery Disease
17 Oct 2012 Weight Loss Surgery May be Associated with Increased Substance Use Following Surgery
15 Oct 2012 Study Suggests Men Diagnosed with ADHD as Children Had Worse Educational, Occupational, Economic, Social Outcomes as Adults
12 Oct 2012 Vigorous Physical Activity May Increase Risk of Bleeding for Children With Hemophilia
10 Oct 2012 Study Finds Decline in HIV Deaths for Most Men, Women by Race/Ethnicity, Education
5 Oct 2012 Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis Appear To Be At Increased Risk For Blood Clots
2 Oct 2012 Vitamin D Supplementation Does Not Reduce Rate or Severity of Colds
26 Sep 2012 Use of Corticosteroid For Children Undergoing Tonsillectomy Does Not Appear to Increase Risk of Serious Bleeding
24 Sep 2012 Study Analyzes Variations in Antibiotic Prescribing Among Older Patients
16 Sep 2012 Viewpoints in JAMA
13 Sep 2012 Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation Not Associated With Lower Risk of Major Cardiovascular Disease Events
9 Sep 2012 Viewpoints in JAMA
6 Sep 2012 Cardiac Study Evaluates Prevalence of Unrecognized Heart Attacks Among Older Adults
1 Sep 2012 Diagnostic Test Shows Potential As Method to Noninvasively Identify Significant Coronary Artery Disease
25 Aug 2012 Addition of Carotid Artery Wall Thickness to Risk Model Associated With Small Improvement in Prediction of Heart Attack, Stroke
20 Aug 2012 Survey Finds Symptoms of Burnout Common Among U.S. Physicians
12 Aug 2012 Transcatheter Valve Replacement for Aortic Stenosis - Balancing Benefits, Risks, and Expectations
7 Aug 2012 Adults Who Are Normal Weight At Time of Diabetes Diagnosis Have Higher Rate of Death Than Those Who Are Overweight At Diagnosis
24 Jul 2012 Increased Heart Attack Risk Associated with Total Hip, Knee Replacement Surgeries
16 Jul 2012 H1N1 Vaccine Associated With Small but Significant Risk of Guillain-Barre Syndrome
9 Jul 2012 Projected Explosive Material, Not Blast Pressure, May Be Primary Cause of Eye Injuries From Fireworks
1 Jul 2012 Stepped-Care Intervention Results in Weight Loss, at Lower Cost
24 Jun 2012 Study Examines Chronic Inflammation in Oral Cavity and HPV Status of Head and Neck Cancers
23 Jun 2012 Diabetes, Poor Glucose Control Associated With Greater Cognitive Decline in Older Adults
6 Jun 2012 Study Examines Comparative Effectiveness of Rhythm Control vs Rate Control Drug Treatment on Mortality in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
30 May 2012 Acupuncture Appears Associated with Improvement in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
23 May 2012 Vigorous Physical Activity Associated with Reduced Risk of Psoriasis
14 May 2012 Study Examines Exercise Testing in Asymptomatic Patients After Coronary Revascularization
10 May 2012 Consumption of Probiotics Associated With Reduced Risk of Diarrhea From Antibiotic Use
9 May 2012 Risk of Stroke Greater for Women Than Men Among Older Patients Diagnosed With Atrial Fibrillation, Regardless of Anticoagulant Use
4 May 2012 Flu Vaccination Reminder Via Text Messaging Appears to Improve Rate of Vaccination Among Low-Income Children and Adolescents
25 Apr 2012 Botox Injections Associated With Only Modest Benefit for Chronic Daily Headaches and Chronic Migraine Headaches
19 Apr 2012 Study Compares Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy with Medical Treatment in Obese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
4 Apr 2012 Addition of Screening Ultrasound or MRI to Annual Mammography Appears to Provide Benefit For Women At Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
30 Mar 2012 Longer Treatment With Cancer Drug Following Removal of Gastrointestinal Tumor Results in Improved Survival
27 Mar 2012 Greater Medication Cost-Sharing Associated With Reduced Use of Asthma Medications By Children
16 Mar 2012 Prescribing Opioids for Pain After Short-Stay Surgery Appears Associated with Long-Term Use
15 Mar 2012 Study Finds Association Between Genetic Mutation and Age at Diagnosis For Common Childhood Cancer
11 Mar 2012 Maternal Use of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors Associated with Fewer Depressive Symptoms, Delayed Fetal Head Growth
26 Feb 2012 Association Between Community Health Indicators, Kidney Transplant Outcomes
24 Feb 2012 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions
16 Feb 2012 Chemical Marker that Binds to Brain Deposits May Help Identify Persons At-Risk For Future Cognitive Decline
12 Feb 2012 Risk of Death From Breast Cancer Higher Among Older Patients
30 Jan 2012 Women With Certain Type of Ovarian Cancer and BRCA Gene Mutation Have Improved Survival at 5 Years
22 Jan 2012 Study Evaluates Relationship Between Blood Potassium Levels After Heart Attack and In-Hospital Mortality
10 Jan 2012 Persons With Dementia Have Higher Rate of Hospitalizations
5 Jan 2012 Changes Seen in Cerebrospinal Fluid Levels Before Onset of Alzheimer Dementia
3 Jan 2012 When Overeating, Calories, Not Protein, Contribute to Increase in Body Fat
13 Dec 2011 Cancer Screening Among Older Adults Appears Common
9 Dec 2011 Post-partum Psychiatric Episodes Associated With Increased Risk of Developing Bipolar Affective Disorder
29 Nov 2011 Hospital Readmission Occurs Frequently For Patients With Certain Type of Heart Attack Who Receive PCI
23 Nov 2011 Study Evaluates Association Between Urinary Salt Excretion and Risk of Cardiovascular Events or Death
13 Nov 2011 Neuromuscular Warm-Up Associated With Reduction in Lower Extremity Injuries in Adolescent Female Athletes
9 Nov 2011 Removing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages from Schools Associated With Reduced Access To, But Not Consumption of These Beverages Among Adolescents
1 Nov 2011 Low Levels of Alcohol Consumption Associated With Small Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
28 Oct 2011 Researchers Identify Factors Associated With Increased Risk of Blood Clot Within Coronary Stent
25 Oct 2011 Yoga and Stretching Exercises Beneficial for Chronic Low Back Pain
18 Oct 2011 Hospitalization for Heart Failure Among Medicare Patients Has Declined Substantially
15 Oct 2011 Maternal Use of Folic Acid Supplements in Early Pregnancy Associated With Reduced Risk of Severe Language Delay in Children
11 Oct 2011 Use of Vitamin E Associated With Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer
5 Oct 2011 Dietary Supplements For Patients After Lung Injury Do Not Appear to Improve Outcomes; May Be Harmful
28 Sep 2011 Increased Caffeinated Coffee Consumption Associated With Decreased Risk of Depression in Women.
23 Sep 2011 Addition of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Drug Treatment of Pediatric OCD Results in Improvement of Symptoms
19 Sep 2011 Association Found Between Percentage of Minority Trauma Patients in a Hospital and Increased Odds of Dying
14 Sep 2011 U.S. Public May Not Be Aware of Important Uncertainties About Drug Benefits and Harms, but Explaining These Uncertainties Might Improve Their Choices
7 Sep 2011 Study Examines Prevalence of Unconscious Race and Social Bias Among Medical Students
24 Aug 2011 Diastolic Dysfunction Appears to Worsen Over Time; Associated With Increased Risk of Developing Heart Failure
18 Aug 2011 Study Evaluates Pressure Device Worn on the Ear at Night As Treatment for Scar Tissue
11 Aug 2011 Sleep-Disordered Breathing Associated With Increased Risk of Developing Cognitive Impairment or Dementia Among Older Women
1 Aug 2011 Self-Medication of Anxiety Symptoms With Drugs or Alcohol Associated With Increased Risk of Developing Substance Use Disorders
25 Jul 2011 Antibiotic Appears to Be More Effective Than Cranberry Capsules for Preventing Urinary Tract Infections
22 Jul 2011 Therapy Associated With Reduced Rate of Chemotherapy-Induced Early Menopause For Women With Breast Cancer
9 Jul 2011 Small, Rural Hospitals Show Poorer Results on Measures of Quality of Care, Patient Outcomes
6 Jul 2011 Length of Parental Military Deployment Associated With Children’s Mental Health Diagnoses
28 Jun 2011 In Chronic Kidney Disease, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Seems More Accurate Than Office Blood Pressure Measurement in Predicting Subsequent Health Events
23 Jun 2011 Intensive-Dose Statin Therapy Associated With Increased Risk of Diabetes
17 Jun 2011 Type 2 Diabetes Associated With Increased Risk of Stroke and Cardiovascular Problems, but Metabolic Syndrome Is Not
14 Jun 2011 Patients With Early-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease and Elevated Levels of Certain Hormone More Likely to Experience Poorer Outcomes
10 Jun 2011 Study Finds Older Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment May Also Have Some Functional Impairment
7 Jun 2011 Study Suggests Association Between Childhood Bullying and Adult Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration
30 May 2011 Injection Therapy For Sudden Hearing Loss Disorder May Be Suitable Alternative to Oral Steroids
22 May 2011 No Objective Evidence of Skin Infestation Apparent in Patients With Diagnosis of Delusional Infestation
17 May 2011 Implementation of Telemedicine Intervention in ICUs Associated With Better Outcomes for Patients
12 May 2011 Patients Often Do Not Receive Optimal Medical Therapy Before and After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
7 May 2011 Structured Exercise Training Associated With Improved Glycemic Control for Patients With Diabetes
1 May 2011 Activation of Biomarker Appears Associated With Improved Survival Among Obese Patients With Colorectal Cancer
27 Apr 2011 HIV Infection May Be a Risk Factor for Heart Failure
24 Apr 2011 Virtual Surgery Shows Promise in Personalized Treatment of Nasal Obstruction
12 Apr 2011 Persons With Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2, But Without Symptoms, Still Shed Virus
9 Apr 2011 Risk of Death From Opioid Overdose Related to Higher Prescription Dose
3 Apr 2011 Report to nation finds continued declines in many cancer rates
30 Mar 2011 ‘Digital Divide’ Appears To Exist in Adoption of Online Personal Health Records
16 Mar 2011 Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake Associated With Reduced Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration in Women
13 Mar 2011 Study Examines Prevalence and Severity of Bipolar Disorder Worldwide
10 Mar 2011 Conflict of Interest, Funding Information Seldom Reported in Meta-Analyses of Randomized Controlled Trials
6 Mar 2011 Long-Term Use of Osteoporosis Medication Associated With Increased Risk of Atypical Fractures
2 Mar 2011 Nitric Oxide Does Not Appear to Improve Treatment of Sickle Cell Pain-Attacks
27 Feb 2011 Lessons Learned in 2010 Haiti Earthquake May Help New Zealand Response
23 Feb 2011 Cell Phone Use May Have Effect on Brain Activity, But Health Consequences Unknown
14 Feb 2011 Indoor Coal Use Associated With Possible Impairment of Early Childhood Growth
9 Feb 2011 Antipsychotics for Schizophrenia Associated With Subtle Loss in Brain Volume
3 Feb 2011 Wide Variation Exists in Receipt of Recommended Medications For Medicare Managed Care Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis
26 Jan 2011 Following Stroke, Admission to Designated Stroke Center Hospitals Associated With Reduction in Risk of Death
19 Jan 2011 Many Vulnerable Patients Have Poor Access to Trauma Care
13 Jan 2011 Behavioral Therapy Program Reduces Incontinence Following Radical Prostatectomy
6 Jan 2011 Child and Youth Victimization Less Hidden from Authorities
30 Dec 2010 Prenatal Iron/Folic Acid Supplementation For Mothers In Nepal Associated With Improved Functional Outcomes of Children
27 Dec 2010 Most Patients Can Speak and Swallow After Combination Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer
21 Dec 2010 Gene Alteration Identified That Predisposes to Syndrome With High Risk of Cancer
14 Dec 2010 Maintaining High Physical Activity Level For Many Years Lessens Weight Gain Going Into Middle Age
8 Dec 2010 Young Children Who Attend Group Child Care Centers Get More Infections Then, But Fewer During School Years
4 Dec 2010 Teens Who Recover from Hard-to-treat Depression Still at Risk for Relapse
27 Nov 2010 Lower-Income Families With High-Deductible Health Plans May Put Off Care Because of Costs
22 Nov 2010 High Alpha-Carotene Levels Associated With Longer Life
14 Nov 2010 Cancer screening made simple
12 Nov 2010 Wide Variation in Risk of Death From Heart Disease in England Largely Attributed to Population Characteristics
8 Nov 2010 Studies Assess Complications and Deaths from 2009 H1N1 Influenza Among Children
4 Nov 2010 High-Calorie Beverages Still Widely Available in Elementary Schools
4 Oct 2010 Exercise Associated With Lower Rate of Fractures in Elderly Women
27 Sep 2010 Self-Management Counseling for Patients With Heart Failure Does Not Improve Outcomes
22 Sep 2010 Delay in Performing Appendectomy Not Associated With Adverse Outcomes
19 Sep 2010 Educational Intervention May Help Medical Students Adapt Care for Patients Who Require Variation From Standard Care
16 Sep 2010 Asthma Medication May Benefit Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
2 Sep 2010 Home-Based Intervention May Provide Some Benefit to Patients with Dementia and Their Caregivers
29 Aug 2010 Genetic Variations Associated With Development of End-Stage Kidney Disease in Chinese Patients with Diabetes
25 Aug 2010 Use of Certain Antiviral Drugs During Pregnancy Not Associated With Increased Risk of Major Birth Defects
16 Aug 2010 Certain Types of Vena Cava Filters May Fracture and Fragment, Causing Potentially Life-Threatening Complications

11 Aug 2010 Three Biomarkers in Spinal Fluid Appear Helpful to Classify Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease

30 Jul 2010 Genetic Risk Score Associated With Breast Cancer Risk; Predictive of Type of Disease

25 Jul 2010 Report Examines Relationship Between Nasal Zinc Gels and Loss of Sense of Smell

19 Jul 2010 New HIV Treatment Guidelines Indicate Importance of Early, Individualized Antiretroviral Treatment

16 Jul 2010 Substantial Regional Differences Exist in the Treatment for End-Stage Kidney Disease in Older Adults

13 Jul 2010 Low Vitamin D Levels Associated With Cognitive Decline

6 Jul 2010 Kids Now See Fewer Television Ads for Sweets and Beverages, But More for Fast Food

5 Jul 2010 Delayed School Start Time Associated With Improvements in Adolescent Behaviors

1 Jul 2010 Report Examines Whether Statins Prevent Death in High-Risk Individuals Without Heart Disease

26 Jun 2010 Study Finds Mixed Results on Effectiveness of Surgical Care Improvement Measures

22 Jun 2010 Early Stages of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Associated With Smoking, Cholesterol Levels

17 Jun 2010 About One-Tenth of Soldiers Returning from Iraq May Be Impaired by Mental Health Problems

13 Jun 2010 Childhood Hardships Associated With Pregnancy Troubles in Adulthood

9 Jun 2010 Excess Oxygen in the Blood Following Resuscitation From Cardiac Arrest Associated With Increased Risk of In-Hospital Death

26 May 2010 Beta-Blockers May Be Associated With Benefits in Patients With Lung Disease

20 May 2010 Retinoid Use Not Associated With Fracture Risk

16 May 2010 Studies Document Risks Associated With Common Acid-Suppressing Medications

15 May 2010 Risk of Suicide, Suicide Attempt Similar Across Types of Antidepressant Medication

8 May 2010 Chemotherapy After Gastric Cancer Surgery Appears to Provide Survival Benefit

26 Apr 2010 Patients, Clinicians Favor Disclosure of Financial Ties to Industry

25 Apr 2010 Secondhand Smoke Exposure Associated With Chronic Sinus Disease

21 Apr 2010 Study Suggests Indoor Tanning May Be an Addictive Behavior

12 Apr 2010 Advice, Mothers’ Beliefs Associated With Infant Sleep Position
8 Apr 2010 Exercise Associated With Reduced Effects of Obesity Gene in Teens
26 Mar 2010 Study Evaluates Costs and Benefits Associated With New Colon Cancer Therapies
17 Mar 2010 Media Reports May Paint Overly Optimistic View of Cancer
11 Mar 2010 Vaccinating Children For Flu May Help Prevent Transmission, Protect Those Who Are Not Vaccinated
6 Mar 2010 Study Examines Outcomes Associated With Anemia Management for Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease
2 Mar 2010 Elderly Patients Who Survive ICU Stay Have High Rate of Death in Following Years
28 Feb 2010 Long-Time Cannabis Use Associated With Psychosis
21 Feb 2010 Study Identifies Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Surgical Care
7 Feb 2010 Diabetes Medication May Help Decrease BMI in Obese Adolescents
5 Feb 2010 Antidepressant May Result in Improved Cognitive Function After Stroke
24 Jan 2010 Complications Common, Often Linked to Trauma in Children Receiving Cochlear Implants
21 Jan 2010 Cochlear Implants Associated With Improved Voice Control Over Time in Children Who Are Deaf
17 Jan 2010 Weekend Strokes May Receive More Aggressive Treatment
15 Jan 2010 Rate of Funding for Biomedical Research Slowing, Decreasing in Recent Years
13 Jan 2010 Gene Variation Associated With Lower Risk of Dementia, Alzheimer Disease
8 Jan 2010 Few Americans With Major Depression Receive Adequate Treatment
1 Jan 2010 JAMA Launches New Series on Care of the Aging Patient
25 Dec 2009 Imaging Tests Identify Role of Allergies in Chronic Sinus Disease
17 Dec 2009 Physical Activity Associated With Lower Risk of Mortality in Men With History of Colon Cancer
12 Dec 2009 Antiepileptic Drugs Not Associated With Increased Risk of Suicide Attempts in Patients With Bipolar Disorder
10 Dec 2009 Difficult Childhood May Increase Disease Risk in Adulthood
5 Dec 2009 Criteria Based on CT Image of Change in Tumor After Chemotherapy May Help Predict Overall Survival
27 Nov 2009 Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising May Be Associated With Increased Medicaid Pharmacy Expenses
22 Nov 2009 Hospital Quality Report Cards Do Not Appear to Result in Significant Improvements in Processes of Care
18 Nov 2009 Surgical Errors Remain a Challenge In and Out of the Operating Room
12 Nov 2009 Cataract Surgery Does Not Appear Associated With Worsening of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
11 Nov 2009 Exposure to Several Common Infections Over Time May Be Associated With Risk of Stroke
4 Nov 2009 Genes and Environment May Interact to Influence Risk for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
30 Oct 2009 Patients Starting Dialysis Have Increased Risk of Death
21 Oct 2009 Resident Physicians Seldom Trained in Skin Cancer Examination
17 Oct 2009 More Infants Surviving Pre-Term Births Results in Higher Rates of Eye Problems
12 Oct 2009 H1N1 Critical Illness Can Occur Rapidly; Predominantly Affects Young Patients
8 Oct 2009 Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy Associated With Some Adverse Outcomes in Newborns
1 Oct 2009 Electronic Alerts About Abnormal Imaging Test Results Do Not Always Result in Timely Follow-Up
23 Sep 2009 Study Examines Treatment and Outcomes for Nasal Fractures
19 Sep 2009 On-the-Job Pesticide Exposure Associated With Parkinson’s Disease
13 Sep 2009 Soldiers Who Have Intense or Traumatic Combat Experiences Exhibit Evidence of Cognitive Changes
10 Sep 2009 Community-Based Prevention System Appears to Reduce Risky Behaviors in Teens
26 Aug 2009 Hip Fracture Rates Decline in Canada
22 Aug 2009 Death Rate Decreases Following Hospitalization for Heart Attack
19 Aug 2009 Dermatologist Skin Examinations Detect More, Thinner Skin Cancers Than Patients Identify Themselves
15 Aug 2009 Aspirin Use After Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis Associated With Improved Survival
13 Aug 2009 Healthy Lifestyle Habits May Be Associated With Reduced Risk of Chronic Disease
3 Aug 2009 Major NIMH Research Project to Test Approaches to Altering the Course of Schizophrenia
20 Jul 2009 Evaluating More Lymph Nodes May Not Improve Identification of Late-Stage Colorectal Cancer
15 Jul 2009 Research Identifies Network of Altered Genes That Appear to Play Role in Development of Brain Tumors
10 Jul 2009 Internet-Based Intervention May Improve Insomnia
8 Jul 2009 Reduced-Dose Schedule for Pneumococcal Vaccine in Infants Shows Effectiveness
24 Jun 2009 Migraines With Aura in Midlife Associated With Increased Prevalence of Brain Lesions in Older Age
17 Jun 2009 Cognitive Impairment Associated With Reduced Survival Among Both African-American and White Older Adults
10 Jun 2009 Study Redefines Roles of Alcohol, Smoking in Risk for Pancreatitis
7 Jun 2009 Childhood Health Disparities Can Have Life-Long Health Effects
3 Jun 2009 Changing Residences Associated With Increased Risk of Suicidal Behavior Among Children
29 May 2009 NFL Players Have More Favorable Glucose Levels, Similar Cholesterol Levels, Higher Rate of High Blood Pressure Compared to Other Healthy Young Men
22 May 2009 New Strategies Help Ensure That Vaccines Remain Effective in Preventing Disease Studies on immunization highlighted in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine theme issue
19 May 2009 Policies on Organ Donation After Cardiac Death Vary Considerably Among Children’s Hospitals
14 May 2009 Diet and Exercise Intervention Helps Older, Overweight Cancer Survivors Reduce Functional Decline
13 May 2009 Compounds in Spinal Fluid Associated With Faster Decline Among Individuals With Mild Dementia
7 May 2009 Episode of Rapid, Irregular Heart Rhythm Before or After Cardiac Catheterization Associated With Increased Risk of Death Within 3 Months
5 May 2009 Program Helps Reduce Hospital and Emergency Department Use Among Homeless Adults With Chronic Illnesses
28 Apr 2009 High Co-Payments Associated With Delay in Starting Drug Therapy in Patients with Chronic Diseases
23 Apr 2009 Radiation Exposure Associated With More Aggressive Thyroid Cancer, Worse Outcomes
13 Apr 2009 Review Identifies Dietary Factors Associated With Heart Disease Risk
8 Apr 2009 Studies Investigate Childhood Obesity, Diabetes and Related Conditions
1 Apr 2009 Higher Hospital Safety Rating Not Associated With Lower Risk of In-Hospital Death
31 Mar 2009 Recently Identified Rare Genetic Heart Disorder Progresses Rapidly, is Often Deadly For Young Patients
27 Mar 2009 Family History Associated With Increased Risk of Blood Clots
23 Mar 2009 Eating Red and Processed Meat Associated With Increased Risk of Death
20 Mar 2009 Narcolepsy Drug Being Used to Improve Cognitive Performance Affects Brain Dopamine Activity, Suggesting Potential For Abuse and Dependence
18 Mar 2009 Medication Does Not Appear to Reduce Progression of Atherosclerosis
16 Mar 2009 Obesity Associated With Worse Outcomes After Pancreatic Cancer Surgery
12 Mar 2009 Parkinson Disease Treatment Strategies Appear to Have Similar Long-Term Effects on Disability
10 Mar 2009 Metabolic and Neurological Disorders May Share Common Risk Factors
4 Mar 2009 Statement of Anthony S. Fauci. MD, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health on National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, March 10, 2009.
26 Feb 2009 Guidelines For Treating Patients With Cardiovascular Disease Often Based on Weaker Evidence
24 Feb 2009 Women With Diabetes Before or During Pregnancy At Significantly Increased Risk of Experiencing Depression
19 Feb 2009 Demonstration Projects of Coordinated Care Programs for Medicare Beneficiaries With Chronic Illnesses Find That Most Do Not Show Benefit
12 Feb 2009 Ongoing Statin Therapy Associated With Lower Risk of Death
11 Feb 2009 New Diagnoses May Provide Window of Opportunity for Health Behavior Change
4 Feb 2009 African American Parents More Likely to Report Distrust of Medical Research
30 Jan 2009 Using Heart Biomarker Levels to Guide Therapy Does Not Improve Outcomes for Heart Failure Patients
26 Jan 2009 Nutritional Supplementation Program Helps Prevent Weight Loss Among Children in African Country
21 Jan 2009 Study Compares Two Non-Surgical Treatments for Reflux Disease
20 Jan 2009 Virtual Communities May Provide Valuable Support for Psoriasis Patients
18 Jan 2009 Use of Antidepressants Associated With Improvement in Symptoms of Fibromyalgia
16 Jan 2009 Relapses More Frequent in Patients Diagnosed With Pediatric-Onset Multiple Sclerosis
8 Jan 2009 Brain Circuit Abnormalities May Underlie Bulimia Nervosa in Women
26 Dec 2008 Among Older Adults, Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications Are Commonly Used Together
11 Dec 2008 Unintentional Overdose Deaths Associated With Nonmedical Use of Prescription Pain Relievers
5 Dec 2008 Flu Vaccine Associated With Reduced Illness, Less Impairment of Academic Performance Among College Students
1 Dec 2008 One-Third of Farm Workers’ Children Lack Health Insurance
29 Nov 2008 Use of Inhaled Corticosteroids For COPD Does Not Appear to Improve Survival, But May Increase Risk For Pneumonia
28 Nov 2008 Receipt of Heart Assist Pumps by Medicare Patients Associated With Poor Outcomes, High Costs
25 Nov 2008 High Blood Pressure in the Doctor’s Office May Not Predict Heart Risks
21 Nov 2008 Widely-Used Cancer Drug Associated With Significantly Increased Risk of Blood Clots
18 Nov 2008 Study Helps Identify Beachgoers at Increased Risk of Skin Cancer
16 Nov 2008 MRI Reveals Relationship Between Depression and Pain
13 Nov 2008 Parents’ Wartime Deployment Associated With Children’s Behavior Problems
6 Nov 2008 Folic Acid, B Vitamins Do Not Appear to Affect Cancer Risk
31 Oct 2008 Diabetes Treatment Becomes More Complex, Costly
27 Oct 2008 Comprehensive Tax Reform Could Play Important Role In Creating Health Care Reform
24 Oct 2008 High Number of Children and Teens in U.S. Uninsured Despite Having a Parent With Health Insurance
21 Oct 2008 Study Documents Safety Problems for Biological Products
20 Oct 2008 Light-Activated Therapy May Change Skin at Molecular Level
17 Oct 2008 Study Examines How and Why Some Children Become Chronically Abused by Peers
10 Oct 2008 Individuals With Social Phobia See Themselves Differently
7 Oct 2008 Using a Fan During Sleep Associated With Lower Risk of SIDS
24 Sep 2008 Study Examines Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Monitoring Strategy in Countries With Limited Resources
18 Sep 2008 Adults With Aortic Valve Disorder Experience Subsequent Cardiac Events, But No Reduction in Survival Rates
11 Sep 2008 Need to Lower High Blood Pressure After Stroke Should Not Necessarily Rule Out Use of Clot-Busting Treatment
9 Sep 2008 Physical Activity Associated With Reduced Risk for Obesity in Genetically Predisposed
2 Sep 2008 PET Scans Help Identify Mechanism Underlying Seasonal Mood Changes
29 Aug 2008 Ayurvedic Medicines Sold Via Internet May Contain Lead, Mercury or Arsenic
21 Aug 2008 Study Examines Testing Model to Predict and Diagnose New Cases of Dementia
19 Aug 2008 B Vitamins and Folic Acid Not Effective for Reducing Risk of Death or Major Cardiovascular Events in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
12 Aug 2008 Some Obese Individuals Appear “Metabolically Healthy,” Without Increased Cardiovascular Risk
4 Aug 2008 International Panel Updates Treatment Guidelines For HIV Infection
30 Jul 2008 Study Examines Prevalence of Hearing Loss in the U.S.
23 Jul 2008 Use of Sildenafil Associated With Improvement in Antidepressant-Related Sexual Dysfunction in Women
18 Jul 2008 Living with Fibromyalgia, Drugs Approved to Manage Pain
20 Jun 2008 Radiation Treatment for Cancer Recurrence After Radical Prostatectomy Associated With Increased Survival
9 Jun 2008 Drinking Juice Not Associated With Being Overweight in Children
13 May 2008 Study Documents Prevalence of Obesity and its Association With Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Several Ethnic Groups
8 May 2008 Low Blood Levels of Vitamin D May Be Associated With Depression in Older Adults
6 May 2008 Youths in Towns With Smoke-Free Restaurant Laws Appear Less Likely to Become Smokers
26 Apr 2008 Death Rates Decline Following Coronary Bypass Surgery Regardless of Hospital Volume
23 Apr 2008 Nasal Surgery Associated With Improvements in Quality of Life for Those With Sleep Apnea
15 Apr 2008 Diuretics Associated With Bone Loss in Older Men
9 Apr 2008 Achieving Lower Target Levels for Blood Pressure, LDL-Cholesterol May Provide Cardiovascular Benefits
20 Mar 2008 Gene Variants Associated With Increased Risk of Bone Fractures, Low Bone Mineral Density
17 Mar 2008 Younger Age, Involvement on Neck or Arms Associated With Abnormal Scarring After Burn Injury
14 Mar 2008 Outlook Improves for Patients With Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Over Past Decade
12 Mar 2008 Screening for MRSA at Hospital Admission Not Associated With Reduced Rates of Infection in Surgical Patients
10 Mar 2008 Non-Polypoid (Flat) Colon Lesions Relatively Common and Associated With Colorectal Cancer
6 Mar 2008 Depressive Symptoms Associated with Subsequent Pregnancy in African American Teen Mothers
5 Mar 2008 Agents Used for Treatment of Anemia Associated With Increased Risk of Blood Clots, Death in Patients With Cancer
27 Feb 2008 Study Examines Long-Term Outcomes Following Blood Clots
25 Feb 2008 Different Treatments for Acute Kidney Failure Appear to Often Have Similar Outcomes
22 Feb 2008 Marijuana Use Linked to Increased Loss of Brain Volume in Patients with Schizophrenia
19 Feb 2008 Antibiotics Not Associated With Significant Benefit in Preventing Fluid Buildup in Children With Ear Infections
16 Feb 2008 Team Care for Depressed Older Adults Cuts Overall Medical Costs
15 Feb 2008 New Study Examines Ventilator Treatment Strategies for Patients With Severe Respiratory Disorders
12 Feb 2008 Learning Disabilities Associated With Language Problems Later in Life
11 Feb 2008 Autopsy Findings Suggest End of Decline in Coronary Disease Rates
8 Feb 2008 ‘Minimally Invasive’ Biopsy Methods May Provide An Accurate Approach For Disease Staging in Patients With Suspected Lung Cancer
6 Feb 2008 Outcomes Vary for Prostate Cancer Patients Choosing Surgery; Overall, No Treatment Proven Superior
5 Feb 2008 Croatian Children Have Increased Risk of Death from Weapons-Related Injuries During and After Homeland War
4 Feb 2008 Older Women More Likely to Become, Remain Depressed Than Older Men
31 Jan 2008 Study Finds Increasing Rates of Diabetes Among Older Americans
29 Jan 2008 Melanomas May Appear Noticeably Different Than Other Moles
26 Jan 2008 Gene Variations Associated With Effectiveness of Blood Pressure Medications
23 Jan 2008 Overweight Patients With Diabetes Appear More Likely to Achieve Remission With Weight-Loss Surgery
22 Jan 2008 Studies highlight MRSA evolution and resilience
20 Jan 2008 Diets High in Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Vitamin E Associated With Decreased Risk of Cataracts
17 Jan 2008 Low Testosterone Levels Associated With Risk of Fracture in Men Over 60
14 Jan 2008 Researchers uncover new piece to the puzzle of human height.
11 Jan 2008 Newer Meningitis Vaccine Appears Safe and Effective for Infants
10 Jan 2008 Autism risk higher in people with gene variant.
7 Jan 2008 Researchers uncover an error in immature brain cells in lab and animal studies that may promote the growth of some brain tumors
2 Jan 2008 Study Examines Genetic Defects Linked to Body Abnormalities in Patients With Childhood Cancer
26 Dec 2007 Some Types of Temporary Neurological Problems Associated With Increased Risk for Stroke, Dementia
22 Dec 2007 NIH Launches Human Microbiome Project
20 Dec 2007 ‘False-Positive’ Activation of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory May Occur in Some Patients With Suspected Heart Attack
19 Dec 2007 Many Osteoporosis Medications Prevent Fractures, but None Is Proven Best
18 Dec 2007 Study Examines Factors Associated With Survival in Advanced Laryngeal Cancer
17 Dec 2007 Massage May Help Ease Pain and Anxiety After Surgery
12 Dec 2007 Use of Diabetes Medication by Older Adults Associated With Increased Risk of Serious Heart Problems, Death
6 Dec 2007 Similar Outcomes After One Year For Patients With Acute Coronary Syndromes Treated With Different Anticoagulant Regimens
5 Dec 2007 Some Common Treatments for Sinus Infections May Not Be Effective
4 Dec 2007 Pneumococcal Vaccine Associated With Reduced Hospitalizations, Costs for Children Younger than 2 Years
3 Dec 2007 Hepatitis B Vaccine Not Associated With Childhood Multiple Sclerosis
30 Nov 2007 Certain Infusion Therapy After Heart Attack Does Not Appear to Be Beneficial, May Cause Harm
29 Nov 2007 High-Trauma Fractures in Older Adults Associated With Osteoporosis, Increased Risk of Another Fracture
28 Nov 2007 Undocumented Latinos Visit Physicians Less Often Than U.S.-Born Counterparts
27 Nov 2007 High–Glycemic Index Carbohydrates Associated With Risk for Developing Type 2 Diabetes in Women
26 Nov 2007 Early Communication for Smoking Cessation Product Chantix
24 Nov 2007 Behavior Therapy Plus Medication May Help Teens with Depression and Substance Use Disorders
21 Nov 2007 Obesity Associated With Lower PSA Levels in Men With Prostate Cancer
17 Nov 2007 Study Examines Association Between Weight Amount and Cause of Death
15 Nov 2007 Non-Maternal Care Associated With Reduced Levels of Physical Aggression in Children of Mothers With Low Education Level
13 Nov 2007 Long-Term Beta Carotene Supplementation May Help Prevent Cognitive Decline
8 Nov 2007 Maternal Alcohol Drinking During Pregnancy Associated With Risk for Childhood Conduct Problems
6 Nov 2007 Study Examines Substance Abuse Prevalence Among Teens Receiving Routine Medical Care
1 Nov 2007 One in seven Americans aged 71 and older has some type of dementia
24 Oct 2007 STRESS: Brain yields clues about why some succumb while others prevail.
23 Oct 2007 Eating Whole-Grain Breakfast Cereals May Be Associated With a Lower Risk of Heart Failure for Men
17 Oct 2007 Drug-Resistant Staph Infection Appears More Widespread Than Previously Thought
9 Oct 2007 Negative Aspects of Close Relationships May Be Associated With Heart Disease Risk
1 Oct 2007 Almost One-Third of U.S. Children Regularly Take Dietary Supplements
28 Sep 2007 Genes linked to suicidal thinking during antidepressant treatment.
24 Sep 2007 Manic Phase of Bipolar Disorder Benefits from Breast Cancer Medication
12 Sep 2007 NDEP campaign highlights the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
6 Sep 2007 Adult Offspring of Parents with PTSD Have Lower Cortisol Levels
4 Sep 2007 Study Documents Rapid Increase in Youth Bipolar Disorder Diagnoses
3 Sep 2007 Teens Who See More Smoking in Movies May Have Increased Risk of Becoming Established Smokers
29 Aug 2007 National Asthma Guidelines Updated
23 Aug 2007 Study Sheds New Light on Intimate Lives of Older Americans
21 Aug 2007 Claims of Sex-Related Differences in Genetic Association Studies Often Not Properly Documented or Validated
15 Aug 2007 Diet High In Meat, Fat and Refined Grains Associated With Increased Risk for Colon Cancer Recurrence and Death
11 Aug 2007 Violence in Schizophrenia Patients More Likely Among Those with Childhood Conduct Problems
6 Aug 2007 Early-Childhood Intervention May Improve Well-Being Through Young Adulthood
1 Aug 2007 Gene predicts response to antidepressant Citalopram (Celexa.)
31 Jul 2007 Scientists identify new genetic risk factors for multiple sclerosis.
26 Jul 2007 New NIH-supported study characterizes social networks of family, friends, influencing obesity.
23 Jul 2007 Studies Assess Blood Clot Prevalence Outside Hospital, Prevention in Hospital
20 Jul 2007 Improvement following ADHD treatment sustained in most children
17 Jul 2007 Diet Very High in Fruit, Vegetables, and Fiber and Low in Fat Does Not Appear to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence More Than the ‘5-A-Day’ Diet
11 Jul 2007 Visual Impairment Associated With Increased Mortality Risk
5 Jul 2007 Difficulty Identifying Odors May Predict Cognitive Decline
5 Jul 2007 Study Examines Video Game Play Among Adolescents
4 Jul 2007 Increase in Prescription Drug Cost Sharing Associated With Lower Rates of Drug Treatment, Adherence
2 Jul 2007 Among Youth in U.S., Whites Have Highest Incidence of Diabetes
26 Jun 2007 Portion-Control Dishes May Help Obese Diabetics Lose Weight
12 Jun 2007 High Arterial Pulse Pressure Associated With High-Tension Open-Angle Glaucoma
12 Jun 2007 Blood Pressure Drop During Bypass Surgery Associated With Increased Risk of Cognitive Decline
12 Jun 2007 Studies Identify Interactions Between Heart Disease, Kidney Disease
28 May 2007 Community-Associated Staph Infections Involving Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Increase
28 May 2007 Exercise May Slightly Boost "Good" Cholesterol Levels
17 Apr 2007 Antidepressants safe and effective in children and teens
11 Apr 2007 New treatment for Type 1 Diabetes
31 Mar 2007 New Checklists to help you stay healthy
25 Mar 2007 The vaccine imbroglio
12 Mar 2007 A ‘new’ treatment option for hot flushes
5 Mar 2007 Baby boomers near retirement not as healthy as their predecessors were!
19 Feb 2007 Women can now predict their risk of heart disease.
15 Feb 2007 Antibiotics and high-risk pregnancies
14 Feb 2007 Does Cannabis cause Schizophrenia?
6 Feb 2007 The ill that depression does
3 Feb 2007 The virus that will not go away
16 Jan 2007 Genetic engineering to the rescue
5 Nov 2006 Living longer, living healthier, and working longer.
3 Nov 2006 Primary Care and the health spending/health costs issue
2 Nov 2006 On health spending and healthcare costs