Philosophical Meditations 3

Philosophical Meditations 3
George O. Obikoya 
At less than three feet tall, or so the researchers say, Homo luzonensis who lived in our void 
some fifty thousand years ago, on Luzon Island we have found a novel human species we 
have added data to our history and muscle to our curiosity, now we are more 
than ever keen to know how many more cousins of ours are out there waiting to be found, to be 
discovered excavated in an ‘ancient’ cave, we want to know, not just for fancy but to help 
us in our quest to better know ourselves, and others better know our world, the nuances of life 
as time progresses glean, in data aged new, the subtleties of life that we may not pay much 
attention to but may inform our ways, open our eyes to why we need to cherish life we have,
every moment of it consider precious value life even in voided space, our world, for we 
may lessons learn from humans prior lived in void, lessons reflected on that may inspire us all. 
We may lessons imbibe even from those deceased that may convince us to remake our world, the need
for us to come together forge a new world clearer in our minds, at last, we are no longer in 
denial walking around all day all night long  about ourselves, about goings on in 
us and around us, who or what we are queries we like not to discuss we shudder to mull or 
to entertain, our link to the ‘missing link’ in the evolutionary chain for instance or 
if you like, to the yet to be identified ‘common ancestry’ rather than direct descent, 
between the chimp and humans, but blimey, we pvarted company with chimps, by some estimates, six 
to ten million odd years ago, not fifty thousand years ago, anyways, it is what it is, 
between now and some millennia past we had ancestral cousins we are still excavating, 
and we are doing great telling our story, three feet tall, six feet tall, nine feet tall, let’s go, c’mon. 
Let us dig deeper to see what we missed, an etic method base ontology our study on, 
beliefs we hold about reality relativistic it appears as ‘truth’ seems to able 
be to its posts manipulate at will, O well, our will, desire to dig into the ground ferret 
our cousins change our history, no matter emic or etic our method is, realism 
under attack some may contend relativistic change the matter of the moment maybe 
even forevermore, now, let us not melodramatic be about it after it just so, 
seemingly, we are not affirming truth does not exist, and that it cannot be found nor can it 
be measured, we are not denigrating realism, no not at all, indeed our finding on 
Luzon Island suggests immutable truths must exist if even we have not discovered them, 
which buttresses the need for inquiries to find them to deploy for betterment of all, in void. 
So, we venture in and out of reality or realities depending on which framework 
we use, meaning in ‘changelessness of change’ or in ‘relativistic change’ we may debate for aye, 
yet may be wary not of what we mean by ‘truth’ evading us, or is it us evading it? 
Are we so doing just because we do not care or is it that we just cannot handle the truth, 
after all we were shown a picture of a black hole for the first time only days ago, and we 
cannot deny relics were in that cave on Luzon Island many years afore, we just now found 
the ‘truth’ and know not what more ‘truths’ are out there or within us we are yet to find that finding them
does not change who or what they were, meaning, maybe besides our cousin’s name an island lent us we 
cannot ascribe to the mood of who found the bones, whether or not that person was having a good day or 
a bad day truth then is not contextual defined by all consensually that is, true is about the bones. 
Thus, we must not dismiss truth as or not generalizable, bi-directionality of 
precepts and practice we ought to acknowledge in our voided space, we base our rules 
not just on our experiences but also on universal self-evident truths, and our 
rules are the basis for our actions that may modify our rules, what seems local not so local 
after all is what is not local may local become, in other words as one person somehow 
we touch our world which in turn us affects, our personal as well as our social reality 
thus blend, we're not just sitting there social forces pushing pulling us, we are our own selves we 
have feelings have desires and empathetic we are we affect our world, our ontology sires  
combined etic and emic methodology to ‘truth’ arrive at in our present state, thus we 
cannot say with surety that this or that exists or not nine-footers three-footers engage, in voids. 
Our study thus tells us whereof reality eclectic-sourced we must to ‘truth’ at last reveal 
about it in a voided space, our ontology must inclusive not exclusive be we need to one 
another see as sisters brethren in multilayered realities reality defines, 
for each to be authentic we must make our goal, for ‘truth’ to be the ‘truth’ bona fide must be both, 
as truthful ‘truth’ must be we must admit our aim, for how could we ever be certain of ‘intent’? 
How could we say the ‘measurement problem’ is over with pride chest-thump claim to objective be as 
we forage void seeking truth in our present state, of mind? We may not care to pitch our tent in one 
place or the other ontologically realism or relativism subscribe to 
yet we cannot the ‘truth’ deny that we cannot claim that we know the truth, of ‘truths’ we ballyhoo 
in void, of voids in void, our world of multilayered truths, realities reality defines. 
When we say we must ‘truth’ at last reveal we do not mean to say we seek what we may term ‘final’ 
truth past which we cannot attain, for hubris some assert makes so say anyone abiding as 
we do now in a finite state of being, a final mortal state, for once deceased our mortal-ness 
precludes us ‘sensing’ ‘thinking’ ‘feeling’ as we did before we died, or wait, does it? In other words 
did we do all these things with our mortal-ness or with something else even mortal we claimed we were 
in void? It’s not hard therefore to see we must not be too confident vowing we cannot attain 
the truth even still in our mortal state, a final state attainable we hope for in a state 
of mind we term our present state, of mind in void, whereas it may not necessarily be such 
a final state, we may yet concede it may not be as finite as we think finite it is, 
at least in ‘mattered’ sense, finite it may be in another sense, a mind traversing voided space. 
Thus, we may be mental but may be unsure whence we head along continuum of consciousness 
we tread peregrinating voids, which ‘truth’ we cannot measure and we cannot touch, data stored and 
info ‘secreted’ in the crypts in anacondas’ tails, or are we out yet mortal-ness perhaps 
in history-dumps as we speak our voided space remade? The answer we define in personal and in social 
terms for one the other influences for good for bad the ‘butterfly effect’ or that ‘quantum 
entanglement’ ever confounding we must not dismiss, so, we may safely say we are not all 
we ‘think’ we ‘know’ we are but we must work with ‘truth’ we have to better make our void, wherein abides 
consensus something that approximates the truth, what we ought to say is our mate and not see as 
our bane, closer we are likely to truth attain blending our sundry ‘truths’ somehow to work best for 
us and best for our void, why it makes sense to unify remake our world a new world order hail. 
It can’t be hard to see we stand to gain our world a better place, its progress or otherwise that’s 
right in our hands we must see as our personal responsibility, for we advance our state 
enhancing it, depreciating it corrupting it our ‘final’ state in jeopardy is 
in voids, perhaps still able not to ‘yoke with truth,’ something that it has sought in its peregrines all 
along, a cosmic hobo tossed around in realms some, not so pleasant realms, as speculative as 
this may sound it may just be what the case may be, who knows? The point though is that we are in a fit
we little know about, we must admit we struggle to our void discover yet we trudge on keep 
on keeping on with faith in one another to our ‘truth’ embrace, what we all by consensus hold 
as self-evident truth we work with for the good of all, and in perspective we have done quite well,    
and better can we do as one, and with a new world order all embrace higher we’ll take our void. 
Let us unite mates let us save our world, for higher we will able be to harness truths we’re yet 
to even know exists, some of which that our world may unimaginably lift, as we have seen 
in recent days with science math law literature and others boosted life is more fun to live, 
and as within a healthy body lives a healthy mind able we are to further boost ourselves 
applying our minds to tasks that enhance us thereby also our relations with others peace and love
perfusing void in time, our world becoming ever wholesome as we all work to improve it our  
efforts lifting us and our world higher and higher in the greater scheme, we can do it c’mon
let’s go, let’s do it for our sake and for our children our grandchildren all those coming after us, 
let’s do it for our Mother do it for our world, we have nothing to lose but mates so much to gain,  
we have our lives to live mates let us live it well, united let us live in peace, let’s lift our world.