Philosophical Meditations 2

Philosophical Meditations 2
George O. Obikoya 
In stressing merit being practicality of notions, practice over precepts, we may or may 
not be excused for seeking the meaning of life in our actions and in their effects, whatever 
they may be, or should we? While it is true we seek the betterment of all we do not do so at 
the expense ‘of all,’ we do not success seek at whatever cost, at the same time, we do not see 
adherence to precepts as immoral, in other words we see a ‘balancing act’ wherein that 
probability is a fact of life we cannot toss informs us that precedents dismissed is 
like throwing the baby out with the bathwater, literally, more so as precedents derive 
from practice, accretion of lore rooted in universal principles and self-evident truths, 
balancing acts consensus guides therefore our bane, finding consensus to be more exact that is, 
whereof life its meaning cryptic ever may thereof our angst our misery thus ever compounds. 
It seems then we must work toward achieving concord in our voided space, disharmony dismiss, 
we need to see this as sine qua non to success of our actions to advance our world, we need 
to work together somehow find a way to reach consensus with our mates in void, our lives depend 
on it we dare say as does that of void, and with consensus reached we forge ahead unfazed away 
from cactus land emerging in a wonderland, our new world likely going to be as novel 
as that now would likely be to someone from a distant past that’s able to visit us showing 
up at Trafalgar Square we may assume with humility at what we achieved, not only for ourselves 
but also for those coming after us as those afore ensured we had a wave to higher ride platforms 
to launch our quest for knowledge anywhere in voids, which in good stead stands us even today, apace 
our studies as resolved our minds to seek and reach consensus to achieve our aims, succeed, in void. 
Does finding consensus imply admitting that we are no more that intelligent than we are 
adaptive that we have to jettison the latter and ‘invent’ consensus in our voided space? 
Must anyone recite a verse on ‘fight or flight’ confronted with a Grizzly bear a Wolverine 
at large? Adapting to our challenges is thus not only practice-based, we could improve our world 
a priori engaged, in other words we cannot live but act, we act to live and thrive, we use 
vicarious or personal knowledge we gain in void, experience our mate, but yes also 
we think, thought experiments we perform, we feel we intuition have we dream, imagine what 
we wish, knowledge acquire receive imbibe wherefrom we may not know, and we must not reject what we 
find simply based on ‘rules of engagements’ of a bot, or we may ‘kill’ all search engines spiders  
if not most web traffic that’s simply made of bots, good bots bad bots but bots, challenges we must beat. 
Another way to view this dichotomy, that is, of practice versus precepts, truth as the coherence  
of beliefs embedded in others, and as Dewey put it, beliefs inquiry ‘warranted, is 
to ask if any knows the truth, and if so which of truths, thus, regardless basis of our notions 
on which we act, our propositions we cannot catapult to levels of ‘truth’ simply because 
they validate our notions of their practicality for us, about our project on the ‘ways 
to wolf a Wolverine’ for instance if it took us so long after Leonardo Da Vinci 
to lift the veil of mystery of the Woodpecker’s tongue, unveiled in Japan not long ago, put
differently we thus act on ‘layered truth,’ who knows if the Wolverine has nine lives? This is why
it shouldn’t be that hard to find consensus in our precious world, yet we must seek to find, refill
our cup of zeal to not give up on hope remind ourselves that we can move a void in faith anew. 
So, we abide in layers of truths our study informs, we must not relativistic change thus 
dismiss, we must see if it works to get us where we head, enable us achieve our goal in void,
seeking the good of all, and if unworkable modify it forge it in forge to auric make 
its lead, remould our sundry notions for example unify our world, for as the saying goes, 
‘united we stand divided we fall,’ let us not tarry let us not delay, we have no time to waste,  
it’s not too late to actions take that work, that take us nearer daily to our goal, let us remake
our world, a new world order hail, ecumenism let us all embrace, together fix our tongues 
as brethren sisters coexist in void, in peace and harmony let us abide within our void, 
a precious space sustaining one and all, the truth about ‘how’ we cannot avow aware of we 
are in its fullness in our present state yet we may more espy our mother’s secrets see in void. 
Thus, we need not worry finding consensus we need unifying void; it is there waiting for 
us all, we simply need to seek and we will find, we need to purge ourselves of lingering doubt it 
is hard to find, and it may well be but findable it also is to find it we believe 
is not beyond our reach, and in our private or our public lives we should consensus seek for we
hold it's our bane, not only must we seek find and cultivate it we should mull its lack see we will 
nowhere be without accord with our fellow sojourners in void, consensus must not be our bane
instead must be our mate, consensus that will see us to the new void we seek we must not a fit
deny within our hearts, for we will likelier reach agreements being honest and open-minded in
our dealings with our mates wherever they are in a voided space, let us be wary of a state 
wherein we feel at ease not seeking consensus for we may not succeed, may fail, over again. 
We cannot overstate the value of consensus in a value-based approach to truth in void, 
as we affirm truth value verifies, lack of consensus therefore value we say lack, thus we 
may ‘virus’ vaccination mandatory make to stem a virus ‘crisis’ in a neighbourhood,  
a fine imposed for non-compliance but we need consensus on the benefit of the vaccine 
let’s say over ninety six percent efficacy likely to most impress, lacking accord  
that fiat may invoke pragmatic is we may conclude but we may fail to make attain our aim, 
as only one person’s non-compliance may defeat our goal, an epidemic may provoke if not 
a pandemic the person airborne to another country even more in days, what do we do 
we ask? Find consensus we say, find consensus wait not for an outbreak, we need to the
public engage on values of vaccines, of exercise moderation in everything we do, to gain. 
This hints at rating what we aim to gain; response remission or recurrence rates for illnesses 
of mind for instance or even the presence or not of symptoms sub-syndromal that may worsen
illness outcome therapeutic response stall, measurement-based care sine qua non thus for a fit 
among interdisciplinary team members to execute their parts in the management of 
a patient to achieve our goal, the ‘truth’ emergent in effects we ought to able be to say 
of interventions with predictive validity we could stand by in a voided space, not just 
act for the sake of being ‘pragmatic’ when we could eradicate for instance diseases as we 
did ere for smallpox that a commission of top scientists from across the globe certified in 
ninety-seventy nine and the World Health Assembly endorsed in ninety-eighty and we may still
do for many ailments that now impair our health, accord par excellence value defines indeed. 
Thus, fiat we may choose yet we must seek to find consensus make it not our bane, imagine it 
is not important we may rend our way in anytime we may, of course we may but may we not
attain our aim ramming not doors to reach a heart in pain? In any case we ought to ponder if 
or not intended effects our actions are verifiable or are not, what percentages of persons 
benefitted from them, or harm sustained, the point here being that we cannot pragmatic claim
to be discarding those very ‘rules’ of empiricism to which we subscribed, we simply cannot be
authentic ditching ‘rules,’ evident we must not, no matter how averse we are to matters a 
priori we need to admit existence of ‘standards of practice’ that help us find consensus to help
us jettison our bane, accord we need to unify in tandem seek our goal, collaborate 
we must across a globe to save a valued void, the world we call our home let us unite to save. 
Let us all meaning seek in our beliefs our notions propositions in effects of what we do 
in void, meaning predictive validity of our actions back, causality albeit not prove, at least 
we have a pivot from which we may seek consensus to attain our goal, the good of one and all, 
yet this reminds us we must not forget other sources of ‘truth,’ issues with verifications 
such as the ‘measurement problem’ that Physics may solve down the road, that of waves as 
particles vice versa, of enigmatic black holes we hardly conceive, and many more, we need 
to be contrite regarding what we have to ferret what we need, yet we must not give up on our
dreams we must keep on keeping on no matter hard it is, failure we can’t afford, there is a lot 
at stake to forfeit what we have and will likely have scaling up our game, why we must all unite,  
redo a void, a new world order let’s see as the way forward that we must all embrace, to gain.