Philosophical Meditations 1

Philosophical Meditations 1
George O. Obikoya 
Before we start our musings it is noteworthy that we are not professional philosophers 
or anything remotely close, we are interested in exploring philosophy as it 
relates to everyday life of all humans in our voided space, our world, a matter of what we 
could term pragmatic significance given how philosophy may help us to a more or less 
extent to better navigate a very complex void, our world as void perhaps befitting is 
as where to start our explorations into such a ‘huge’ subject with equally massive impacts 
on life in general and our personal daily lives, ranging from how we view knowledge in its
sundry forms to moral and ethical notions queries regarding who or what we are whereof 
ourselves the nature of a void and many more answers to which queries may suit us or may not 
regardless make us thirst for more whatever we find stronger is our will to forge ahead unfazed.  
Having come to terms we do not all data and information have on ourselves and on our world 
ready we are for what we may find in our studies, which we hope may help us to redo a void,  
anew declare a world, hence we are not embarking on a journey we do not believe would help 
us in some ways pragmatic to improve our void and hoping that we will not be proven wrong in 
we aim to see our study yield results we need, open our eyes to what we did not see, enhance 
our views in positive productive ways that we may see for instance how we could co-habit void 
with others not like us, not only negative aspects of robotics see but also how we 
may all benefit from machine learning artificial general intelligence quantum 
computers and many more of the so-called ‘scary tech’ indeed sources of knowledge able not
we are to yet figure or are used to or we not even know exists; we really hope to gain. 
Wittgenstein thought philosophy ought to be written as poetry, creative arts, his view on the
perception of the ‘degeneration of the human spirit’ and ‘worship’ of science at the 
expense of music arts poetry and creative arts in general all of which he thought have 
just as much if not even more to offer us as science does, his emphasis on values and 
culture on our spirit we need to ponder vis-a-vis our days, a Russell not with us to take 
the hex for overarching math, even as we still seek a ‘theory of everything,’ the point 
being where we draw the line between his authentic ‘poetic composition’ as opposed to quests  
for our generalizations, a line that may help us attain our ‘pragmatic’ objective, how 
we may one toss for the other we must find quite hard to figure as our ‘post-modern’ void is in 
a science box, science defines our world in a pragmatic sense therein our culture tries to fit. 
A quick way to tease out the seeming conflict between science and non-science or put in a fit 
we may more comfortably see is to see twenty first century thinking emerging from some 
prior modes of thinking, modernist for instance existentialist and more, the impact of 
all these on culture ‘counter-culture’ spells, thus, our values and our culture are in flux, a view
that may be a hard pill for us to swallow given our tendency to so want to change resist 
being happy in our present state no matter how much it begs us for change, yet we are in a fit
that we cannot deny or even try to flee, our music arts poetry have all taken off 
from their bases some with little if any semblance to the base to write about, something we are 
not sure we ought to term ‘degeneration’ or ‘regeneration’ or anything else so long 
as we acknowledge that we are forging ahead, and we are coping with relativistic change. 
Thus, we must be open to change in science or non-science for life to total be in meaning 
and in expression for the good of all, we must hone our dialectical capacity to ask 
of ourselves as we do of others and do of our world, take only not but also give back to
improve our void, without prejudice to whatever view we pick to blend with ours to forge anew
our world, pragmatic we are in our shades of grey, multicultural we are glad we are to bond, 
to work with others forge a brand new world, a new world order hail, ecumenism glad we all
embrace, no matter colour creed or any differences we assume we have, our values also are 
varieties of grey, our cultures likewise in the main, reborn in void to die, regardless how 
we birth conduct or live our lives in void, or how we die, ‘how’ differentiating yet reminds 
us we are naught but one, no matter ‘how’ the end-result is same, why we must unify, be one. 
We move towards ‘discoveries’ about ourselves about our world, maybe even ‘invent’ a thing 
or two as we advance creative faculties that may yet dormant be in us, in other words we are 
at ease with queries on whether math is inventing or discovering or doing both as we 
ahead forge ways to reaching where we head, how imagining knowledge and belief differ refits 
our aim that is no more an obsession with conceptual clarifications speaks to how our aims in 
time progresses and how we must operationalize both to achieve our aim of forging void 
anew, a better place for all, thus we are keener on what belief does than what it is and how
knowledge helps us more than what its sources are or even what it is hopefully syncretizing is 
a way our we must not dismiss, inflectional variants of languages see as presenting 
opportunities to ‘discover’ shades of grey of cultures to ‘invent’ a void united, yes. 
A chance to make our world a better place for all is simply what we seek in void, it matters not 
whether belief or knowledge leads us to our goal, far fetched not it is to imagine we might not
have known how much our lives Navier-Stokes equation would now affect, applied not only to
weather model but also in open-heart surgery as real-life models this equation 
offers became possible only with the advent of supercomputers computational 
fluid dynamics to the rescue its many applications in fluid and aerodynamics now 
we all enjoy progress in math and science that we fostered elevating life, in void, happy 
we are we did not query our faith to a knotty problem solve, one so hard yet we chose to face
head-on, our mouth put where our money is we bet to odds defy as now we bet to save a void 
our priceless void wherein mathematical models of stents quarrel not with Goethe Dante love. 
It may interest us that Faraday had no formal education but Maxwell wrote the math
electromagnetism born, and light an electromagnetic wave, our world forever changed, 
as Black-Scholes equation did to derivatives in financial void, it’s modified version 
earning Merton and Scholes the nineteen ninety seven Nobel Prize in Economics how sources
of knowledge coalesce evident in how mathematics science economics in tandem 
may operate revolutionizing our world making conceptual conundrums redundant as 
we march on view theories or beliefs not as theorizing theories or believing in 
beliefs but as being practically useful or not for improving void, even if we have to 
modify them to sure achieve our aim not in a Machiavellian style as we prepared are to 
help ourselves and our fellow humans to join us all on the train of love a global culture spells. 
Consistent with ‘our neo-pragmatic’ bent we stress meaning in ‘how,’ we see it not as a fit in 
any silo of sources of data information notwithstanding labeled feelings thoughts 
imaginations intuition anything at all, our aim to save our world we focus on how we knowledge  
apply to solving issues that we face in void, be it solving some math or science problems or 
some economic or social problems coming together to a new world forge primary on 
our minds be it not love we all embrace regardless we will not give up on helping mates to stay 
with us come right aboard the love train join a party headed for the skies a void apace en-route
nirvana in a cosmic wave, and we plan not to falter we hope not to fail, for we believe 
we will all see why we need to unite welcome a new world order for the good of one and all,
a void in which we unify our ‘language-games,’ not keep not communicating thinking we are. 
We do so for our own sake and for those coming after us we cannot afford to disappoint 
hence we must failure not even anytime entertain, it is unlikely anyone would say 
it is wrong to study how we may forward move our world, ‘how’ operational herein as well, 
for it is not enough to want to void enhance, we also need to know how we intend to do 
so we must have a plan, an all-inclusive plan within a mental language framework we can all 
relate to in a voided space, a sort of ‘no-mans land’ we’ll rather sooner than later grasp to 
teeth now our present state resolve to make our own united one and all, cultural relativism 
syncretic we could make what bind us not what us divide, and as with Kuhn in fallibilism 
progress we see, and ‘how’ relativistic change defines it as we move closer to admitting  
we need a global tongue to coalesce reality languages split apart, in ‘hows,’ in voids.