With Love 3

With Love 3
George O. Obikoya 
It is with love we service give to all, for we have faith in all humanity and we believe 
the goodness inherent in us will see us through our pain, our awe at helplessness we feel ‘ensconced’ 
as it seems on a lonely journey in a voided space, the angst of nothingness weariness sires 
perambulating voids, the fear of being engulfed now in a mystic mass, of being embedded in 
a state in realms that we cannot define, we know not much about, vouchsafing all we able are 
to do regarding who we are, for we appear to figure otherwise, perhaps that we are gods, 
yet we say mortals still we are, maybe not quite sure what to make of gods, and us, knowing we do 
not act like gods, just want to feel good saying we are gods, and when not feeling not quite certain we 
should say who we really think or know we are, hence the ‘attitude,’ grudging acceptance we may not 
be gods, as fear and angst creep in, demoralized we soon become in void, if even we believe, in us. 
Why then should we not simply get on with our lives? As who we know we are our faith in one and all
stronger make as we join hands forge a better world, our goodness manifest we banish fear and pain, 
as angst no longer is that raven perched atop our window pane at night stealing our precious sleep  
marauding us with gory nightmares counting sheep for hours chasing sleep to start with only finally 
to lapse into panic reveries, pain no more the solo picture we conjure no longer pained 
and worried we are that someone deems we are faking this ‘everlasting’ pain anatomy turns 
on its head everything we knew about pain this one sure defies or so we think and say, yet we 
are now able to say goodbye to pain of any sort, that ‘healing goodness’ in us very much 
at play, our fear gone as is our angst we could ‘fly away,’ our ventures into realms no more fear makes 
a mess, no longer are we conflicted on who we are humans or gods condescending, no more. 
And we are loving it: love in the air we breathe, we are productive more than ever in our void 
no more afraid of life as ‘mystic mass,’ or of the misty realms we tread no matter hard they are 
to tease or figure let alone to tweak, we are more at ease with our realm being interconnected 
with many other realms, too many we dare say to count too ‘misty’ to define, not even our 
fuzzy math would help us configure sacred math, inspired we may be nonetheless giving life all 
our love, shedding our toga of ‘godness’ wearing chiffon of love, for what we may chest-thump we know 
is that we’re human beings, our faith in one another strong, and with love we relate to one and all 
no matter colour creed, that much we know we ought to want to say, to vow for anywhere in realms 
our peregrines take us, we ought to able be to tell whatever or whoever beings we meet 
about our faith in one another goodness love defines, that saved us from angst fear and lasting pain. 
Let us reflect on these things see if what we ought to do is really what we do or if its flip 
side is what now obtains, if one another we inspire bring out the best in others or likewise 
not do, we need to ponder how we could preach love to fellow sojourners in the realms bereft 
of love ourselves, we ought to mull how we could operate in void devoid of love, in pain, angst on 
our case fear killing us how we could restful sleep expect to ever come our way; not nightmares or 
even worse we ought to be awed not sneaking in and out of consciousness we pride ourselves in to 
know like a book, the book of life we write discountenancing love, as some may be, goodness out their 
windows elevating death over life war over peace and prophesying agon will prevail 
in our world with void as we know it gone off with the winds with just a nuke or two, it’s nice to ask 
but we have love not hate, a heart filled with milk of human kindness we all share unified in void. 
We must this not deny, that love we have not hatred in whatever guise for anyone at all,
indeed, we always must affirm that with love we will ever operate in void, it is apt that 
we do, the more we affirm our faith in one another the quicker it would be for us to come 
together forge a brand new world, a new world order hail, ecumenism we embrace, stronger 
would ever be the bond we share, much better would our world be brighter bright for all, why we must not
dismiss the power of faith rooted in love we have for ourselves and others with love we could make 
a difference to lives wherever in the realms, we cannot overstate that we humans are all 
inherently good or better put have predominantly more ‘goodness’ than ‘badness’ in our hearts, 
something we ought not to be shy to others tell we meet somewhere in the realms, as less misty realms 
become with love and peace we pick as guiding principles of our lives, we hope our study shows.  
With love we serve our fellow sisters brethren with smiles on our faces seek the good of all, we hold 
that love not only makes but rules the world for better or for worse, witness potential aftermaths 
of love or lack of it seen in our every day lives in a voided space, our very precious world, 
from being the ‘crucible’ of red and blue begetting to being crucial to continued existence 
in void it isn’t hard to see how love must make and rule the world, we do not have too far to seek 
to figure sinew of love our study has shown that love, regardless how defined could make or break 
our world and with the bigger picture scaled we could easier see the point about the power of 
love in our private lives, why we must live with love prepared to give to one and all, we need to not 
allow hatred in any form abode in our lives be bigoted not, we need to let love flow 
in us for all to see how love and faith that love begets could help to bind us all, to save our world. 
Onward we march with love, its banner held high love aloft we hold, we may not able be to see 
at first how pivotal love is in everything we do, yet we must somehow feel its presence or 
its absence in some ways albeit difficult perhaps for us to express in words in a void, 
maybe, but it may not be that hard to feel love if even we struggle to find words to convey 
it to our spouses or anyone we feel love for and that this may rob us of the fullness of 
this sacred feeling we cannot gainsay, if we do not express love in our actions as we do not with 
our words, in other words love is not just a passive feeling it is full of life, love is life and 
fundamentally so, if only we could see love in this way we would all have a brighter and 
a better world, see those living in tents everywhere you look in our cities as needing much love, 
we would at last admit it’s not so much a ‘housing problem’ that we have but more a ‘drug problem.’ 
We should not say we can’t be bothered, that after all we’ve got it made, but no, they haven’t! Let us 
not think that those needles or free socks, are enough, those rat-infested tents the urine-soaked pants in
which baggies store deadly cargo in junk-filled tents tell not the whole story about the women and 
men the stories of whose lives they holler, at least in part, the panhandling to feed a marasmic 
child, the screaming hair-pulling fellow on the sidewalk or the other just sitting there staring deep 
into space mumbling something to himself, sure they may have a mental illness but don’t they almost 
all use opiates, crystal meth, or some cocktail of illicit substances? Would something in them 
not be asking anyone everyone where love is hiding, let’s even say in their lucid days, 
why they have to go to jail half a dozen times a year, maybe even more, where indeed is love? 
Lord have mercy! We should care, we should bother, even if we’ve got it made; they are our folks, O yes. 
You see, we may ignore love for as long as we wish but we cannot ignore life, as long as we 
are here, in void, alive, we must strive to remain alive let alone thrive, our struggles are legion 
and unique in a sense, to each and everyone, it is the aggregates of these struggles that the 
little pictures big ones manifest to come back to haunt operators of both, as with disease
-causing miasmic effluents or the economy-ravaging disappearing tourists, the 
cyclic calamities of frozen ‘needlers’ in Winter and their ‘heat-stricken’ mates in Summer, these 
things haunt us all, they prick our conscience when we call serious illicit drug issues simply housing 
problems, watch our young and old folks alike slide down into opiate hell, before our eyes like the 
ostrich we bury our heads in the sand, we see no evil, hear no evil, do no evil, see 
no problem with our selective mutism for instance, trauma we inflict on ourselves ignore. 
Maybe we cannot heal ourselves ignoring love, dismissing caring for our fellow humans, our 
‘selfie’ minds in the way, yet we know that the ‘ruler’ has a way of catching up with us, even 
then we may global warming green house gas emissions deny, and maybe even the floods and threats 
to our coastal areas label jokes, but we know the ‘ruler’ will catch up with us, and we don’t want 
that or do we? Love or lack of it for our less-fortunate folks and our environment has its 
implications of which we are all well aware, and as we welcome the good implications and 
not the bad ones we must aim to learn from both to improve ourselves and our world a void priceless we 
love, inherently, as it is us, we are integral parts of it in every sense of the word,
why ‘love’ is a universal trait, it's much more than being a state it is what makes us and keeps us, 
as we crave that pizza hotdog or pounded yam, whatever else we want, act to obtain, with love.