With Love 2

With Love 2 
George O. Obikoya 
Let us seek knowledge of love from the pelican, sometimes it seems we are a bit confused about 
what love means and if it means the same thing to everyone or if we need to wager between red 
and blue or black and white or even silver auric yoked duality explore in yin and yang, 
and if we need to purple pay attention to reflecting on the meaning of love what we mean 
when we profess our love to someone else, what most of us would not object to being considered green,
fertility and all being attributes of love pelicans tell us much about, why we should not 
belittle love, why we should not profess our love in vain, why we should take a closer look at what 
we may not deem important simply being a cube, yet we may just be wrong, we may not realize 
we are missing a great point about love, the unity of red and blue in purple or perhaps 
magenta, what we should not miss, for love is also the colour of life, green, the circle squared. 
O yes, it is not impossible to square the circle even if, along with, doubling the 
cube and trisecting an angle meant much to geometers in ages past, yet some of us remain 
obsessed with them, which seems quixotic some would argue in this day and age, the matter of squaring 
the circle being impossible proven in eighteen eighty two but then is it? Could we affirm 
that love impossible is looking not like clowns to someone madly in love with his or her spouse? 
Maybe we are lost in our reveries to picture earth and heaven being united yin and yang 
in love, we need the answers to these queries among others seek to fully figure love, for us 
to know what it means in both a general and a particular sense what love means in a void, 
why we hold it is not impossible to square the circle we believe in love, why with love in 
our hearts we may move mountains we may change the world for better not for worse, a void a world refit.  
It is not hard to see the aftermath of falling in or out of love although we may not see 
the link or may deny it yet we pine we moan we sleep not much either in love simply missing 
one we love or worse still being out of love, emotions many must be to a more or less extent 
accustomed to that shows love somehow deep within us is, that it is not flirting around it is 
infatuation not, if not these or some other feeling states what then is it? What is this thing 
or lack of it that some would argue ‘rules’ the world gets lots of people into trouble or offers 
them the better life that they always sought this thing that should us all inspire to mould our world anew, 
a new world order hail, ecumenism see as the way to a better brighter world for all, 
something that clearly we cannot ignore, must pay attention to and not dismiss, this thing called love,
why we intend to dig into what love means how we may its sinew harness for the good of all. 
We may conceive of love in metaphysical and in biological terms among others, 
in sacred colours for example cubic surfaces in dopamine and oxytocin terms 
we may see love agape or imagine love romantic we may love of our vocation ponder 
love for our pets may just be on our minds, we may see love in many ways yet be unsure 
of what it means and, now finding it what to do with it, and we may want to add we seek to know 
what is about love that makes it apt to declare it ‘rules’ the world, that is in its dual state, 
configuration as being present or being absent in a voided space, and do the aftermaths 
in either state have biological or metaphysical indeed any other root we 
ought to explore, to better figure what love means in void? As salient as this question is we 
may find out elusive the answers to it may be but we will keep trying to ‘discover’ love.  
No matter how we love conceive we all would likely not dispute the central role of love in our 
affairs we would likely agree that love has played a role in our history that we can’t discount, 
a proposition that it might have driven history we realize that some may simply toss, 
some who may ask about the cataclysm in our void circa twelve thousand eight hundred odd years 
ago, the ice age back halting the Gulf Stream for a thousand or more years our ‘heating system’ shut
down or about the thirty two kilometre Greenland crater and about the ‘wipe-out’ or about 
relics of that comet that hit our world, about the Taurid meteor showers we receive about 
twice every year even about what Encke would next do, should we not ponder not explore also 
may ask? There is no doubting pertinent these questions are, yet as hard it may seem to not wonder 
what love had to do with a major event that ‘erased’ our world we may just find out that it did. 
Perhaps a starting point for our study should be to clarify our aim, we do not seek to link, 
for instance, what obtained in Pre-Clovis human culture with a comet hitting our world, rather 
we seek to know how what might have happened in its wake may instructive be for us thousands of years
thereafter, what roles love might play in the aftermaths of issues that we face concerning void, the 
Halloween fireballs for instance how our ancestors survived the Younger Dryas how we could hope 
we would survive some Taurid pebbles that may come our way perhaps even more important prevent 
them doing so giving some thought to how our actions may affect a tidal force perchance and by
spaghettifying us may bring us closer to Encke for instance risking our world being hit by 
not pebbles but maybe by megalithic asteroids, hopefully not, why we must not dismiss 
the roles of love in climate change that may tidal forces ‘work’ against us cosmic hits fazing us. 
Thus, our love or the lack of it for our environment may end up saving or destroying us, 
a sense in which we see love ruling void linking love with comets hitting our world in our present state 
we may dismiss at our peril if even we may just be stretching things a little toying with 
how Pre-Clovis societies might have sired spagettification that might have led to a hit, 
a cosmic-comet hit, yet we may learn a thing or two about the prospects of surviving post-
catastrophes even more importantly with love be rest assured they do not ever happen 
again, in other words our study we hope will establish why we need to operate with love 
deep in our hearts not just for ourselves but also for all, we hope to show that we may act in ways 
that do not show we love ourselves let alone love our world for whatever reason but we may be 
saying in effect we care not about our fellow humans let alone our world, dismissing void. 
We may be self-destroying void dismissing love, and to start with we cannot even love profess 
to any other person pet anything for that matter with an iota of truth loving 
first not ourselves, we cannot therefore claim that love means anything to us lying about it to 
the one we claim to love, risking the wrath of that person with what that may entail, including vibes 
we may be spreading in a void, forgetting the ‘butterfly effect’ the ‘noodle effect’ may sire 
tides engender in our voided space that may pain portend, reverse of aforesaid we doubtless could 
also imagine yielding fruits of love, an apple in a cube imagine manna from the skies, 
why we must not discountenance love we must on the other hand embrace it to improve our world, 
we must dismiss not notions of love ruling void the world, of its lack being at odds with what ought to 
be in our voided space, the priceless world we call abode our home for years to come, and many more. 
Let us all therefore operate with love in our hearts for ourselves and others to advance our world, 
what may at first seem far-fetched we may find out otherwise, how love or its lack could comets affect 
we may not even entertain initially only to later change our minds as studies show 
us how it could and even more, for instance how we also could prevent catastrophes any 
way they show up at whatever level, personal community global anyhow they flare, 
and how united we could heal together in our homes communities the world if ever we 
encounter such a sorry state, why we must all join hands one another see as sisters and as 
brethren and see the need for us to forge a brand new void, a new world order hail, embrace without 
ado ecumenism in our precious world, it’s time we tossed whatever we do that does not 
show we attuned are with love we must have or cultivate to hope to save our void our precious world. 
We need to be aware of the meaning of this thing we call love, its implications for ourselves 
and for our void we must not deem unimportant as they may make or break our world and may pain or
pleasure evoke in anyone of us, no matter metaphysical or biological 
or anyhow conceived we end up with the same conclusion that love serves a sacred role we must 
all realize we simply can’t escape; we wager in vain on to love or not to love as clear 
is what awaits us based on what we chose, we must start taking note of what appears to be ‘cosmic
entanglement’ connecting us all in a pi transcendental among others that rather than 
making it seem impossible to square the circle may open our eyes to how we could, to how 
we could do many things we may deem impossible including setting aside differences 
we claim to live as one with love, impossibles improbable were doable ever, with love.