With Love 1

With Love 1
George O. Obikoya
There is no gainsaying the benefits that technology offers us, which may have pros and cons 
yet in the end we cannot write off all technologies we ought to on the other hand with love 
endeavour to improve on what we have turn weakness into strength, threats into opportunities 
enhance our precious world, we should for instance studies showing value in ‘smart glasses’ not dismiss, 
the smiles on faces of children with autism happiness evident on the faces of their 
parents must doubtless fill our hearts with joy, as that we did not shun machine learning that we support 
studies, among many others, that utilize facial recognition technology within 
a ‘Superpower Glass’ to make it possible for these children to recognize emotions its 
camera picks up on another’s face it presents on the glasses’ monitor using such things 
as emojis or audio voice cues the children able now to recognize eight emotions. 
Imagine these children coming from where theory of mind precluded them from meaningful play 
with peers in general from normal social engagements to where they are now able to ‘happy, 
sad, angry, scared, surprised, disgust, ‘meh’ and neutral’ recognize, imagine what a difference 
this would make to their lives improving not to mention that also connected to their glasses is 
a mobile device with three social engagement activities programmed on it including ‘guess 
the emotion’ during which the children guess an emotion for example happiness telling 
a joke, and the ‘free play,’ mode when the children cues receive for anyone with whom they interact, 
major improvement in social interaction in the children after six weeks in one recent
study, a part of which included the children wearing the device at home thus underscoring 
potential benefits of home digital therapy in managing this condition, and well. 
The point in that aforesaid is for us to realize what difference we could make to lives of 
fellow humans we know or do not supporting scholarship in every field of knowledge and in 
all spheres of human endeavour be it science, pure or applied, be it in Medicine or in 
Mathematics in Arts Literature or Law, we ought to folks encourage to knowledge pursue 
wherever it may be, with love support them in their quest, no matter how much we know or not we 
must strive to seek knowledge to improve ourselves: we cannot all be academicians we do not 
all have to be professors but we need to not let ourselves to ever be left behind we need 
to keep abreast of goings on around us more so what concerns our health, mental and physical 
health, we must support the efforts of those working hard to answers seek to health issues that 
we have, problems we may have or may not have read about, we ought to read informed need be about. 
When we affirm with love we give whatever that we have, large or little, to support all our folks 
engaged in seeking knowledge for the good of all we are declaring love not for ourselves alone 
but also for our fellow sojourners in void and most of all for void, our very precious world, 
aware that some may say we are guilty of lacking ‘dissociation of sensibility’ 
as TS Eliot once put it we may well do as we also may not lack ‘the softness of 
love’ that J Dryden would rather see J Donne have, pardon me for so many names but this is not 
for aggrandizement it’s to make a point, we mention benefits for ourselves not because we are 
not altruistic but because we are, in other words selflessness should not mean we are not 
keen to preserve ourselves; we do, as we can only others help preserving first ourselves yet we 
will go out of our way to others help we could, with as much love for them as we have for ourselves. 
You see, as much as we believe in sinew of the intellect emotions we also deem to 
be equally important as they motivate us to act such as seeking knowledge to improve 
our world, and as we may allude to non-verifiability for instance of the so-called 
verifiability clause in neopositivism such as the ‘measurement problem’ 
a knot still is we may, likewise, the many notions speculations many innuendos on 
altruism note, but just subscribing to it and acting on it is our aim, our ego for instance
we wear not on our foreheads and we do not ballyhoo our efforts to support our fellows in 
their search for knowledge we support them and we wish them well, and by the way we also firmly hold 
emotions we cannot verify we cannot know for certain what indeed is motivating 
us to act but act we do anyway survival not always apparently being one such thing. 
It may at first appear that we are wasting time teasing out conation from cognition or as 
they say ‘the chicken from the egg’ the root of our emotions from our intellect, where love resides 
and what we use to act on love, we utilize to act to manifest intent, given our acts 
must ‘make the world go round’ we cannot but consider whereof actions that so tell our fate, in void, 
where purposeful behaviours stem from we must want to know; desire volition impulse striving we 
want to explore more so as they relate to actions we engaged in living in a void, we need 
to understand what lies beneath love not just for ourselves but also for our families and for 
our neighbours mates indeed for one and all, our voided space we so care for we could give it our all, 
we are prepared to pay the ultimate price for the good of all, what underscores love we have for 
our children and grandchildren we want to elucidate perchance we may stumble upon the ‘truth.’
Of course we do not want to think that we must find the ‘truth,’ whatever that means first we must explain, 
yet we must seek information on what we do not know elaborate what we know but we do 
not fully comprehend or mis-understand regardless we cannot and seek not to assert 
the ‘truth’ in a probabilistic void, that more probable than not what we find close is to ‘truth’ 
about the subject-matter is our modest aim, so, we cannot absolutely say conation 
must tell our will to act or someone or something else’s will, in other words are we ‘wired’ in some way 
to act in particular ways in particular circumstances for example as some parts 
in us our autonomic nervous system and some others do? What else are we ‘conditioned’ to 
do we must ever do? Are we agathokakological by nature for example we 
cannot but manifest each part of good and evil dualistic laid? These things we need to tease. 
Thus, something tells us to help our scholars and another to not do so whether in equal weight 
we must seek to know or if one aspect predominates and to what extent and why we also 
would like to know to figure why we choose to listen to one or the other in our present state, 
in other words we may be acting not on impulse but as some ‘otherness’ to which we may 
be blind dictates, some ‘otherness’ in us that we cannot explain, a primal word that makes us want 
to act in the interest of a primal void, some sort of ‘collective survival instinct’ we 
act on instinctively even if we died doing so nothing has to do with our ego or 
with anything other than that ‘wired’ we are to act in the manner that we do, what then we could 
say altruism is we hold we need to tweak, as we able are to this primal word adjust to suit our will 
it seems, why we all don’t behave alike some listen more to one side of the pair than the other. 
Yet, we would all likely agree that collective survival assumes the presence of those who 
want to survive, survivalists we may term them thus we may ask ourselves: who or what survives 
in void without some life, assuming that we are talking about biological life and not 
robotic beings? It is quite possible for some to ask why such robotic beings could not solely 
‘inherit’ the void and all therein to which we may have not much of a response given what the 
prevailing circumstances at the time are, why it is crucial that we tweak ‘will’ conation lends 
us wisely to studies support to gain from machine learning for instance not provoke conflicts we 
may not able be to win thereby risking our extinction in a voided space, with robots in 
our midst that are self-replicating sentient ‘beings’ we must serious conversations have on these 
issues not just to better figure why we give, others support but also why we so must do. 
To not discuss these matters may amount to some complacency we simply can’t afford, we must 
see ‘giving’ in its ‘true’ light not jaw-jaw on matters of life and death for us all speculating 
on whether or not it is selfless or selfish ego-driven or not we must see the bigger 
picture ‘wired’ we are to help others for the good of all, if  even we could tweak the primal word 
which love engendered and from which our void derived as it was good in the beginning what we could 
term ‘labour of love,’ we ought to step back be wise about our choices knowing that rooted we are  
in love, with love we must thus act to save our precious world, it is love that will all unite to set 
the stage for our dream of a brand new world, a new world order usher in our present state, a world 
in which we live in peace with our neighbours whoever or whatever they are, reality new 
we need to become accustomed to one that is already here and we cannot escape, must love.