Forget Me Not 3

Forget Me Not 3
George O. Obikoya
As Sorghum Millet Maize must now be brazing for the worst we must be joining them in pondering 
what the worst is, for us ravaging little-finger-sized larvae amok at large turning corn cobs 
into cornmeal pudding, of sorts, ruining farmers across the globe famished these pests 
these insects called Fall Armyworms already are rendering us in places all over the world, 
the worst for us gory like for the cobs, and with the moths able to travel over a hundred 
kilometres at night it is uncertain parasitic wasps could ever catch up with these moths 
spreading their caterpillars round the globe in time, something we just cannot forget about, 
assure ourselves it’s not happening in our neighbourhood it is not quite our problem yet but are 
we going to sit back and watch these worms famish us all in void? The answer we must all declare 
is a resounding ‘no,’ a moth and its deadly cargo we must not let farmers ruin, destroy. 
We must prevent these pests damaging crops doling starvation everywhere in void, we must act now 
to save our priceless world, as we must all menacing us in any shape or form, yet we cannot 
achieve our aim researching not the pests, and parasitic wasps for instance to control the night 
fliers stop them spreading their caterpillars that so mush our crops, why we must studies aimed at such 
a noble goal we must not discountenance we must all support, and there are studies in other 
fields of human endeavours we must not ignore, the point is we are in a station wherein we 
must strive to thrive, some would affirm even just to survive, our fly agaric not much help fighting 
minacious worms, why we must step back take another look at how we run the world, as worms also  
are telling us ‘forget me not,’ what else is saying that now in a whimper heavens only may 
yet know, but we would likely all agree we also ought to know, be they worms prions or some moth. 
Our world then multilayered is, operational in each of which entities are we may or 
may not yet know, which ought to humbling be, knowing that maybe co-occupants of our void unknown  
to us at work are to devour our cows to wolf our turkeys munch our cabbage suck our pumpkins dry 
must scary be to say the least, aquatic wolverines gulping our fish washing our whales ashore 
deceased rummaging void at will something about which none has any clue maybe we ought to mull 
given as we all would likely concur some of those layers may indeed be stealth, something we need 
to face up to not be on ostrich on a stony beach, perhaps able to pebbles melt to be 
able to urn its pate forget about ‘forget me nots,’ at least for now says reassuring is, 
we need to do exactly oppositely face ominous parasites or whatever they are that may erase
our world, fund studies in sciences agriculture medicine in math, in every field we touch. 
It’s time we put our lives destiny in our grips kowtowing not to worms, to parasites prions 
it’s time we stopped abiding, as we seem to do, in mortal terror and we must stop being as we 
appear to be, carrions motorized, we must believe we could do better we could fix our fate, 
why we must all believe in scholarship and not brush it aside, after all it is one of the 
things that we do as humans with an intellect, among many others we must also support 
for betterment of all, a notion we cannot dismiss or do perhaps at our peril, for worms 
don’t fly and moths don’t jet around the globe, we do not even know what flies or not that able is 
to show up anywhere in void, no matter who or what lives there why we must not forget about 
‘forget me nots,’ for we exist in interwoven multilayered voids in void, with yearnings that 
may coincide or not with those of worms, Fall armyworms that may also like sweetness of the corn.
There should not be any misgiving on researching worms, or moths, or studying with zeal our world, 
a multilayered void teeming with life unseen or seen life even we may need some sort of aid 
such as electron microscopes to view, chemical reactions to decipher we may also 
need thought experiments to mull characterize, we must be open-minded also we must be 
eclectic in our preparations we must be objective in our styles approaches to studies
that we design to find answers we seek, we need to know ourselves we need to know our void, our world, 
for us to have a reasonable chance of achieving our goal we need to more receptive be 
to notions we may not want to warm up to wont we are to toss, yet we must be open to frank 
discussions on a subject conversations entertain that may open our eyes make us embrace 
what hitherto we shunned, our knowledge base expanded we are ready to venture in higher realms. 
We ought to want to tease our layers of our complex world, more so any threats that may in any 
reside that may anywhere emanate in void, yet we must not ignore opportunities that 
are lurking in our void, as we elucidate the Fall Armyworms we must not forget to mull 
the parasitic wasps, paying attention to varieties of life in void we are chances 
creating to discover void, able we are likely to be to void unveil its secrets bare 
afore us better we conceive a precious void, enlightened we become regarding mysteries 
of void, the voided space we call our world, why we must study layers that make up our world, why we 
cannot afford to not attention pay to sundry aspects of our complex world, 
we stand a better chance united one another see as fellow sojourners in voids, in realms 
we hardly know about, not as enemies in a world that we must mutually scorch, destroy. 
Let us forget not those before us who their lives gave to us all pursuing knowledge that has helped 
the world, we must think of those that will keep studying and seeking knowledge to build on what we have 
further enhance our world, we must encourage and support them we must know our world, a noble goal
indeed we must be joyous to pursue collaborate with others multiverses-laid in some 
perhaps as multilayered realms are as our void is maybe voids in void, in other words we must 
receptive be to notions of voids laden in a void, our multilayered void we may at first 
conceive as here above below as macro, middle micro layers we may further decompose 
the micro layer for example into many even reaching quantum levels with the two 
others being also decomposable, with middle-level possibilities including those 
dimensions six we are not as yet privy to yet that we could if only we knew how we could. 
Perhaps there may be other unknown realms inter-dimensional realms operating in our void 
we ought to able be to reach and which perhaps we would sooner than later given knowledge we 
may gain in our studies now and in future that may realms reveal we never knew existed let 
alone that we could access in our present state, or mental states we modified with whatever 
we could continuum of consciousness that’s thus enabled we see worlds beyond, let’s face it why 
should we not aim to able be to access other dimensions if indeed some from other realms 
able are to access ours if even they do so stealthily? Why should we not aim to a way 
find to realms that our realm embeds explore? We may be wrong to think we are alone even here in 
our present state, consciousness that we know, acceptance of this possibility would help us see 
our void the way we should see us all being responsible for seeking knowledge to advance our world. 
Doubtless, we would all benefit from voids wherein peace justice and love reign wherein we all accept 
as fellow sojourners in realms all those we meet no matter we know or do not notwithstanding 
voids they call home if even outside ours, tolerance for another we would all embrace given 
voids such as these no matter creed or colour we would all happy be to endorse in realms of such 
realms our one such a realm embedding realms, why we must all cultivate a mindset that would help us
attributes sire from which we all would benefit, focused on joining hands to forge a brand new void  
hailing a new world order and seeing ecumenism as the way forward brighter bright we 
would likely agree our future would be our focus no more on perceived differences we claim 
as they all blend into a universal mind our multilayered voids considered one even 
if decomposed quasars and quarks starting to mesh in voids ghost neutrinos axions on our minds. 
Our study has opened our minds to ‘forget me not,’ that we hear in bangs and whimpers in our void 
our very precious world, now we must listen to the worms as we do to the music of the spheres 
as we do to chthonic voices we conceive as singing right now beneath our feet, sonorous in 
the ocean deep in atmospheric melodies we sing along with cosmic choristers in voids, 
we now know we must listen we must knowledge seek in songs in essence leading us, existence we 
know essence leads as Primal Chaos more we contemplate, our deeds thus we must not forget to keep 
attuned to elevating void, as more perfect we commit to making void more perfect we are 
in our present state becoming closer to our goal of saving our world acquiring knowledge in 
the realms continuum of consciousness achieve, after all we hear some were here seeking gold, 
monoatomic gold, let us hope that  our world would be advanced like any in the voided realms.