Forget Me Not 2

Forget Me Not 2
George O. Obikoya 
That ‘we all stand on the shoulders of giants’ as Newton said centuries ago is just as true 
today we need not doubt our sense of history profound, and we are grateful to the magi to 
the sages we offer our heartfelt gratitudes, we will their noble achievements depreciate 
not we will not forget their aims sublime, their efforts to emancipate us evergreen will be 
on our minds as we fly the flag and keep it flying for the good of all, we will proclaim our aim 
atop the mountain top missives of peace and love we will deliver to all nooks and crannies in 
our voided space, our world, an obelisk atop a mound the unity of yin and yang we’ll hail 
as we remember what is in the looking glass adore the city hall, as we continue to 
knowledge seek wherever we could find it build on that received, paradigmatic shifts endorsing to 
advance our world, improve our present state, that we may not forget ourselves and not the giants lose. 
We do not want to fritter what we learnt no matter long ago, the magi missives rendered in 
a lemniscate guiding us then and now, instructive evermore as we in sinusoidal waves 
abide, in iterations over time preserved in sacred spells, in words of Wisdom joyfully 
we contemplated mull, as inculcated deep within us adamantine is the primal word,  
primordial Agathodaemon spells, unity in diversity that fortunes brings to all, 
safety security assures attached and bonded mother father child, a sacred triune in 
a voided space since ages past we cherish in our world, and will not fritter even jaded as 
at times we must be as agathokakological we are, lost in our revelries perturbed 
by none but us, why then we choices have to make to better make ourselves, to save our void our world 
choices increasingly appearing we must make without delay that we may not be late. 
It seems easy then to affirm we must nothing forget about where we are from and whence we head 
as peoples of a world, our roots in unity we need to keep in mind, the stars the suns the bulls 
we need to mull, for then it may be clearer why we must unite as did our predecessors in 
voids unified joined hands to forge a void, wherein we all reside, as science says almost fourteen 
billion years ago since formed in a massive bang, Hyper Suprime-Cam in a potent telescope 
now helping us to better figure what happened in primal Chaos how it all began, how our 
universe started now revealing in eighty three quasars supermassive black holes power in 
the first ten percent of its age, the telescope going back billions of years in time to witness 
black holes forming in our ancient universe, that black holes were forming in whose infancy only 
more enigma make muscling our zest to further probe how its roots, inquire how we emerged in void. 
Our studies therefore we must not weary be to continue generations over to ensure 
we are not late to board the cosmic train, a train we ought to see is getting set to leave, a fish 
to water make, far from an ekpyrotic universe we wonder still how ‘New Physics’ would help 
us see the light not only at the Planck epoch explain how black holes, and so commonly, could form 
at such an early age of the universe but also if and how we could peep ahead into 
the future as we have with the Subaru Telescope peeped into the earliest days of the 
universe, see what the water age is going to be like even before we board the cosmic 
train, an understanding of our past and future in relation to our ‘now’ likely to be instructive in 
so many ways, for instance if there is ‘afterlife,’ what black holes were into forming in numbers in 
an infant void, churning data and information of a Big Rip in a Big Bang then or what? 
Was something telling us ‘forget me not’? An epoch wherein fundamental forces were one, 
united then but later separated in phase transitions from one epoch to the next through 
the ages configuring reconfiguring ouroboros laid, why we must mull our state another age at hand 
we must be keen to know about our future see ourselves in ‘old age’ in the greater scheme, as our 
‘ancient’ universe sees us now, infant it is to us telling us maybe to ‘forget me not,’ but how could we 
remember what we never knew? How could we tell if those black holes had information from a void 
afore, one ripped by an expanding universe forming another an ekpyrotic cyclic 
universe or multiverses churning on event horizons with data and information 
that was embedded in a rip as speculative as our views may sound it is as ‘New Physics’ 
some would deem also is, which should not stop us peeping into past and future as we do of ‘now.’ 
Indeed, we may be curious to know what we may not know but what is it we must want to know?  
The answer would depend on whether or not we want to leave as it is or to decompose what 
we may term in legal parlance the ultimate issue what aspects of its parts we want to mull, 
an answer that could take us into other cosmic realms, to multiverses wherein we could head 
after our stint here in a voided space, universes with which we may even now interact 
without or with us being aware we do, and being disposed to seeking knowledge in whatever form 
wherever from we are keen to explore the prospects of speculative knowledge sources be they 
scientific inspired or received, intuitive imaginative even feelings we are 
willing to integrate to see where they may lead regarding better comprehending void, ourselves 
and others that we may not forget or be forgotten in continuum of consciousness in voids. 
There is a lot we still could find out seeking knowledge of our void, about our world, we must keep on
searching we must not give up on our precious world, we must want to establish where we are in that 
greater scheme perhaps intercalating multiverses about which we so much now speculate 
about which eager we are to learn to improve our void, aware we could no matter how much it 
improbable may seem we could marry science and propositional truths assuming we have 
dialectical capacity to slam on the brakes phantoms we may appear to start to chase 
probable we are saying what is more improbable than not is given what we know our ‘old’ 
premise therefore is just as crucial as our new, our ‘fantasies,’ problem is where we cross the line
between the ‘old’ being out of sync with new data such as black holes forming in numbers in a young 
universe and what we speculate on what that may be about, a snake wolfing its tail, in voids. 
That we must want to know is more than what they say ‘kills a cat’ for we are players in a voided space, 
our keenness to know more about ourselves about our world not just curiosity is, it is 
about our place ere now and in the future in a cyclic universe, about which of all the 
possible universes that more probable than not exist wherein we live, we lived and would 
live and why we are living in different ones if we were so doing what the differences 
are wherein we abide at varied times, and we could say ‘forget me not,’ ourselves to ourselves to 
perhaps catch up on some inerrancy that played a role wherever cycled in the past that may 
a role play where we are now and would be in future communication able we are to have 
given continuum of consciousness we have established windfall of knowledge we have achieved, 
why we must not consider our endeavours merely speculations problems huge we seek to solve.
Physicists mystics may be as metaphysicians they may also be, hard to delimit our 
knowledge sources may be at times that we end up juggling roles time and again sometimes 
without even being aware we are, the point here being to not dismiss ideas we mull just because 
they do not fall into familiar knowledge bases how we see the world, relate to our world and 
to one another in a void of peoples one teeming with faces in the realms we know and we 
do not faces we meet as we venture in voids including one our own, we ought to welcome known 
notions and those unknown we must be set to jiggle and to juggle roles as we cannot be sure 
wherefrom our inspiration whereof we may never able be to even guess much more to with 
surety predict, open-minded we need to be to have a chance to say ‘forget me not,’ across 
the realms, we have to want to nurture dreams that may not sound probable yet that may be in the end. 
We may be able to direct our evolutionary paths control our future choose where in 
the cyclic universe we want to make our home in future in the realms reside, our study based 
on the assumption we are not alone implies there may be others inside or outside our void, 
the universe we know that we are yet to meet communicate with business do with learn from 
as they also do from us who may just as eager be to know us as we do to know them we 
must give ourselves a chance to know, a chance that may a major difference make to our views not just 
of ourselves but also our world and all there is in it, a chance to make our world a better place 
for all, a world united in a new world order wherein peace and justice reign, where we all live 
together with hope for a safer world, this must be our hope and aspiration our legacy 
we wish those living here in future will remember they would build on also say; ‘forget me not.’