Beyond 3

Beyond 3
George O. Obikoya 
Amazing it is that we could imbibe the knowledge neighbours inculcate in us, regardless we 
are of varied tongues resident in voids, of worlds disparate like we never knew, we never dreamt 
of voids we seldom mulled, for happy in our coats we choose to coast along, well, who could blame us all
for feeling safe in void, with works our predecessors did to peace secure in void uniting us 
in socio-economic contracts like the world must, reservedly not, applaud, in place we ought 
to joyous be, why it should not any surprise ready we are to flying keep the flag, to look 
ahead beyond ourselves to elevate our world, build on those pioneering efforts peace of which 
we love, we relish now with joy, amazed we may be we must not be fazed, for we may forms engage 
prepared we must from whom to learn who may be not like us, may not exactly be our look-alike  
a sundry shade of grey, yet may much have to give to us we cannot start to fathom in our present state. 
We may not able be to glean dimensions other than our four, we may not want to fret about 
what ‘soft hair’ is doing atop black holes, which we declared are ‘bald,’? To start to ponder what on earth 
the ‘information paradox’ may mean for us more so whereof our future after our demise 
may not at all our ‘cup of coffee,’ be, even as we may lose sleep wondering what goes on in 
‘event horizons’ and what’s up with all the hair how much of it there is and who or what is on 
its case ‘gating’ it where it ends up why it ends up where it ends up if it ever will emerge 
and where it will in what format it will, as data or information on and on and on we 
may yet wonder with precious slumber lost, why we may reconsider where our interests may be 
in greater schemes of things, if we should or not be keen to know what happens to our information 
when black holes collide for instance what becomes of us, data and information we seek to exchange. 
Also germane to data sooner or later becoming actionable information is 
the issue of the ‘word,’ that motions in a wave, wherein data reside, even the quantum world 
thus has deterministic hues, the ‘logos’ permeating voids, our data information not 
lost after all suggesting they may re-emerge somewhere and at some point in time, one reason we 
should take a closer look at what conveys data who or what interprets it to information 
thereby create, about who or what who or what is what about it we should act on as we forge 
ahead remoulding voids we love, our private and our public worlds in tandem forging void, anew, 
why it is apt to not discount the issue of the ‘word,’ for therein may lie knowledge we seek in 
its quintessential state, in other words our private and public personae we may call the mind 
or consciousness collaborating unified in ‘word,’ primal waves emanating from the ‘word.’ 
Maybe we want to see the unity of goings on in voids as emanating from the ‘word,’ 
as its wave shifts into another as it passes through us to emerge its energy preserved 
even transformed or ‘bent’ in us, in other words we may affect the ‘word,’ we may contort it we 
may tweak it however we like, but no matter how we affect it same it will remain, unchanged 
its passage through us over when we die, a copy of what we made of it with us in ‘event 
horizons’ data and information similarly preserved, loads we carry around that we 
may aim to purge, baggages we may deem too heavy to carry around in round trips voided spaced 
in ouroboros laid, which may bring to the fore how the subject and the object in dyadic states 
engaged partakers in countless interactions ought to see the parts they play, that we may just 
data change into information that may change us may alter our world, for better or for worse.  
Some may consider speculative linking ‘divine spark’ with ‘quantum entanglement’ we may call 
the primal chaos ‘word,’ ‘spooky action at a distance’ we now evidence have that may apply 
outside the quantum world perhaps even in biological systems as we in others too, 
four-way mixing of photons of fluorescent algae proteins wherein multiple wavelengths interact 
to produce new ones showed polarization entanglement in twenty seventeen, opening avenues 
for further research into this important subject that may help us better figure what happens 
to our data and the information therefrom when we are dead and gone, meantime our studies will
continue as we venture to explore domains beyond us as we do those with which we are much 
accustomed to pursue our aim, bearing in mind how knowledge may in any sphere evolve from some
metaphysical speculations worlds of mystics transformed into mainstream academic ‘lore.’ 
Socrates never wrote a book yet made us proud as sentient beings capable of attaining great 
heights in the realms able to hold our own conceptualizing voids elucidating realms, why we 
must not dismiss the sinew of the word, interpreting the primal word in ways to save our world, 
the power in a wave that manifests in words, in songs the music of the spheres, we need to mull 
the sinusoidal waves in eights, circles in unison informing voids that cosmic balance and order we 
must seek, Vishnu’s eight arms we must contemplate for we must not give up on lifting our world, a void 
we are happy to be a part of pledge to better make, in doing so we hope to meet and learn 
from others in the realms beyond our realm who may have ‘words’ to share, missives to inculcate in us 
that may help us to better make our world, something we cannot gainsay yet must not ignore, for we 
are likely not alone, not in the vastness wherein lives our world, someday we will encounter, ‘voids.’ 
Someone out there may answers have we lack to queries that we pose, for instance how we could maybe
particles and maybe waves or better still as some would say, be energy fields, manifest as 
sentient mattered beings in voids, and extrapolating from quantum states how we could be at once 
in different places how we could be entangled with a pair across the globe; there may be one 
or two realms out there where we may someone find able to the answers that we seek provide, to help 
us figure what we want, about ourselves our world about our future in a void, the notion of venturing way 
beyond us simply is just that; what’s beyond us not necessarily extraterrestrial 
nor even non-terrestrials need be, it is just someone or something outside us that’s unknown 
or known to us, and may or may not look or act as we do yet may want to help us reach our goal, 
why we must open-minded and ever be polite, to not unwittingly hurt ourselves our world. 
Our world is special we hold filled with love and joy, no matter gloomy it may seem at times we need 
only to look around to see the wonders someone or something kindly endowed us and revert 
to joy, and gratitude for life without ado proclaim atop the mountain top, we need to look 
beyond us and we’ll see the joy in learning as we more discover as we knowledge seek, in nooks 
wherever in the realms we tread, in neighbourhoods near and not very near, open to meeting folks 
from every realm, to learning just a little more now everyday about ourselves about our void, 
our very precious world, what seemed impossible to know we now know and much more, within us we 
know we are on the path to elevating void, our lives enriched we know that we are laying that 
strong foundation for a better world that our children grandchildren and those coming after us would
appreciate, as would those of us here now joining hands to unify the world, a brand new world. 
It may be time we set aside our differences and remould our voided space, this some may say, 
yet we must wager not, we must say it is time we did, and look beyond us to seek help on what 
we need to know that secret tunnels set beneath the Sphinx may someday let us catch a glimpse of tell
us whence they lead, what they secrete, we may learn a thing or two from visages in the sands 
that through the aeons something hid of note, beyond us therefore also chthonic is, somewhere beneath
the seas, in skies azure dimensions we conceive, beyond us simply is that it could phantom be, 
configurations reconfigurations ad infinitum in our reveries voids may now 
reveal, the ‘word’ transforming space-time what is pushing not pulling us we term gravity better 
we comprehend, beyond us we must reach to hope to figure reason Giza is, who built it why, 
concordance of its geometry alignments with some cosmic entities we must consider, mull. 
The more we think about our present state, the limitations inherent in being locked in a pate, 
that therefore confines our notions of what consciousness is, that holistic entity that gives us 
‘identity’ integrating interactions of our thoughts feelings memories perception and 
our attitudes beliefs and all that make us who we are restricted to a bony pate must be 
humbling given the task ahead, our aim to knowledge seek wherever it may be, to make our world 
a better place to serve the common good, ensure our void now operates the best way that it could,  
and in going beyond ourselves to answers find to our questions we cannot limit ourselves to 
our mattered brains in pates, we ought to be talking about collaborating with our folks in realms 
beyond us on a super fast ‘quantum internet’ brainstorming boundlessly in spacetime, engaged 
in this continuum of consciousness in sundry realms that gives our life meanings sublime we love.