Beyond 2

Beyond 2
George O. Obikoya 
As much as we desire to study realms other than ours we must not ours ignore, we need to know 
more in a void we call our world to learn more than we know, about the mysteries of life, we need 
to know about our mission in a void, a universe ninety five percent of which we nothing  
about know, nil, almost nothing, much like we hardly know that part of it we call our world, our own 
corner of vastness unimaginably vast, expanding faster than we thought flummoxing all,  
complete with novel notions on its members ghost neutrinos axions and all it must be fair 
to say we have a rather eery universe revealing more and more its cryptic countenance 
in ghostly visages we shudder to accost, but must, for even ghost neutrinos are our mates, 
our neighbours on a cosmic stage and as good neighbours we want to be friendly not to hostile be,
who knows? They may be rooting for us all someday trying times come our way, our friends in need.  
Indeed, it may be undemanding to discover more about our universe knowing ourselves 
to start with and knowing our world and all that is in it elucidating void, contrary to 
what we may think about ghosts in our midst, as we are not going to focus on their ghostly states,  
we’re not expecting every entity in every realm to look alike or look like us when we 
do not all look alike, rather, we are, assuming some of our folks in other realms we may term 
‘ghosts’ be they ghost neutrinos or whatever other forms, what we may label ghosts, quixotic not 
we are we want to reach our goal, pragmatic we intend to be we have a world to run, and as 
efficiently also effectively as possible at that, which in so many words our goals 
and mission underscores, a more perfect world for the good of all, something that we believe is not 
beyond our reach, a goal we could attain working together joining hands to elevate our world. 
It may not be necessarily realms teeming with ghosts as we conceive of ghosts we will find in 
our studies we may find many entities humanoid in forms, with minor differences 
they may look pretty much like us, in any case we are not keen about looks we want to exchange 
data to information craft facilitate achievements of our aims, we want to seek colleagues 
alliances forge to collaborate with others in the voids, we seek mutual trust distrust 
prevent by opening up whatever we must to ensure that we both have one another’s backs, 
assure our mates, assured be we are serious about improving what is home for us our void, 
our world of inestimable value a world we all adore, happy we are venture into voids shake hands 
with past and future relatives say hello to whatever or whoever we meet in our trips 
wherever we may find ourselves dimensions known unknown knowable nonetheless, our premise is. 
At times we may wonder how knowledge we acquire from other realms could help us in our realm, it may
seem like comparing apples and oranges knitting disparate voids space in time so vast abide 
we find hard to configure find demanding even to imagine in our present state, without 
evoking trepidation in ourselves and rightly so; with so much angst-provoking yet-unknowns 
accosting our mentation not to mention we are unsure their may not be some not so friendly 
folks out there in the many cosmic realms there may exist we seek to know about, it may appear 
we may be seeking that may not be helpful to provide us information to reshape our world, 
more perfect make our precious world more perfect make ourselves, quixotic not we seem 
to be living lost in the sky some folks may say, yet we have come a long way from our early days, 
our Australopithecus days, and we may not be far off from a genus in some future days. 
With gene replacement gene editing we may mountains move, metaphorically, we may better 
remake our world better making ourselves, a fitter wholesome populace ready to sleeves roll up 
get straight to work to elevate our void, prepared to go beyond horizons step into the realms, 
to meet fellow sojourners in the greater scheme, a member of comity of voids see our world 
become, accepted and respected in the realms for what we have achieved, more perfect is 
our void, these things by no means we should deem products of overactive reveries for even dreams 
come true, and there is nothing wrong with wishing well ourselves, hoping future generations smarter 
will be than us, products of actions that our wit designs, burgeoning middle class more people will 
join worldwide and projected to grow by one billion in less than two decades hence instructive is 
on prospects for global economy our actions yet may spell, and for the betterment of all. 
It is fair to say nothing could be wrong with finding ways to mend our broken hearts to heal our wounds
improve the health physical and mental of peoples in our void, if even tweaking genes to cure 
diseases threatening our competency to live and to thrive, retarding progress in our world, 
ailments we must prevent, present promptly effectively address, relics of which we need to best 
contain, our primary prevention skills hone to the hilt, our reveries actualizing right 
afore our eyes, imaginations overactive under-active now becoming as we lift 
the stakes, float on dream on in void, believing there can be nothing wrong with dreaming of 
a rising tide of economic prosperity in a win-win world a growing populace 
of healthy upwardly mobile middle class spells in void, our very precious world, why even dubbed 
lovers of intensifiers we are we really need not issues toss that may portend our fate. 
Thus, we must scholarship support and not discourage knowledge we must seek wherever it may lead,
as otherwise we only hurt ourselves, prevent ourselves from reaching and surpassing our potentials 
to move mountains in voids, our world and other worlds able we are to forge, adaptable we are 
we forge a brand new world, a new world order hail, ecumenism we embrace united one 
and all, as we continue in our quest to see a void masked unmasked in our present state, reveal 
the cryptic missives lurking in our space, missives that may lift us all higher in the realms, that may 
enable us to see the greater scheme, partake of manna falling from an opened gate we see 
in vistas hitherto we knew not prior to now that were unexplored if even we knew it 
might just be there, a passage to dimensions six plus four Tetractys ponder to perfection seek, 
as we progress we make to yoke with primal source, totality embrace as five in ten we mull. 
With two hundred billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy our world in a solar system sure 
company has and in abundance in a vastness that is getting larger called our universe, 
competition more probably than not we also have, which if anything not our wake-up call 
should be, a call to act to save our world if hostile forces out there chose to maim and kill us fly 
agaric rain on us to terrorize incinerate our void, it’s better to prepare than to 
perish we’ll all declare even as we knowledge seek to advance our world, our knowledge base 
evolving as we deeper venture into realms inside and outside ours better able we may 
be to not only heal ourselves but also save ourselves, all the time receptive to the missives we 
encounter that improve and not destroy our world, in other words we venture into voids 
with peace and love and goodwill in our hearts to everyone exchange of data what we seek in voids. 
Beyond horizons we go certain not our fate, we venture far and near to places known unknown, 
wherefore we seek we pledge with zeal wherefrom we head providence will define, yet on we row within 
our hearts in peace seeking knowledge from all to more perfect ensure our world becomes, to steer a life
aright we call our own as we with joy captain our ships to voids, advice cosmic diaspora 
we are around are on our way to visit with our cosmic folks to learn a thing or two about 
them and about the realms, that we seek to be friends with all data exchange that may enable us 
to better know ourselves and to improve our world, so on we row even in seas tempestuous we 
row on to know, providence what we seek we hope will grant us as we float and dream, immersed in life
we cannot but enhance, for we love life our families friends neighbours one and all; we love our world 
imperfect it may be, more perfect we intend to work hard to see it becomes, and soon enough. 
Let us join hands to better make our world, it’s after all our home, let us beyond it knowledge seek 
as we do in it that we may not cosmic hobos be someday when it may just be too late not 
to lose a void, to save our precious void, why we must wit deploy to act in ways that show we care 
about our world and we plan to ensure that things forever stay this way we plan to save our world, 
with days of incoherence in our comprehension of whereof we all abide gone we look straight 
ahead to such a brighter more coherent future better understood we holler eureka 
atop the mountains we move sinew to accomplish which our faith in one another sires, faith which 
inspires us to venture further to deeper into realms seek knowledge way beyond imaginations that 
we ever had, and we can do it we assure ourselves, we can our differences not allow 
to stop us joining hands to forge a better world, with help from those that may not be like us, in voids.