Beyond 1

Beyond 1
George O. Obikoya 
Beyond the woods of willows blooms on catkins lance-shaped leaves feathery seeds define presenting in 
the parks sublimity pathways describe, leading us into fairyland with tulips floating on 
the ponds in purplish tangerine, roses narcissi join carnations for a sacred dance in Spring, 
in sundry hues they come in various shades of grey, in company of sprightly elves imagined in 
a dream mischievously a sandman in the woods provoking slumber deep, prancing in pates that space 
defines in tune with time, beyond the woods the revelries emergent into six more plus the four 
it seems not so much like a dream, the pathways paved with gold, the pixies looking real, if even long 
deceased or so it seems given their carbon dating experts blare, their counterparts in size, it seems
whoever talks of giants may more need to see, beyond the woods wherein it all began now flash 
colours brighter tulips nowhere in sight, could it a mesmerizer be presenting void in tens? 
The woods are gone receded into time, the willows too are gone or maybe just hiding in space, 
in time, prepared to re-emerge in catacombs laid further down the pathways still in place, leading 
us to another fairyland their nature auric no more we can feel, as if not mattered paths 
we treaded playing in the woods they are no more whatever now they are undefinable seem 
to be yet leading us somewhere hard is to doubt with fleeting images movie-like in our face, 
as we seem space to now and then contort, appear to float along in ponds of ether sometimes we 
conjecture coasting along one eerily long seemingly never-ending journeys in the realms 
of one and nil in voids we nonetheless appear to no control have over simply floating in 
a space in time, or so it seems for we see ‘movies’ fleetingly in our face at times not so 
with voices of the sandman giants archeologists traversing time, in space beyond our grasp. 
So, is it all one grand reverie trance or it’s the dream, the cryptic six added to four presenting in 
a mind, or better still a mattered mental state revealing what it hides? This comprehension seems 
a little weird, a mental state in hiding in some other mental states or are we missing what  
we haven’t figured here, something beyond our reach? Yet, we could not imagine it appears we could 
be wide awake venturing into realms, continuum of consciousness we seem to deem a joke 
at best or even worse to contemplate, ‘implausible’ we say locked in our present state, perhaps 
we are right to perspectives hold that leave no room for chance, as after all classical Physics some 
would argue is deterministic who care not about quantum mechanics or anything else 
at that happy this Physics works, at least in the bigger picture maybe not so well in the world 
of elves, the realms of griffins making moats, apotropaic forces guiding-pathways build, for us. 
It may be hard to prove what is a near-death experience or one likewise experienced in 
a not so near-death state, a psychedelic state or something similar to that or even whilst 
fully conscious and quite alert, it seems to all boil down to what we in general refer to 
as consciousness that enigmatic state that some may vow will drive them up the wall just mulling as
mysterious it is elusive may be even to a sage, or maybe not even to one 
not ‘drunk’ nay on the ‘liquor’ of a wisdom spring; it is elusive but may need not be, we may 
not have been able to its nuts crack for some reasons we must find, are we conceptualizing it 
correctly or are we working with frameworks flawed? Should we be seeking answers in notions that are 
deterministic or in those ‘balance of probabilities’ endorse? Is it resident in 
our pates or everywhere in space, in time that willows transitioning we may glean? We ought to know. 
We must seek to know, lest deny ourselves a chance to see the movie-like views we ascribe to those 
we see in cinemas, much like we might not have found a cure for HIV a second man now 
cured we might not have helped: we need to seek to find, dismiss not notions we may like not very much
for instance that of consciousness unbound, which ‘continuum of consciousness’ implies and that we are 
mental implies being mattered yet being waves, energy fields axions ghost neutrinos what else are 
we not but us or are we not us matter particles waves energy or what else we may be  
as after all we think therefore exist, which suggests something else does outside us yet could we be 
certain of what it is than what we ‘see,’ our senses tell us we perceive in void, our measurements 
flawed we know driving us all up the wall? So, we are not alone we see the worlds outside us that 
include the sacred blooms and us, maybe there are many ‘others’ outside us we are yet to ‘see.’
There may just be something beyond us beckoning we pay no attention to not because we do not want 
to but, perhaps among other reasons we able are not in our present state, wherein our framework for 
exploring consciousness we may need to change we should now review, that we may room lend to reflect 
on others way beyond our present state, others that may not look or act like us yet we could work
with venturing in realms, expanding our horizons homing skills we may discover basic are 
in greater schemes our eyes wide open we advance our world, the point is that we ought to not discount
exploring every way to make our world a better safer place, we must attention pay to what 
we need to understand to make the best of resources available to us we are not yet 
tapping into depriving ourselves of the benefits we would otherwise derive from gaining new 
insights to knowledge vistas open that we may deploy to health and other services improve.   
Therefore, the ultimate goal of our study is to save our world, to tame uncertainty by not 
kowtowing to it but rather by comprehending it, for therein lies the key, we ought to be able 
to say this or that will happen ‘more probably than not,’ basing our actions on our thoughts 
we have improved to as perfect a state as it could ever be, if even with a little help 
from neighbours in the cosmic realms, including here, our four-dimensional realm and maybe the six 
more we appear able not to access in everyday affairs, continuum of consciousness 
that may enable us to we must therefore seek, perhaps with help from wherever whoever could 
help us no matter who or what they are regardless what they look like looks do not as we well know
necessarily correspond to wit, which latter we may be ignoring at our own peril, 
let us thus be serious for must take control of our future to hope to any have, at all. 
We need to clear be in our minds regarding what wit is what we do with it; it is an act, an act that makes 
us want to dance, for joy, for joy in elevating not in depreciating void, our priceless world 
an act that makes us want to join the sacred blooms airing celestial songs, an act that leads us to 
the pathways willows, shrubs or trees, line in the woods reminding us of neighbours large or small as we 
are we may find down at the gates of realms we seek to know, pathways that lead us to with bees enjoy 
the waggle dance that leads us all to where the honey is, that leads us to the sun, our wit an act 
that makes us join hands to a new world forge in forges lead may auric make illuminated we 
are in eternal light that makes us look beyond ourselves the good of all embrace, as we emerge 
from darkness into light more perfect make ourselves as we improve our world, better we are using 
neutered viruses to defective genes replace, at Cas9 clipping errant genes, ailments ‘be gone.’
There may be time in future we may able be to banish ailments to declare ‘be gone’ they should 
illnesses non-existent in our precious world, apotheosis at our doorsteps griffins on  
the shop floor busy making moats, for us, safety and security we have attained in addition to 
knowledge we have acquired now in our peregrines, that time may come working hard as we do to make 
our world a better place for us looking beyond ourselves beyond our neighbourhood beyond our state 
indeed beyond our world, as we have come to terms that we exist no matter decomposed we may 
be waves, we may be whatever we are but we exist as we define existence by which forms  
characterized consensus says ‘we think therefore exist,’ this being in reference to something, say 
a void, or better put, a world, implies something or someone outside us also exists perhaps 
even in thousands millions billions even more and if so what are we to do? Relax and sleep? 
Our studies tell us we cannot and we must not ignore these possibilities more likely now 
becoming more probable than not given axions ghost neutrinos inter alia now 
showing up in our lexicon, as more we see science evermore on the march beyond us will 
pathways take us in space in time dimensions ten and more embedded in our reveries to gates 
we never knew, awake or not imaginations intuition drive that music math that art 
astronomy indeed every knowledge domain drives opening vistas we never thought of realms 
we never knew, the more we see the more we likely will receive regarding answers that we seek 
to better make our world, why we must not our studies discontinue we must on the other hand 
strengthen our faith in one another to unite to make our dreams come true, our dream to forge 
a brand new world progress of which we seek with wit with gusto face a future brighter bright, in void.