Green Glass 3

Green Glass 3
George O. Obikoya 
We seek continuum of consciousness to mingle in the voids, venture from realm to realm from void 
to void transform our mental state, consistent with our quest to meet fellow sojourners in the realms 
we seek to fuse both the passive and active parts of ‘will,’ illumination in eternal light 
flawless insight we seek, purity of our thought we aim for to advance our fate, in void, our world, 
our precious world O yea, one we believe we could attain working hard one and all, united in 
a cause, determined to the mysteries of life unveil, revealed yea in a glass, a crystal green 
O yea, as we emerge from light un-manifest yea into light, the shakta and shakti we mull, 
we celebrate life ponder yes a snake, transitions cogitate, apotheosis ponder in 
our present state as we evolve in purity of glass informed to ever greener make, that we 
may glean the realms in outer inner states, that we may better figure who or what we are, in voids. 
As much as it may silly sound that we consider we are maybe more or less than what we see 
we must remember notions such as ‘spooky action at a distance’ yes what these notions may mean 
yes for our ‘theory of mind,’ for instance who or what we are trying yea to understand yes  
to empathize with why we must mull what may happen if we don’t, in fact in hoping to achieve 
this goal should we not firstly understand ourselves? Should we not try to figure who or what we are 
to comprehend capacities we have to cogitate conation explicate? It ought not to 
be hard to see that we need able be to know our own mental state what we hold dear we believe 
allow same yes for others that may not with ours nay coincide; not therein fear and anger brew 
declare a state of war, should we not aim to peace achieve no matter different yea are our tongues 
to hope to same attain with others in some others realms? We’ve got our task laid out; pray, haven’t we? 
We may or not agree on many things but not that we are fated likewise yes if even we 
we shudder to concede we are for reasons known unknown, no matter how we look yea at the flow 
of time it starts with germination ends with termination as a viper says that ever wolfs 
its tail, but then we pause and ask what happens afterwards if mental we are matter-made in void, 
and properly so too, for we yes have established that we ‘think therefore exist,’ we have emotions have 
beliefs intuitive yes we are, and able are we are to others yea ascribe these attributes in our world O yea, 
hence we must able be to do so for entities in some other realms at least those matter made, 
and why not those that are in matter dwell yet mental like us yes they are wherever they may be? 
As silly as absurd yes it may sound we’ve got to have an open mind to seek knowledge we hope may lift 
our void, who knows what we are missing ‘barring’ sentient beings that yes maybe lurking in our space. 
That this may be the case we cannot nay gainsay, that we may be susceptible or may be we  
are shortchanging ourselves denying we need to unveil the mysteries of life we must not nay 
dismiss, but must keep mulling yea, either way we must take seriously the need to know ourselves
potentials that we have to better make our world, we must admit we may not be alone, we must 
be keen to know what yes becomes of that mental aspect of us after bodily yes we leave 
this realm, acacia on our graves, perhaps then we could say no one should cry for us when we are dead 
and gone, for we may know precisely whence we head, or maybe not O yea, why we must at least try, 
why we must in studies engage in every sphere of life, for knowledge as they say is never lost 
no matter yes its source, accretion of knowledge may eventually lead us to where we want 
to be configuring our world, it’s time we stopped residing in a cave, emerge from darkness into light. 
It may be that we do not realize how major our predicament is living in a cave 
seeing mere shadows we term what is real, for we may then unable be to handle what is real 
faced yes with what may real be we do not see in our darkness yea, and that is not to say O no 
that darkness must be evil nay, dual is the creator and yes the destroyer as we yes  
transition from our darkness into light and back into darkness deceased, whence therefrom we aim yes 
to know, where ‘darkness’ leads yes we cannot ignore more so if there could be someway we may able
be to affect it whilst still mattered yea, in other words the sinew yea of primal chaos we 
must seek to know, we need to know more yes about those ‘ghost neutrinos’ axions O yes, 
about dark energy and many more energy fields and other mysteries that seem so far 
impenetrable to the ‘naked eye,’ why we must yea explore what we could make yea of an eye. 
Thus, we must knowledge seek in the purity of the glass we greener make, two eyes becoming one 
yea we must not dismiss, as yin and yang in tandem travel in a voided space, complementing 
each other not at loggerheads shearing each nay, here then is the point we are making yes about 
our present mental state transitioning in realms unfettered were we in the light, eternal light that is 
illuminated in a void, at peace with one another able we would be to lift our world 
aim yes for higher realms, perhaps continuum of consciousness attain accepted O yes in 
the comity of realms, maybe then we would better know ourselves hence better know how to relate 
to others in our void, when we could then hope to succeed relating to the many others we 
may meet perambulating voids, what we cannot exclude if mental yea we are, as mattered may 
be others mental in our universe perhaps even others we may not know about, O yes. 
Our study thus reveals assuming we are starting from the premise that yea we are mental states,  
that we are mental matter-made it must be safe yea to assume that other mattered entities 
may also mental be, indeed sentient or not may be mental too, and whether or not the 
mental states of non-sentient matter interact with one another and perhaps even O yes 
cross-interact with sentient matter is intriguing yea, for we know prions interact with us yea and 
our cows in not so pleasant ways, we also hesitate not aping ants O yes, their structured yes 
societies as awe-inspiring as the waggle dance of bees more so yea in relation to 
the sun, migration of the ‘quantum’ robin yea, these instances must make us pause O yes, must make 
us reconsider yes whatever we believe we know about ourselves and yes about our world, 
they must yes our imaginations stir that we may further yes explore ourselves, our world, O yes. 
Let us resolve to voids elucidate, it is the proper thing to do, we should never give up 
nay on ourselves nor should we on our world, exploring not issues that yes relate to which 
may to amount, for then we may be saying we care not about what happens to our world now or 
in future given what our cosmic neighbours may be into may be up to yes, what we may know 
if we shunned not our studies to unveil mysteries in our void, and may never know if nay we 
did not, yes which may mean we are nothing but sitting ducks, a not so nice place to reside given
potentials we have to do better yea, given all yea at stake, why we must take this matter yes 
seriously join hands to issues yes address concerning yes our void, united one and all 
to forge a void anew, a new world order hail, ecumenism yea embrace, in void, our world,
our precious world O yea, let us say we can do it we can make our world a better place for all. 
So, let’s do it, let us the lessons of our studies use yes in our daily lives let’s peace and love 
embrace, immaculacy in glass greener green let us imagine in our present state O yes, 
unity yes of yin and yang yea let us contemplate, creating that enabling milieu for 
us to achieve our goals needs start yes in our homes, our family O yea, regardless unit or 
extended family let us yea see ourselves as members of one global family O yes, 
let us yes see ourselves as belonging to a universal family reach out to the realms, 
wherever they may be, for then we may be laying those critical yes foundations for 
acceptance in the greater scheme, continuum of consciousness within our grasp answers O yes 
to queries that we seek yea at our fingertips, mysteries yea of life revealed we relish life 
anew, meaning of life laid bare we celebrate our void, in chorus with our fellows in the voids. 
We may be in a cave for now but it will nay not be for long, as we are on our way yes to 
deploying knowledge we continue yea to gain about ourselves and yes about our world, about 
our neighbours we are yes on track to better make our void, yet we must not relent, it is only 
a matter of time and hopefully not too long before we happily welcome O yes others 
into our lives without ado regarding what they look like where they come from here wherever O 
yes neighbours friends family yea we are, members we are yes of a primal darkness from which we
emerged yes into light to which we will O yes return whence therefrom we must aim to know that we 
may not ever be in the darkness of a cave shadows we see in void, illuminated not 
in glass we ought to greener make, receiving data flawed hence information we act on yea just 
as flawed O yes, our actions following suit we deny ourselves our world a chance to better be.