Green Glass 2

Green Glass 2 
George O. Obikoya 
In transformations interactive we may be within the realms, as green is fused with red, O yes 
illuminated in a sacred glass, the fusion we must not ignore place one above beneath 
the other fusion yea our aim, 'play me the fifth' we say tickle our tympani, let us enjoy 
the power of the fifth, mid-square quaternity unity yes prescribes, in void, unity of 
opposites quintessence-made we must all embrace, immanent in everyone if even wary 
not we are of the interactions in us yes between spirit and matter yea, that we are O 
yes matter mental-made, illuminated we discern our face, our world revealed we visit in 
a crystal in a diamond, a treasure trove of truth rhombic a sword yea and a looking glass 
verily we explore enabled in the light, imbued with adamantine grace, at last we see 
the union of two and three world axis spirit in a void, mid-square in fours, we play the fifth. 
In two five one we twang to music of the spheres piculets drumming in their elements in tune 
with nightingales caressing ossicles in an atmospheric mix of sopranos blending so 
very nicely with splatter from the firmaments sonorous blares of tubas of the daffodils 
sifting through from afar as if we are all in a jamboree, a cosmic jamboree wherein 
life we all celebrate existent in the light continuum of consciousness we relish in 
the voids, and why not we must ask, why we cannot with others interact in who latent also  
yes is the spirit infinite that in finite beings yea resides, as after all in matter it 
expresses itself in our universe, not matter far or near its galaxies and other yea 
constituents are relative to one another in a universe that is expanding faster than we thought 
a Big Rip may a Big Bang tell some would contend we say may intergalactic chats more dire make.  
We must do better than scribbling things on our spaceships in the hope a thing or more out there may yea
read them and get back to us scribblings things on the spaceships too; if not how were we expecting that 
thing or someone to figure yea what we wrote or drew on the spaceship and get back to us? We may 
not be aware of other ways to chat with others that do not speak any of the languages we 
speak yea on earth but we should not leave things at that, we should not give up being the cosmic entity 
we are, the spirit manifest in matter just like everyone and everything else O yes in 
the universe no matter where they are, we ought at least to try, someone or something may as well 
be keen to chat with us, and yes in seeking and finding each other doubtless will some way to chat
emerge, a cosmic language we will yes all imbibe, why the saying ‘charity begins at home’ 
we hold, why we need yea to unite and chat in a ‘language’ of the world, use in all spheres of life.  
It may at first seem difficult for us to ‘speak’ one tongue but we are well underway to doing 
so given developments in our world we cannot nay dismiss, developments in science O 
yea in computing in the arts mathematics in every field we touch, it is increasingly 
clear to us that we live in an interdependent world, a world in which sundry ‘languages’ O 
yes coalesce one in which able we were to design build and yes operate a large hadron 
collider with the help of engineers and scientists from all over the world, and many such 
coalescence of ‘languages’ exist, why we must not consider it too hard to operate as 
one, why indeed we must even if we challenges must face and overcome to unite us all, 
to forge a brand new void, a new world order hail, ecumenism yea embrace, why we must not 
relent in our efforts yes to unite our ‘tongues’ that we prepared may be to chat with all in voids. 
The point here is that it is time we started to see ourselves as a world family in a void, 
a universal void, of voids, emanations of the world universal mind, the ‘great thought,’ one 
in which we dwell, as minds, as thoughts, as mental entities in matter manifest, a notion not 
new yet we seem to shun, for how else yea could we not realize our fate, our common fate in void, 
conceive not it appears that we all stand to lose or gain depending on our acts, the paths we choose 
for instance taking care, or not, of void, our precious world O yea, perhaps the matter is not that 
we cannot nay conceive, it may just be that we do not just find it necessary to conceive 
yes what we should about our world, about its fate about the future of our children grandchildren 
all those yea coming after us, maybe some simply say ‘it’s not my business they should 
take care of their world,’ forgetting we ruined their world, the legacy we left them in our selfish acts. 
This is a state yes of affairs we must prevent rethinking yes our world, and all there is in it 
cleaning up yes our acts, and we ought to ask why not if not giving in to what some have described 
as ‘dark forces’ toying with the voids; dark energy that may be making our universe expand 
faster than it should in theory and that becoming denser with ever more sinew may in 
the end lead to a Big Rip that our universe yea tears apart with ‘time’ deceased videlicet 
everyone and everything in a dot, greyed in the halfway realms perhaps wherever we may be, 
as ‘systematic errors’ stare menacingly right into the centre yea of our looking glass
we may start to serious deem the need to get things right and fast for instance marking perfectly 
to wit the Hubble Constant ‘standard candles’ microwaves and all, including ghost neutrinos ‘cat 
and mouse’ games play with us morphing back and forth yes from electrons into muons into taus. 
The good news is that there is SAGE, in Neytrino, and maybe ‘sterile neutrinos’ these entities 
able to venture through solid objects mountains trees even us as they wish unnoticed underscore 
the need for us to better know our world our universe and all there is in it, and not nay yes 
to mention that of not giving up on our current efforts to unite the world evident in 
Neytrino yea, in other words the process of us all coming together to improve our world 
figuring all the energy fields the forces ghosts and entities impinging on us is 
apace the task a noble cause, one which yes must be done, if we would not literally admit 
moribund we are and we like it so, whereas deep inside yea we know we don’t, we love ourselves 
we love our children families we love our world, imperfect we are we all make mistakes O yes 
however we should therefore not chide ourselves to death over our mistakes but rather seek to change. 
That we now have a ‘five-sigma’ certainty level we are heating up the earth which is saying
there is only a one in a million chance there is no global warming, and we are yes to blame,  
with ninety five percent probability ‘United Nations Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change’ six years ago affirmed, some saying we must bear full responsibility for
climate change and its devastating effects on our world and us all yea, why we must seek to change,
to mend our errant ways, something we must not set aside nay for another day, something that us
all yea concerns, as after all we must yea love our world given yes our efforts to change improve 
it working with our folks around the world, our leaders travelling far and near yes to meetings hold 
with one another to ensure there is peace stability in our world, the rest of us playing
our parts in what we do yea to improve our world, we love life we must progress seek in void, O yes.  
As we remould our knowledge notwithstanding current views on branes strings exotic energy fields 
we label quintessence we must not nay forget the glass, circle yea of the fifths we must forget 
not even as axions we explore anti gravitational force we mull dark energy 
hope will not constant ever be pushing us ever further from our galactic neighbours O yes 
everything then becoming very cold and dark until it is no more, why we must all embrace 
the colour yea of hope, greener make our glass investing in seeking eternal light, colour of 
wisdom let us embrace, the ‘living spirit’ let us not dismiss, for knowledge we seek may be hid 
in places we could access yea, in paths we could tread illuminated living not O no in 
moribund states in cosmic catacombs, spirit and matter manifesting in us we could and would
yes knowledge find, we could better comprehend yes ourselves and by extension yes our world, O yes.  
Let us therefore in scholarship invest, let us all realize the unity of opposites 
in glass, spirit in matter manifest that opens vistas yea, continuum consciousness 
assures, informs us we could knowledge yes attain to better make our world, enable us 
to leave legacies that would change our precious world for better ever yea, for us all and those yea 
coming yes after us, the quintessence quaternity reminds us of the unity we seek 
in void, yes of the primal essence the progenitor the preserver yes of life into which 
life yes returns, perhaps axions may lead us to one way to conceive of our universe one 
yes other new way to rethink our present state of knowledge we must always tweak, as more we know 
about our present state, and more we will likely know greener is our glass, configured in as many ways 
as wisdom in the midpoint of a square permits quintessence we must mull, in cubic crystal laid.