Green Glass 1

Green Glass 1 
George O. Obikoya 
Immaculate the crystal light the gift it lends, for it may not the whole truth passage yea allow, 
in darkness we remain illuminated not, and when its green may history reveal, O yes 
non-volcanic rivers lakes vegetation blighted to emerge in sands, in dunes that craters lack, 
reminding us of how precarious existence could be yea, exploding in the skies meteorites 
we cannot and we must not nay dismiss, their fiery balls in thousands may be in 
a deadly mood, why we must mull blowing a falling star up in the skies, why we must study we 
must ponder we must mull a shooting star, the green glass we must not dismiss a scarab green in it 
may wisdom of the sages lie, approaching it with due respect the gift of light may we not nay 
deny, we may not ever lack, illuminated we may yet become imbued with truth unblemished yes 
about our world, about ourselves O yea, truth we seek we may yet find in our present state, O yes. 
Let us be wary of existing in a cosmic cave, in glass translucent glass sandblasted yea 
in cactus land we dwell, reminiscences all we have of Fuxian lake of Oklo pit O yea 
of conflicts in the skies, on land yea in the ocean deep, memories of an age of crystals gone 
forever yea, a land of dunes of xenon one two nine of green glass yea O yea, imagined in 
a cosmic cave, yet we can learn illuminated in the light of glass, of green glass in the voids, 
of red earth in our neighbourhood of choices we may make, we may imbibe in knowledge sought a thing 
or two that may our trajectory alter for the good of all, our world and all there is in it 
including us remake, committed to forging a void anew, uniting one and all a new 
world order hail, ecumenism yea embrace, as we all realize the need to seek the light,
illuminated see truth yes coming our way, everything yea going our way, life filled with hope. 
Life worth living O yea, as we look back with sadness at our role in Bramble Cay melomys being 
no more with us, the angst we feel about a similar fate yea befalling us we cringe even 
to contemplate, we do not want to be the second mammal to become extinct nay for 
whatever reason more so those we could prevent yes such as climate change, as rising seas 
destroyed the rodents’ habitat to think that ours could not be next could be evident denial 
a manner of conceiving life one of perceiving void we need urgently to update to save 
our precious world, leaps of imaginations we would need to knowledge yes deploy to fix a void 
in pain, one bursting at the seams, we need the crystal glass with greenish hue, clear vision yea we need 
to set the future of our world yes on the path of memories of peace, reminiscences not 
of war but memories of peace we entertain, maintain with love yea always in our hearts, O yes. 
A new map of the sky at night shows multitudes of hitherto hidden galaxies in O yea 
hundreds of thousands a telescope able light sources descry optical tools unable are 
to spot, radio astronomy yes revealing three hundred thousand sources of light we did 
nay know not prior now to us, distant galaxies we did not naught know about existed we 
now know exist, as we also now know we could a quantum yea of light a photon to create 
a novel quantum simulator in our present state, indeed yes as we also know we could 
a cancer-killing virus use to treat the deadly yea malignant primary brain tumour termed 
glioblastoma multiforme we know quite a bit enough to get by in a voided space, 
the question though is if we want to know much more or we have known enough, if we are happy with 
our frosted looking glass or want a clearer view yea of our precious world, answers to which we seek. 
We need to make our minds up too good yes to be forgotten is the life we know, for we may not 
know what we will miss rodents leaving town, the thirst the hunger famished in a void, appeals to that 
August body all uniting we are hearing of rations being slashed yea into half, that floods, drought 
kill folks extremes of weather blamed, yet we are building nuclear weapons fly agaric we appear 
to like to rain, we seem to barter in a vacuum yea, oblivious yes to the issues that 
are lurking just outside our present mental state, perhaps why we unwary seem to be about 
yea climate change, about an asteroid belt Jove yes and a planet red encase, Ryugu on 
our mind, and we applaud yes Hayabusa two for safe arrival on a planetoid, samples 
from which we hope memories stir about our void our ancestry progenitors unveil, alert 
us all to xexom one two nine as we slip into darkness food dearth yea may cries of war portend. 
Why we must pay attention to rats leaving town, as it may be the first ominous sign of manna being 
in short supply their habitat sustenance offers no more greener pastures yea they seek until there is 
no ‘silage’ anywhere one after yes another they bid all adieu, a sorry state indeed 
an amber flashes in our face, clearing yes as it should a bit yea of the blasting that obscures 
our view, our glass rendered opaque, our task to clear the rest dismissing not evidence all around 
us that informs us we must seek the light, a clearer vision have yea of our world and all there is 
in it our mission in a void, we need to ponder yea the glass the green glass we must mull, our world 
resides outside us we objectify our world, and all there is in it we see or not O yes, 
and if we must be honest we hardly yes comprehend what we claim that we know let alone what 
we do not know, some we are just ‘discovering’ many more we must seek, our glass yea greener make. 
We knowledge seek that’s pure and clear a crystal unity of yin and yang we seek, for peace and love 
enabling is for matter to unite with spirit to continuum of consciousness assure, 
the crystal and the sword the will in unison proceeds to knowledge gain, the passive active O 
yea venture into voids, hyper-dimensional realms exploring popping in and out at ease of
multidimensional voids, in the void yea of the light eternal of the being infinite yes, 
the circled squared as we emerge in light, our passage yea from cyclic motion to a folded cross, 
the truth, O yes completed as perfection stabilizes void, the dome and cube embrace, at last 
eureka day arrives, we dance the night away, the cymbals drums and tambourines applaud the taste 
of emanations of tubas of daffodils wafting yea in the winds, the joy of learning we 
all celebrate, our world secure in knowledge of the voids yea rest assured we forge ahead as one. 
United we accepted are in realms we know unknown, and those unknown we know not think we know, 
wherein the issue lies, how we could not or could yea know unknowns we ought to ponder mental yea 
we are, one great ‘thought’ yea O yea multiplicity of ‘thoughts’ eternally internally 
in motion setting cyclic to the truth attain, to square the circle yea, that crystal clear O yea 
our vision may be in a voided space The cube! The cube! The cube! and progress ever hoping yea 
will be our fate we ought to wonder where we place our faith, if in the motion we must entertain, 
maintain, or in something else we cannot explain, whatever be the case we must defrost our glass, 
green yes greener we must make it yea that a life of hope and wisdom will ours be as we an oak 
in Spring yes we await, in light we seek life motion to perfection yes, green glass we make O yea, 
not made for us not that exploding comets make that turns our soil yea into glass, rodents devour. 
There is the need for us to realize we able are to better know what yea we know and know 
what we do not now know, evident in mysteries of life we unveil in science arts O yes 
in music math in everything we study to advance our world, hence we must not relent trying 
to figure what we need to greener make our glass, illuminated we become seeking the light 
our faith yea in humanity forevermore we holler yea unfazed, for hard would it be to 
achieve our aim to seek knowledge acquire elusive locked in caves behind a veil, a frosted glass 
our vision filters translucent O yea, the premise of our actions inherently flawed, we fuss 
and fight over nothingness and we scorch our void, our precious world we seem little to care about 
ignoring ambers yea of climate change green nay no longer we appear to want our glass to be, 
blasting it frosting it at will the sages say, the issues we must mull and reconnect as one. 
As microcosms of macrocosms we need to realize sinew innate in us O yes 
to better make our world, and sadly to destroy it flawless not we are, why we must fix our flaws, 
for come to think of it we really do not want our world destroyed, with our own hands knowingly or 
not the point being that we could either deny expression thinking about the glass the valued source 
of light we seek to life yes being worth living deem, to seeking knowledge see as noble yea, joining 
hands with our fellow humans to advance our world consider yea a solemn pledge we never must 
renege on we must forge a brand new void a new world order hail ecumenism yea embrace 
yes on the other hand, clear in our minds then is connections we have to that great ‘thought’ wherein what 
we seek reside, closer we are yes to the being infinite universal mind as truth we seek emerges right
afore our eyes illuminated now immersed in light, our world much brighter clearer better, yes.