Imaginations 3

Imaginations 3
George O. Obikoya 
In ‘Ye cubic surfaces! By threes and nines draw round his camp your seven-and-twenty lines. The Seal 
of Solomon in three dimensions,’JC Maxwell hyper-dimensional Physics poetic laid 
even yes as electromagnetism yea revealed its face, imaginations sometimes may 
yes have to wait, ahead yea of its time, cryptic poetic frozen in a mind, for others to 
elucidate, in time, ‘energy vision’ ‘spirit molecules’ ‘continuum of consciousness’ 
alien yea may sound, as may ‘prions’ prancing in the heads of cows, in those of humans too, 
some ‘proteinacious infectious particles’ mis-folded proteins whose flawed three-dimensional forms 
transform them into deadly infectious proteins, instructive isn’t it? What more could changes in 
dimensions do? Why wouldn’t and shouldn’t we want to know about what is wreaking havoc on us 
and our cows our sheep our goats simply changing dimensions folded somewhat yea other than before? 
We may be able to refold a protein change dimensions save our cows ourselves our world O yes, 
yet it is likely not to be abracadabra that will nay anamorphic states edit, we 
will need to tap into an eclectic knowledge base to figure how yes to dimensions tweak, 
we will need to put O yes our imaginations in very high gear, the cusp to zenith take, 
refolded our hearts filled with love for all, prepared to harder work to see us reach our goals, 
electricity light magnetism revealing yes the same noumena for example we 
further explore, a new phase of humanity unfolding right afore our eyes, as we engage 
new Physics of the old yes in our voided space, that the total yes degrees of randomness yea 
of micro-states in macro-states remain unchanged may not be always true Maxwellian demons 
suggest for instance we continue to explore yes vis-a-vis ‘dimensions’ of the states, O yea. 
Given our world we could imagine is a macro-state wherein existent are large numbers yea 
of random micro-states of equal probabilities of existence were it yea an ideal 
macro-state we must wonder yes what violating second law of thermodynamics yes means 
for our world and for all there is in it including us, and we yea ought able to be to thought 
experiments perform like those that brought those demons into being, Maxwell himself alerting us 
yea to the prospects of his theory being yes violated even as he wrote a poem 
hyper-dimensions on his mind unpopular in mainstream Physics at the time yet felt compelled 
to put his notion in poetic information source posterity would at some point reveal; 
and lo it did, imaginations for and yes against the notion of a ‘finite’ being profound,
instructive yea about ‘trapdoors’ about a triad that involves the being, ‘reversibility.’
Whether or not we could imagine our world having ‘finite’ information storage capacity or not 
is crucial to violability or otherwise of the measurements yes of the demon 
that may heat up or cool down wherein it sorts the molecules travelling at asymmetric speeds 
yes in our voided space, thermodynamic equilibrium upsetting trouble in the house, 
degrees of freedom falling O yes as configurations slow down as it heats ultimately 
the system unstable in dimensions of energy that ‘pivoted pencil’ representing 
the precarious situation of our universe tipping over the rest of the story 
nay we don’t even want to entertain, so, we would yes prefer our world has limited O yes 
an information storage system and would need to information re molecules the demon has 
acquired to yes delete at some point violating not the second law of thermodynamics. 
Yet, could we not yes have a state wherein information in ‘event horizon’ could O yes be 
recoverable even from a black hole thus, information and thermodynamic thereby 
entropy yea aligned? It is therefore not only conceivable we could have limitless O 
yes information storage ‘space’ hyper-dimensionally laid, in short O nay 
not at all violating the second law as Maxwell speculated yea in our voided space, 
thus we must seek the equilibrium that stabilizes what we call our home, heat up nay not 
a part of it cool down another balance we must seek, why we must collaborate, we must join 
hands as one forge a void anew, a new world order hail, ecumenism yea embrace seek yes 
the good of all, stakeholders we all are to save our world from wounds yes we inflict on it 
unifying nay not us all, we have a chance to save ourselves a brand new void our gain, O yes. 
That we hardly know anything about ninety five percent of our universe suggests it is 
yes in our very best interests to not nay relent trying more yea to know about the five 
percent yea that at least we have a thing or two to say about acknowledging yea we need more 
to know to see the pencil not tipping over our world in disarray, and given what Maxwell 
has taught us we must seek alignment of the energy dimensions yes, we need to know yea what 
they are and how they interact, in matter anti-matter yea, if information we must yes 
concede we lose emergent on the other side yea of a black hole yea, and how much what these mean 
for how or what yea manifests in ‘afterlife’ O yes, continuum of consciousness we could 
imagine yea, as after all as above yea is below, a triad we must not dismiss but one 
yes rather hope someday to further glean, an infinite being may imagine on a finite being.   
In other words something or someone letting molecules yes in or out of trapdoors we may mull 
‘epigenetic’ laid, a complex hierarchical ecosystem sifting sorting energies 
yes for survival in a voided space, and in command a demon said Lord Kelvin Maxwell said 
a ‘finite being,’ reversibility of energies accruing in the process what we need 
O yes, for us yea to survive, for us to not the system overheat or overcool for us 
to balance yea ensure assure we live and thrive, yet knowing more we must to not 
offload the information that we need to strike that balance yea, that yea the demon will not need 
to have to information yea discard to function as it should, ensure the balance that we seek 
to not a world yea put in jeopardy, to save ourselves and save our precious void, and with precious 
little yea what we know imagining an infinite being at the zenith may not far-fetched be. 
It may not be more so were we to be a part of hyper-dimensional realms, a part O yea 
of yes the hierarchy externalized in void, as after all mental O yes Hermetic deemed concur, 
configurations reconfigured in another realm, another voided space, perhaps yea by 
ourselves, like prions yea O yea, as we sojourn in voids, commanders of our fate, able we may 
to shape reshape our face, to better make our world, within a unified command, that goodness yes 
wishes our void the pencil pivots yea, ensures we have a chance to keep a spinning top in place, 
that we do not balance of energies disrupt, that we do not the interplay yes in our world 
yes of thermodynamic entropy and information entropy set yes to not support 
whereof yea of the triad we experience wherever we yes operate in void, O yea, 
why we must yea promote encourage studies to elucidate our realms, and sundry realms O yes.  
We need to figure how our world works better than we did, we need to mull its workings in tandem 
with other voided realms, not shy away from seeking knowledge for whatever reason shun dismiss
scholarship on the other hand imaginations we must yea embrace, wherever set emerged 
not think we know it all need no more to exert our brains address the issues raised, whereas we know 
we know not much even of that five percent of our universe we claim know well yea, we know 
at least contrite enough we are yes to admit the mental nature of our present state we ought 
to not toss disregard not but incorporate into our studies in a void O yes, we ought 
not to the mysteries yes all around send us all to a slumber deep, perplexed demoralized 
at knowing not our left yea from our right regarding what the Giza is for instance why a Sphinx 
adorns its sacred space, yet we know we could much more know being not against the void, being seen. 
We will continue to explore our world, it is our duty to unveil its face, perhaps thereby 
revealing yes our face, cryptic copies yes of our present state configured reconfigured in 
its cosmic peregrines O yes, yet we must pledge our imaginations given latitude yes
with zeal enabled we will touch the stars, the chthonic realms explore, we will endeavour to the past 
the future merge with now continuum of consciousness we have, and which among others we will 
seek yes to have, united focused on our common goals the limit yea is nothingness O yes 
limitlessness we will never endorse, for how could we expect yes our imaginations to 
caress the starry skies? How could we yea hearken to cubic surfaces the music of the spheres? 
The onus is on us to our imaginations set yes on the path of ‘discovery’ in 
a voided space, and as the saying goes nothing is new under the sun; seeking, knowledge we’ll find.