Imaginations 2

Imaginations 2
George O. Obikoya 
There is indeed a lot we want to know, how much we able are to know however is unknown, 
another matter we may ponder mull, discuss conjecture yet all yea may come to naught who knows? 
The point though is the need to know, for wanting yea to know is nothing but a need, one which all of 
us have, curious entities we are, evident in surviving predicating on rummaging for 
its means, whatever that may be including food, and water and protection from the elements, 
as all of which requires we venture knowledge seek on where to find them how to find them how to use 
them seeking knowledge clearly is a need, at least as far yes as surviving goes, which must be hard 
to deem a waste of time dismiss as unimportant being dead much preferred, or maybe being locked in 
between, a sort of cosmic vegetative state to start with persistent becoming after four 
weeks we yea all only in partial arousal rather than being conscious yes in a void; maybe. 
Rejecting being in limbo means consensus we have that we want to know whatever yes we could 
about ourselves, about goings on in our world, thus, starting yea from this platform we must figure 
yes what we want to know and why and how to know yea what it is we want to know, prepared we have 
to knowledge sources excavate wherever they may be, from panspermia to ‘the Bang’ O yes 
from seven judges on Ereshkigal’s throne in the Netherworld to creation myths that are yea 
depicted in great literature from around the world we gen pursue yes with an open mind, 
and with our propensity for reveries imaginations we will not nay deny O nay 
expressions in our need to know, a need on which hinges yes our survival O yea in a void, 
a voided space O yea, not only nay as individuals but also yes as one, as one 
humanity existent in a void, a need that makes it yes a need for us all to unite. 
To come together forge a brand new world is thus a need, a need on which yea our survival now 
and evermore doubtless depends, in other words the notion that we need to all unite to forge 
a void anew a new word order hail ecumenism yea embrace seek goodness yes of all 
is not a slogan but a mission statement to which we must all abide, O yea, we do so for our own 
good and the good of all, it is not something to ignore nor is it meant for yawns, another of 
the stuff on forging void anew proclaim exasperatingly, uninteresting stuff declare 
who cares about the world for measure adding peering at a mate yea for what yea may be ‘needed’
support, who cares not really what the query ought to be, who cares not nay about themselves and not
about the world? To start with yes the world is our abode, our very precious home, why one would care
about not nay our world must all amaze, why anyone would rather have it gone, surreal, O yes. 
It’s hard to think anyone would prefer to be in limbo in a voided space wherein there is 
so much to make life worth living despite its challenges O yea, and with much more yea in the works 
as knowledge we acquire opens up vistas for us to explore novelty yes emergent in 
our dreams how could we pass up veritable chances to partake of progress in yea every sphere 
of life advances in medicine sciences arts in music mathematics motion picture in 
yes every walk of life? And if we cannot we are saying we must progress root for every way 
we could, saying that we would rather not be in limbo we would rather be living it up in 
our world O yea, no matter imperfect we would continue with our study to more perfect make 
our priceless world, we will to start with see a world wherein sisters and brethren dwell, a world in which 
we see a common destiny united one and all, we all agree must not become extinct. 
That we are all now on the same platform a major step is toward progress yea, we are then O 
yea willing to move forward with our plans to forge a brand new world, a new world order hail, we are 
determined to achieve our aim, our goal yea of one world united in pursuit of in our hearts 
and yes with all we have yea of a common goal, advancement of our lives toward perfection in 
yes an enabling milieu shaping yea our fate, no longer are we muddled knowing not nay what 
to say or do, bemused perplexed in cosmic limbo nay, with vision clear we venture into realms 
seeking answers to questions we have raised, we are yes setting up global ventures not only in 
the sciences but also in the arts indeed in every field of human endeavour as we 
totality of experience we aspire to in our studies motion to perfection is 
our primary endpoint something that will forever guide us in our quest for knowledge in the voids. 
It’s time yes to let our imaginations travel far and wide, our senses knowledge will provide but we 
must not assume they are the only sources of knowledge we have, intuition O yes is yet 
another as imaginations thinking yea about issues raised logically others we 
may tap for knowledge to attain our aim, thus we must be open to knowledge from the voids 
intuitively yes for instance we may yea accost, reasoning we must not deny its place 
no matter how it may counter-intuitive be, as one yea may perceive that we may yes be 
intangible ‘misty’ be after all, ‘particles’ really waves, both O yes really fields, we may 
be energy fields singing songs in a voided space harmonic maths rolling yea into what 
we see and touch, a matter many now explore in sundry walks of life, as it should be for we 
to reach our goal more perfect to become, able to hold our own in voided spaces faced, O yes. 
We need to be more perfect be to address weather extremes cow-kills fish-kills frozen over falls, 
address meaning take action to explain prevent devastating floods, phenomena astonishing 
un-understandable O yea, this being no time to petty squabbles breed, no time to fight among 
ourselves faced with a common situation we encounter yea, that threatens O yes our very 
survival in a voided space there is a need to act, to save our precious ecosystem save 
our void O yea, needless to say save also yea ourselves, our children grand and great grand children we 
must act now, yea, we have no time to waste, imaginations we must harness decompose deploy, 
consistent with yes our consensus not to dwell in cosmic limbo we must see the need to join 
hands unify our world, it is a pledge we need to make consent to forging void anew, a new 
world order is within reach seize the moment we must to advance our void, our world a better place. 
Let us remember xenon one two nine, horrors of wars let us nay not forget, whereas we could 
avert a state deep inside we abhor why go against our will, yes our collective will O yes 
embedded in a pledge, why cower from an almost certain fate trying not nay to save our world 
portends? We must know we have got to find ways to ensure our world does not continue to slide down
the drain, that we must use yea our imaginations to address the issues staring at us yea, 
right O yes in our face, that knowledge we must seek from sundry sources wherein they exist, that we 
must act as one yea forge a void anew, we must know these and more concerning yea our world, yet we
appear to harp away yea as we burn away given we act not doomsday to prevent, what if 
the weather we describe yea as out of the ordinary is a warning we must not dismiss? 
What if it is a call to action we dismiss yea at our own peril? Let us heed what we must. 
Fire and ice we see everywhere in void that in our minds yea coexistent we cannot ignore, 
we must not nay dismiss yes an inverted triangle across which a horizontal bar cuts 
yea singing with the sun, and born reborn cyclic we journey in the voids we must remember as 
we hear the gongs, and welcome welcomed progress that emerges elevating us, our world and we 
jollifications relish happy we did not ignore the calls of water fire reminding us 
to act, we acted yes imaginations we deployed our world a better place, we read O yea 
the writings on the wall, we came together forged a brand new world, a new world order welcomed we 
moved on O yes unfazed, we knowledge sought in every cranny in the voids no matter in the realms 
continuum of consciousness employed, we never gave up on our world regardless obstacles 
yea in the way we strove, as one, united in a void, hoped to reborn be in a brand new age.    
Yes, here we are now peeping right ahead yea we must act and now, to make our future brighter bright 
our world a better place as we have seen we could make it in time, as after all we strove, O yes 
united yes we hoped, we worked hard forged a brand new world, a new world order hailed, hurdles O yes
we faced and scaled we forged ahead unfazed, and we succeeded happy in the end, why truly we 
must act, belying not the grief yea of the past that is our now in void, the pain and misery 
yea we endure frozen over in void, our sorrow at the cow-kills fish-kills threatened coastlines yea, 
and surely we will act, we will not nay forsake our precious world and all therein O no, we will 
imaginations yes engage in actions as we dream, we will remember yea our your ones pledge 
yes to give them a chance, offer them an enabling yea milieu to take our world yea to even 
yes higher heights, more perfect is our state, our own one world O yea, and yes we will succeed, in time.