Imaginations 1

Imaginations 1
George O. Obikoya 
We now know bees can add and subtract, they can do minor math, we know scientists have measured
the Hubble Constant yes in a new way and confirmed the universe faster is yes expanding now 
than it was prior yea, we know about synthetic cells about yea gene-edited twins, we know 
about a lot of things we did not know in not too distant past, about the push not pull O yes 
of gravity anti-gravity gravity cum electricity about the vortex yes 
energy yea vibrations frequency field propulsion about DMT and Pineal gland, 
we know about many things we do not even know we do a torsion field 
our consciousness begets that we may mimic yes the sun continuum of consciousness within 
our reach, and we can ‘fly’ away yes to the stars to realms unknown to us, as we imagine what 
we could achieve, what we could dream of in our present state, unbound, our mind, imaginations ripe. 
We know a lot about our world that we may not realize, mysteries of life confounding us 
we are yea unaware of quantum robins navigating voids, focused on matters we cannot 
explain we miss out on those we may able be yea to decipher less confused become, about 
those we cannot, on top of those yea we cannot we pile up those we miss, compounding yea our angst, 
imaginations we appear to tuck away flummoxed we throw our hands up in the air resign 
to fate we sire, assume not much we are able to do about our present state in void, that we 
may simply have to tag along, worry not ‘bout a thing, yet we remain unsettled knowing naught 
about the mysteries of life, and for that matter of our world, our universe and other realms 
about our precious void, for we yea want to know, we want to know what lies behind the veil in voids 
that keeps us in the dark, muddled we are we tag along; we want to players be, to shape our fate.
No more are cyclic civilizations far-fetched, what Plato said about what happened eleven 
thousand six hundred years ago about sunken islands about a pot-bellied hill and of Jove, 
of Zeus and of Poseidon and of Azores islands and of Thoth, are no longer implausible, 
not difficult nay to imagine nor are the fratricidal wars, the ‘kings’ lists’ life voided yea 
hundreds yea of thousands of years ago, the ‘oath’ yea to the ‘gods,’ it is not hard to see our world 
yes in a different way yea, reshape our fate, continuum of consciousness accost deploy 
yea to attain perfection take ourselves our world to higher realms, as we allow ourselves to ‘fly’ 
away evolve away yea from duality to unitary consciousness embrace a new 
world order joining hands with fellow humans forging voids anew, why we must shift our mind O yea 
from yea our present state yes to a higher conscious states, plausible a new world, a brand new world. 
Nothing indeed is now implausible we must admit O yea, there is no limit to how far 
imagination may venture in voids, above below betwixt it travels yea, exploring O 
yes vistas aged glimpses new, a panoramic view yea in a hole, via portals of the gods 
we must concur admitting we are flawed, in other words uncertain what we know, perhaps nada 
we know thinking we know so much yes in our cosmic caves, who knows? In any case yes who may we
ask is knowing yea what it knows, or better put purports to know? Someone or something has to be 
doing the ‘knowing’ in a voided space, planar even naught whatever the dimension is 
O yea, if even a location motorized, in motion yea O yea, that fourth coordinate 
we mull, we ponder in our days, its motion in a void, a chasm wherein popping in and out 
existent in a line, a plane, a cube, or more, rotating plus translating equals rolling, yea. 
It is not far-fetched to imagine even ‘points’ behaving linear yea, opposing waves O yea 
superimposed classical or quantum imagined yea their fields, which begs the question yea re how 
a ‘point’ relates to what we term the fourth coordinate essential to events, for instance yes 
in motion in a void, in nothingness O yea, or so we see a void, whereas it may O yes 
uncountable ‘points’ have, rolling yea in a void imprinted in its wake, in methylated ‘minds,’
as chromosomes engage, wherever placed O yea, a line a plane a cube or more dimensions yea 
O yea, it’s not implausible yea to imagine ‘bangs’ a point yea might have made before it’s faced, 
in voided spaces faced, yet we may never know whereof a point, or better put perhaps a field, 
the stars five-pointed that simply we are what really do we know? Contrite yes we admit we’re flawed, 
we knowledge seek as we imaginations relic reconstruct yea of a primal point, the dot. 
Perhaps it started with a dot, but what about the dot?The field as some would rather say everything in 
a flux, play me something ‘misty’ yea we desire at break, when we are thinking not too much about 
mysteries in a pair of trees in gardens situate, a pair yea we must not dismiss O nay, 
regarding which we strive, we toil in voided space, abutted in between yea life and death, treed in 
a voided space, in limbo cosmic hobos groping here there everywhere motioning hither and 
thither yea interacting in constructive and destructive waves, yet we are still searching giving 
up not nay on our precious space, we are still seeking answers to the issues raised, we are hoping 
that more yes we will know about ourselves about our priceless world O yes, we will ever keep yea
imagining possibilities becoming probabilities in our voided space, and as 
chromosomes yea engage afore our very eyes marvel we will turn into ventures in the realms. 
O yes, into yea ventures in the realms, you see, a pair of points may antithetical be or 
yea otherwise, our aim to those identify that nullify and those O yea that amplify 
preferentially engage depending on the matter raised, that we may in the end 
enhance our present state, kill off cancer cells for example nurture healthy cells 
synthesis yea beget that helps us to succeed to live and thrive yea in a voided space, a pair 
of points in motion in dimensions linear planar cubed, or more the point yea being a motorized 
dot in a voided space, imagined in a mind, what may be whereof of a timeless point, at least 
until it starts to pop wherein located then yea in and out of void, rotate translate and roll 
O yes in sundry mental states, an ouroboros in a parley with a mind in void, agon 
reflecting lacking understanding of a point yea in our present state, of life, and death, O yes. 
Thus, we imagine what is in a point, a mass of particles or waves or even fields even 
vortices mimicking the sun linearization of our world wherein solitons O yes 
singularities cum chaos reside, non-randomly seemingly randomly presenting yea 
however we engage a dot, a point embedded in non-linearity prevalent in 
our world, our precious void O yea, in cyclic vipers laid, assuming starting with a bang ending 
is with a rip, a whimper of a rip perhaps or yet another ‘bang,’ in all of this the mind, 
eternal yea sublime, announcing itself not, rotating plus translating equals rolling O 
yea linearized in void, a void of self-reinforcing aperiodic waves coexisting with 
periodic forms in a void wherein thesis and antithesis synthesis evolve, of which 
we have a choice constructive or destructive to decide our fate we’re able to reshape, O yea. 
We do not know for certain what started our universe but we will not our study dump because 
of that we will continue to knowledge pursue yea of our precious world, we will explore O yes 
will excavate, we will help solicit help here the stars the chthonic realms O yea, imagine yes 
we will our reveries unbound, a poplar may instruct on netherworld on ejulations to 
the dead as may babul on epulation for the living in a voided space, eclectic yes 
therefore we gen seek wherever we could classical quantum however applies perfection yea 
our aim, if even we admit we may not perfect be nay hunkered down in caves avoiding awe 
we feel yes but deny a point unfolding right afore our eyes phantasmagoric in a void 
we cannot yet explain, belying angst needling us slowly wolfing us, denying finding yea 
excuses not helping us; we want to emerge yea from our comfort zones yes as the 'knowing' ones. 
Imaginations no more far-fetched hope we nurture in our dreams determined to pursue knowledge 
to further yes advance our world our present state enhance, implausible not naughts becoming dots 
popping as fields computer models ferret yea elucidating life, how it all started yea 
nothingness siring voids, in realms teeming with life, linear or otherwise voids opening vistas 
yes for our tech to grow, medical services yea reaching higher grounds, as by accretion or 
paradigmatic shifts exponential knowledge growth ever has become, no matter what we raise 
to whatever power of the natural log, a series function or equations O yes 
imagining second nature is no more nay taboo, a helpful platform to perform O yes 
our studies to engage, we must improve our faculty to mental concepts images create 
presented to our senses not we must hone our abilities for thought experiments, O yea.