Meaningful Meaninglessness 3

Meaningful Meaninglessness 3
George O. Obikoya 
A flickering star in Cygnus thirteen hundred light years away multiples of eleven yea 
the skies broadcast even quadratic equations manifest in words champagne yea in the mix 
wherein meaning we seek to soothe our heated restless minds, as we able are not it seems to find 
the answers that we seek yet unrelenting we pursue our aim, we excavate the ninety five 
percent left to explore of the pot-bellied hill, perhaps we may be able yes to find our way at last 
yes to the Tabby Star, a buried hill a portal to the missing planet hidden in a belt, 
we may able be to a red planet yes yoke with Jove existence in between some day we may 
be able to explore explain the reason for asteroid belts, yet we must calm down not O no 
exuberant be meaning seeking nay, admit we must meaningless it may seem to dig not deep 
beneath our soles seeking our souls in stars, after as above as below we sing our songs in void.  
Let us air a song of xenon one two nine remember ‘planet red,’ no matter flabbergasted we may be 
think of the rain of death, of fly agaric rain, forget not those footprints of war, a buried pot
-bellied hill, and the six-mile high ‘wall’ round midsection of a dodecahedron moon of the old 
man with a sickle yea, we must forget not galactic federation rooting for us O yea, 
let us seek answers here yes and in other realms, meaninglessness let us not see not see nay as 
our bane but rather as our bait, something to stir us all to act to meaning find we seek, that we 
may strive on to attain our aim, meaninglessness eschew yea from our minds, to be at peace yea with 
ourselves for aye, and with our maker in a voided space, admitting with humility we may 
not all the answers find we seek happy to any find at all yes on a complex stage, any 
find wherein we abide, our very precious world, let us partake of cosmic serenades, in life. 
We marvel at the super-slender buildings kissing yes the skies, at engineering feats a large 
hadron collider spells, architectural magic on ‘billionaires row,’ sublimity of dunes 
of Giza and the Sphinx, those massive stones at Heliopolis, a library yea burnt in days 
of yore in the land of the Nile, all these instances of capacities yea of our minds to make 
or break then marvel at the product of the game, the game duality plays on our minds O yes, 
a consciousness of this or that and nothing in between, yet this ‘nothingness’ is our loss O yea, 
how we could not see we need to embrace it more so living in a void must hollow any beat, 
whereas therein may answers dwell we seek, therein may portal is that bridges yin and yang, therein 
we may at last find peace, within a belt wherein progenitors may be, abiding in our home 
our primal home O yes, where meaninglessness meaningful becomes our lives yea crystal clear O yea. 
It’s okay to be awe-struck given life in void, amazed flummoxed in angst we tag along, more so 
uncertain if we would sing-song with cosmic choirs the music of the spheres, harmonics of the stars 
hidden in sacred numbers yea, in symbols in a void, yet we must seek the carp, hope yes to ride 
the steed yea of the immortals as we sojourn in voids, as then we may be able clear our eyes 
of motes, clearer our vision is as we engage our fate, meaning yes of our lives encounter here 
at last in our voided space, thus as with nothingness will consternation constellations bare, 
as it will on a triangle inverted that a bar horizontal traverses yea instruct, 
for we would see water fire in unity in our present state, yes we would see the light, revealed 
to us the answers that we seek to meaning find in life we live and comprehend our world, able 
we are to turn our angst yea into happiness our sorrows into joy, starting with shock and awe. 
It may just be the case that we be complacent sometimes not involved in what we should maybe 
through no fault nay of ours, engrossed in life’s vicissitudes too much yea on our plates, we float on in 
our voided space oblivious of pain, inure in urns assume anyway why bother we ask, 
yet we must not be fazed to such a state we cower to fate deep inside we know we do not want,
we know yea we could change, to that we want, a better life O yea, prepared we are to work hard to 
achieve our aim challenges face with fortitude determined to succeed, why we must guard our loins 
roll up our sleeves and get to work O yea, meaning find in our lives in service to humankind with 
a smile yea on our face, whatever meaninglessness tribulations bring dissolve in milk of kindness O 
yea flowing in our hearts, remind ourselves that we might not nay have been here had our fore-bearers in 
their days not given yea their all to see their communities thrived ‘service and smiles’ embraced, O yea. 
Adaptability yea is the engine on which evolution counts to sure be we do not nay wither fade away, if in 
the days of yore hunter-gatherers did not collaborate to ward off hostile beasts, there might not have 
been not enough of them left to become farmers living in social groups even with beasts O yes 
still yes menacing them some of them might have wolfed who gave their lives yea for the good of all, a life 
worthy of our appreciation we must strive to live, for we cannot expect others to us 
appreciate lacking such for ourselves, there may be many ways to give ourselves respect O yes
with one being our commitment to serving our fellow humans for the good of all, a life of love 
not just nay for ourselves but also yea for all and for our world a worthy life is as O yea 
a life of selfless service is a life of joy, one free of meaninglessness wherein meaning we would find 
in all we do for we have banished bigotry jettison dualistic consciousness for life. 
We are adaptable and we adapt yes to our changing world, no longer nay dichotomized 
even as decomposed we seek meaning in goings on around us try to make some sense of void, 
in fact being decomposed suggests we think answers we seek eclectic we may source, in sundry shades 
of grey, not just in dyads nay, a point binary computing vis-a-vis quantum computing 
exemplifies O yes, to meaning find thus open we must be to sourcing knowledge yea, aware 
we must be of the richness of humanity yea and our voided space, our precious world O yes, 
prepared we must be to with others work to vista open seeking answers others may able 
be to provide whoever they may be wherever they may come from in the human pool, why we 
must be receptive to the notion of a brand new world, a new world order hail, why we all need 
to see ecumenism as the way forward that we may emerge from our Platonic caves. 
It is a task that we must do for stakeholders we all here in our voided space, as this is way 
beyond considerations space constrains it is a global state, this task of joining hands as one 
committing yea to unifying humankind we need to ponder not dismiss O nay, we need 
O yea to xenon one two nine remember on a planet red, meaning see in an enterprise 
that will advance our world, that peace will seed O yea, will not destroy our world, will save our world 
O yea, this path yes is the way that we must all embrace, why we must see our future in a world 
united not divided nay, why we must work together forge a world anew, we all will in 
the end appreciate ourselves and others and our world yes in a special way, happy we played 
our parts yes in a noble task, one in which we meaningful made what we perceived as meaningless 
improved our world for us all with our future brighter bright, for us and those yea coming after us. 
Our study may have not revealed all answers that we seek but it has shown the way we need to mull 
to guide us as we venture out from here into the realms to further soothe our restless minds, inspire 
us to continue to ways seek to better make our world, expunge from our lexicon yes any 
term yea that failure spells for we want to succeed in making meaningful meaninglessness in void, 
we want to work with others to improve our world, consensus we seek as we contention see O yes 
being realistic is to recognize as healthy in a competitive world, yet it must not 
be deemed to be an avenue for brewing confrontation or for prophesying war prelude 
to some yea atavistic traits resurfacing we must prevent O yea, thus we must be determined to 
succeed in making yes this precious home of ours a better place for all, assure its future yes 
is bright survive it will yea despite all the odds that may present now or at any time, O yes. 
Let us therefore the missives of our study not dismiss O nay, let us consider how we could 
unite to forge a void anew, dismantle not the bonds that ensure peace and prosperity in void, 
let us continue to work hard to seek the good not just for ourselves but for us all yea, for we 
all are the world, and that alone meaning makes of our lives, for being a part of an organic being 
is nothing but a privilege O yes, an opportunity we must not miss to contribute 
yes to the welfare of our home O yea, of Mother Earth that nurtures us yes night and day, what we 
must yea be grateful for appreciate for aye, let us continue to do what will save our world, eschew 
what only will it hurt, we have a chance to forge a brand new world, one world in which we all relate 
to one another as sisters and brethren not adversaries one world in which peace and justice 
reign, we can do it we must tell ourselves, let’s go let’s do it starting now; we will succeed DV.