Meaningful Meaninglessness 2

Meaningful Meaninglessness 2
George O. Obikoya 
It may not hard be for us to concur on matters views on which we may differ at first, for we 
are able to the issues raised examine able yes to reach consensus to yea get along, 
and this germane is to our very being, existence in our world, imagine otherwise, O yes 
imagine we must fuss and fight over everything we must go to war, and then imagine yea 
otherwise we do not wrangle nor do we fly agaric rain, imagine living in a world 
without wars one in which we all consider one another sojourners in void, performers on 
a stage on which we play our parts and leave, we live our lives with friends and family enjoy a life 
of peace and love wherein we nothing lack, wherein there is no need at all to fuss and fight where we 
all get along, utopia-sounding meaninglessness at its best some may declare such wanderings  
of thoughts or what yea they may even term exuberance of mind, regardless they should come along. 
Sometimes we may wish yea for things that may to others be meaningless products of our exuberant 
yea reveries, clang associations that we express yes invitations to our minds, sweet minds 
that minding yes our minds remind at first even ourselves to pause the dream alarmed even asleep 
awake in fear assuringly we hold the thought in dreams, to Mars we march, wherever in the realms 
we say with gusto ‘here we come,’ becoming coming JJC Johnny-Just-Come arrived, raving 
and ranting we may find our hosts but hope not coming from afar with missives massive in our dreams, 
of friendship peace and love that we may get along, ‘why can’t we get along?’ reverberating in 
our tympani, so, as if we have the answer to the question on we dream awake, alarmed no more 
we venture in our sleep, asleep awake asleep awake as we pursue our aim, to take a trip 
this time to not exactly somewhere warm but somewhere very cold, coldness will not come in our way. 
Did someone say we’re nuts dreaming of travelling to Mars, or anywhere else in the cosmic realms, 
if even other realms? Imaginations could indeed sound O yes like they look, some kind some say 
of mumbo jumbo mumble whimper whispered loud, that is when fear of being accused of being O yes
you guessed it meaningless no more the bane, Achilles has declared it has its heels covered nothing
more to worry about, no bane no pain no reveries just what we want to do, which is okay 
after all we may pave the way for others to explore able we are to scare not nay our hosts, 
they may perchance be not at all warlike which works just fine for all, for hosts and guests alike, we all 
like one another despite us looking like ‘aliens’ as one of them may privately confess, 
‘instructive’ we consider keeping to ourselves similar feelings we may have about their looks, their minds
what matter more to us and, as it may turn out, to them, so, why can’t we go to Mars, Fly away?  
We dreamt of going to the Moon and yes we did, what might have sounded yea to some as meaningless 
yes at the time rocketry maybe deemed a dream nuts entertained, as they do travelling to Mars,  
and yes beyond, meaninglessness their past time some may now contend, imagining continuum 
of consciousness weird really may sound to some in our void, what hearing microwaves from days yes of 
the bang that science tells us started everything, ‘relic radiation’ that aeons link to us, 
who knows who or what else is talking or attempting yea to talk to us, wishing we could know they 
are trying to reach us but they have so far failed, who knows? If something or someone could see us and
we cannot does this yes not suggest that someone yea or something does not nay want to harm us wants
in fact may want yes to be friends with us, what then could be awry trying to contact who may have 
a pleasant gift for us that may enable us explore the realms for instance travel far and wide? 
It is clear in our study that resistance may emerge regarding dreams some may construe O yes 
as meaningless yet we must try to meaning yes project that skeptics may yea come aboard, for we 
may find ourselves some day precisely in that state wherein yes we are wont to judgment pass yea on 
the dreams of others without even nay examining the issues raised; no one is perfect we 
all make mistakes, why we must give others a chance to prove their mettle not nay others write-off deem
meaningless what they try to do, the notion of collaborating with our fellow humans need 
we to embrace to give our world a chance, for we may slowly yes be hurting it missing chances 
to work with others forge a brand new world, one we would gladly tell our cosmic friends about invite 
them to explore, this matter something is we need to mull, for it may not be nay that meaningless 
that neighbours we may have that know us but we have no clue exist, who want to be our friends, O yes. 
We need to start from somewhere but we must first want to start, we must want to declare yes to us all
we want to others trust to think about the state of and the future of our world yes as we do 
as we all have a stake in making yes this voided space we call our world work yes the best it could, 
even as we may flabbergasted be what happen in our world too complex for us to figure 
yea life hard to imagine hard comprehend, why no matter differences we conceive we are 
stakeholders in affairs yea of our precious world, we all dream of a better life hence must dream of 
a better world for after all therein yea life resides, it is within it that it plays out O 
yea every single day, and night, we have nowhere else to go save for in our dreams, which we must thus  
at least try to materialize best we could O yes, whatever is the dream that does not hurt our world, 
a dream that makes our world a better place in every cranny and for one and all, imagined void. 
One could imagine yes whatever dream yes big or small, one could imagine understanding yes
mathematical axioms logic even if meaningless they appear to those who are not 
trained in the field O yea, yet we must not dismiss those trained as exuberant dreamers we must not 
take seriously must truly yea ignore, yet we are yes aware of many mathematical 
endeavours that have changed our understanding of our void indeed have changed our lives, imagined in 
some mind, in thought experiments yea in some active mind, some mind we doubtless rather not refer 
to as exuberant but yea an active and productive mind, the point here being that we have to 
admit meaningful meaninglessness we must not dismiss, even mathematical proofs O yes 
practitioners yea in the field would happy be to give novices such as those untrained an inkling yea 
into quadratic equations for example that ‘meaninglessness’ they sport reveal, O yea. 
We may then realize how useful alpha x-ray squared plus blue x-ray plus champagne equals naught 
is to us as meaningless as they seem, we may thus say meaning relative is yet we may all 
yea understand, something we see yea all around us manifest in books on various subjects O 
yea ‘simplified’ or this or that subject ‘for dummies’ experts in academic and other fields 
appearing on television and radio programs educating the public yes about 
their fields, demystifying ‘meaninglessness’ some may yea perceive in what they have no clue, we all
becoming better yea informed about sundry aspects of life, a welcome yes development 
that will enhance our knowledge base that will improve our void, our priceless world imagined in a mind,
why we must keep supporting programs such as these and others meaningful hopeful life ever is 
to all, for meaning we all seek in everything we do, including living in a void, O yes. 
We cannot shy away from seeking meaning for it is a veritable driver of our will 
to act, including life itself we mull, and as the saying goes that nature yea vacuum abhors 
we try the best we could to understand our world ourselves we ponder what life is its meaning why 
we’re here at all, it is therefore only an attribute of our inquiring minds to try to see 
complexities of living simplified either yea by ourselves or others in our world, so we 
consider some things meaningful and others meaningless in void, dichotomize as we 
reduce our world to manageable chunks in everything we do, yet we have shown yes in 
our study that relative is ‘meaning’ what may meaningless be for someone may yes mean the world 
to someone else, sticking yes to our views of things without considerations for the views others 
express conflict will likely breed, when yea the matter could have been resolved without a war, O yes. 
Our study has shown us to live and work with others yea in peace and harmony is what would save 
our world, lacking which we may have yea to another realm explore, maybe Mars or somewhere else yes 
may be our new home but must we let matters get to that? Must we destroy our world inflexible 
being in our manner yea? If even we imagined we could live in very cold milieus how are 
we going yea to get along with whoever whatever is out there when we unable are 
to get along with one another here? These questions we need to remember to ourselves ask when 
we act in void, why we must dream of goodness for ourselves and yes for one and all, and as O yea 
another saying goes we may not realize the value yes of what we have until yes it 
is gone, bereft we pine, alas it may just be too late to have it back, why we must cherish life 
who sees when it will end who knows tomorrow yea? With goodness in our hearts meaningful life will be.