Meaningful Meaninglessness 1

Meaningful Meaninglessness 1
George O. Obikoya 
It is a matter we ought not to disregard but may be dated in our eyes given we now 
live in a ‘science age,’ we care no more about what we consider ‘superstition’ things that we 
cannot explain belief not struggle to believe even those we able are to explain, a sort of ‘doubt’ 
pervasive that confound us yet we cannot toss, doubting even that we exist maybe revealing in 
a sense chaotic it may be to rendered be in mystery and maybe not, actually it 
may mean it is further yea hiding what we doubt increasingly our ‘doubt’ perplexing is, indeed 
yea paralyzing for we may not reasons have to wager either way yea on the matter on 
one we may not be able to affirm correct is what we hold, for example that we yea exist,
to not at that O nay, in other words we may sure be whether to subscribe to twelve or to
thirteen as good and ill fortunes may places swap in a jiffy meaninglessness afore our face. 
We may not care about two plus three leaving out one nor may we ‘bout the quarternity who cares 
about the midpoint of a square anyway some may even say, or about ‘synthesis’ or for 
that matter unity of yin and yang, we may not care to listen for the ‘music of the spheres’ 
even with yea ‘orbital resonance’ holding sway since the end of the renaissance, tones yes of 
energy that mathematical interactions yield in numbers sounds and forms revealing yes 
proportioned patterns of eternal minds some persons still doubtful remain about celestial songs, 
about the chorus atmospheric of tubas of daffodils that yes with whistling winds of love 
speaking to us in Spring, we may not want to know about the quintessence about the face 
of Shiva facing upwards that axis mundi is yes an omphalus a maypole signifies, 
yet we must Philolaus reminding us the world ‘harmony and numbers’ is mull ‘microwaves’ we hear. 
O yes we echos hear from ages past ancient with modern mix, diapason we do not nay 
forget embedded in the liberal arts quadrivium even now, in sundry ways O yea, 
meaningful still is what for some meaningless was O yea, as past with present blends, future trio 
completes, trebled in choirs of angels sings, duality overcoming in wholeness manifest, 
as we assert a ‘balance of probabilities’ of accumulated ‘third,’ as we do yea 
a sacred hebdomad married to four the soul and body wedded ‘Thrice Great’ we embrace, O yea, 
we listen for the harmony of spheres, to microwaves as stars invite us to a cosmic dance,
perhaps someone is out there dancing too, so on we put our dancing shoes calicos shiny blue, 
we dance the night away, twelve exoteric esoteric sing we in a song with paladins 
in full regalia in a dancing mood, salvation thirteen signifying groovy yes we are. 
Thus, skepticism yea is quaint, quixotic not we are, we may go ‘into mountains’ ‘visit’ yes 
a cosmic world tree where dragon currents meet, we may up pagodas go axis mundi we see 
in varied ways presented in our voided space, our precious world O yea, although we may in tongues
differ sisters brethren we are, united in a brand new world a new world order hail, what may 
be meaningless to some sacred is others deem, the sum of the square of the sun we may conceive 
in many ways as ambivalent is O yea, a beast or Hakathriel may represent to folks 
with varied views, an instance we must not dismiss as we numbers research, our study we must make 
an exploration in a square, a cross unfolded we must ever mull, quarternity yes we 
must all embrace, ecumenism in a new world we must all endorse, our tongues united forge 
ahead unfazed, for meaningful may meaninglessness be given a chance to tympani enthral. 
It is a brand new day, aware we are of the ever-thinning of boundaries of yore that locked 
knowledge away in silos scattered round a void, ‘cave of the world’ a niche yea sanctified we see 
illuminating us yes in our caves, emergent into light we redefine our present state 
of mind, as we yea realize we ought to work with others to improve our world, to make ourselves 
yea more attuned to our motion to continuum of consciousness we cannot stop O no, for we 
now willing are to see our world with multifocal lenses no more monochromic is our view 
of void, thus we view Ashwath Vriksha, Yggdrasil, Thor’s Oak, or the Jian tree among others yea 
as representing yes the axis mundi global variants of the matter ready we are to 
accommodate, we are yea set to live now in a brand new world where peace and justice reign, a world 
in which we realize we share a common destiny the ‘bigger picture’ always on our mind. 
We see our world in ‘technicolor’ see our fellow humans as sojourners like us O yes in 
a voided space, wherein wholeness of life and nothingness of death we see yes in a naught, 
our priceless world we see in zero yea, the incomprehensible absolute whereof we seek 
is where yes we exist, meaninglessness meaningful in a voided space teeming with life, one yes 
dual becoming multiplicity yea assuring return yes to an endpoint unity 
O yea, a point becoming length binary three becoming married quarternity is, midpoint 
yea of a square, the quintessence provider and preserver yea of life, no matter wherefrom we 
now knowledge seek eclectic in our ways, our world we see united in diversity a new 
world we endorse, no longer do we not want to nothing have to do with ‘superstition’ what may 
turn out to be yea just another way of saying what we are, meaningful either way espoused. 
In viewing one perspective of our void emergent being yes in a cosmic egg, from one, we do 
not nay another that a Big Bang claims was where we started out in particles and waves dismiss, 
after all both allude to zero time a point, a massive point or one, before which nothingness 
non-being was simply yea the void, the circle yes the naught, we acknowledge there may O yes be more 
perspectives varied views on void, our very own void very precious void, our own world wherein tongues 
abide, in many shades of grey, where we continue to improve relations sundry tongues unite, 
where yea we understand we need to join hands work together forge a void anew, where we O nay  
do not opposing views discountenance we listen we incorporate them in our study yea, 
a world we want to take to higher heights yea in the cosmic as with other realms, why we must back 
beliefs regarding building bonds between humans reaching consensus forging straight ahead, O yea. 
It may be easy to dismiss another’s view as meaningless when we yea ought to merits seek 
in what others say and in what they do, in other words we ought to try to bring the best out in 
our fellow humans not dismiss them meaningless declare they are O nay, many an article 
yea of scientists and others that later seminal became editors yea turned down at first, 
we need to not discourage but scholarship aid, something that may seem meaningless now in future
meaningful yes may be, after all from nothingness non-being yea essence divine the cosmic egg 
sprang life, wherein voided we all abide O yea, a point of view affirms, the point being we must not 
forget nay that the primal root is common to us all, something yea to remind us we must join 
hands to improve our world united one and all, it is our home embedded in an egg, O yea, 
the only home we know incumbent on us to converge the tongues, a tongue emergent hail, O yes. 
We may be skeptics questions ask galore; there is nothing wrong asking questions nothing wrong at all, 
it may yea interest us to inquire about the sound yea of the flute being that of mythic beings, or what 
a griffin means to one bewitched athanor yea to metamorphic bent, the seeker O yes of 
apotheosis forges forge, an ash tree to Yggdrasil what the chrysalis is to one yea 
in solitude en-route nirvana yea, we may ask many more but we must not answers we do 
not like discountenance meaningless yea declare they are nay not their merits or demerits first 
exploring we may just be wrong, about that yin and yang inherently hostile are yea to one 
another we may just be wrong as both influence each other intertwined interdependent 
are O yea duality does not nay mean hostility something that should guide us yea in our 
private and in our public lives, being skeptical then veritable pathways to ‘truth’ yea may spell. 
Thus, science may lead us somewhere but so may other sources of knowledge crucial to exploring 
yea any is to have an open mind prepared to questions ask and to nay not dismiss offhand 
another’s point of view, even with ‘evidence’ lacking to back the view still view it as a point 
of view meaning may have for holders of the view, something that ought to stir our interest not nay 
our condemnation of the point of view, our keenness to know more about perhaps opening up 
yea conversations on the matter whatever it is, for we may all learn something from it to 
improve our world, enhance our present state of mind biases wipe off wherein they reside as we 
better able are to accommodate yea one another forge a world anew, O yes a new 
world order hail, ecumenism yea embrace our world a better place for all, in realizing we 
are one more tolerant we are our flaws not deem meaningless but consider learning focal points.