Life 3

Life 3
George O. Obikoya 
It may yet be the case that we will never know the answers we seek asking questions yea, it may, 
we may unable be nay to decipher all we see in void, the mysteries yea all around 
us awe inspire in us, no, maybe not, yet we must all life always celebrate, we must O yea 
be grateful being alive, being able to partake of this mystery that we label ‘life,’ and we could make 
a list or more of reasons we want or do not want to be here, to be alive, whatever is 
the reason we must realize we’re privileged to even be alive, we are indeed a part 
of what is larger yes much larger than us and our world O yes, and that is something awesome we 
should say, something sacred yea that is life, in many ways beyond our comprehension despite our 
best efforts to explain our world, ourselves our universe O yea, efforts we surely will O no 
not discontinue more we’ll seek to know, as much as we could in our present state, we’ll keep the faith. 
There is a long tradition of scholarship worldwide yea, persons for whom this was is and always 
will yes be ‘life,’ some individuals ere now and forevermore knowledge considered some even 
as we speak doubtless would a lifetime yea of scholarship prefer, persons who keep asking questions 
no matter big or small, seeking answers to help us figure life O yea, ourselves our world our life, 
and they are yea in every walk of life, and may just be as clueless yea as anyone of us 
regarding what is going on in void, who we are what life is why yea we are here whence we head 
from here, yet keep asking the questions and keep seeking answers yea to them, aporetic? May be, 
but unlikely sarcastically but philosophically ready to dive in O yes for 
a mouthful of Pierian spring, even yea with the ladder gone, happy to float on in abodes 
of knowledge every cranny springs, in void, happy to work with kindred spirits seeking knowledge yea. 
So, even being alive to be a part of life, a member of humanity to able be 
to others mingle with tryst with and fellowship with is a privilege we must admit, for we 
know not nay what our options may be like, other than being alive the way we are we know not what 
we may be like who we may be if anything at all, O yes, regardless we may say what we 
don’t know should not bother us we may just be wrong, we may just be the way we are now O yes in 
another realm, there may just be reincarnation who knows what we don’t, and could say such things are 
figments yes of a rather busy imagination and this may yea be so, but lest yea we 
forget, imaginations are sources of knowledge too, hence we must not dismiss, and who could say 
they always turn out wrong? Save for someone who had died and returned to life here in our world 
who could assert there is no afterlife, who could dismiss ‘balance of probabilities’ yea? 
The point here is that we need to life celebrate and make the best yea of this ‘little life’ we’ve got, 
stop whining over every little thing stop yea complaining stop yes being ungrateful live life yes 
live it relish it life is transient yea, in void, it is a privilege we ought not to forget, 
it really is O yea, and we should help those in distress who knows when ours may come? It is being here 
at all that we able are to a helping hand offer those who may need our help, happy we ought 
to be that we are privileged to others help for we may help need someday somewhere too, thus being 
alive is celebrating life, and not only ours but also that of our fellow humans O 
yes sojourners in void we all are just in transit yea, who knows? If not why wager not? If one 
could live another life even much better than one does why would one not opt in? What if indeed 
we do not properly conceptualize ‘life’ thinking not of ‘continuum of consciousness’ O yea? 
That may just be the case, we may be seeing life living yea in Platonic caves O yes, we may 
be seeing shadows not ‘reality’ that’s real we could perceive outside our caves, why we need to 
emerge yes into light, why we need to be eager to know what is going on yea in our void 
O yes, our very precious world, as much as we could know, we don’t have to know everything at once, 
those coming after us yea will continue where we left off studying our world, why we must not 
nay disregard our duty to encourage yea our youths to study be informed, why we must pay 
attention to our educational systems and make them yes the best, we owe it to coming 
generations yea so to do we cannot nay and must not fail our youths, and we must never fail, 
our study into life we ought to see as seeking yea the good of all something yea inherent 
in all of us we may not realize, as we may not ‘continuum of consciousness’ our bond. 
Bonded we are humanity our very special place, embodiment of life we ought O yes 
to celebrate at peace with one and all, what life is evident yes in our humanness heritage we 
should be grateful for given what we know, or do not know about our very precious world, wherein 
we dwell where life plays out yea in its every nook yes every night and day, why we should try to know
how much we could about ourselves living in and interacting with yes our world, if even we 
cannot be sure yes of our ‘misty’ field as particles we are told intangibles are at some 
level that we are simply ‘waves’ we know our spouses and our children our colleagues yes and our mates
and friends are still there when we look away, we see and feel reality we know wherein life for 
us yes surely exist, we may be locked in the orderly world of ‘classical’ Physics 
regarding such ‘certainties’ and by all means let’s live life as we know it quantum mechanics aid. 
We have to live with what we cannot wish away, think of algorithms that traffic on our roads 
coordinate, or of weather forecasting cryptography and many others wherein quantum 
computing may play very major roles yes in our lives O yea, when those ‘noisy intermediate
-scale quantum’ devices have come of age O yes, Simon’s algorithms and other faster more  
efficient quantum algorithms enter mainstream usage yea making life fuller and more fun,
examples of how despite its mysteries confounding us yea we could live life the best we could 
enhancing it to suit our sundry tastes, life we could and must celebrate, regardless imperfect 
we are living in an imperfect world O yes, indeed in realizing this striving to ‘more 
perfect’ yes make our world consistent is with wishes of our fore-bearers and those of us still here, 
alive living life in our precious world, striving yea for a better and more perfect world, O yea.
Our study has strengthened us made us better appreciate what life in its many forms, made us yea 
accept the need for us to join hands work together build a brand new world, a new world order hail, 
ecumenism yea embrace, it has made us begin to ponder what unites us O yes as 
humanity living yea in a void, continuum of consciousness it has enabled us 
to contemplate O yes, consider in our formulations of what life is reason we are here, 
it has inspired in us the need to further study void, for we admit to being awestruck wonders 
we see and feel yea all around us in our world engender filling us with joy at being O yes 
so privileged to be alive in void, thus, we may not yet the answers find to all our questions 
we will not stop doing so we will hopeful be that answers we will find to riddles in our world, 
our study having started us aright, we all collaborators aiming for the best, for all. 
Regardless aspect yea of life we study we would see a common strand yea in diversity 
we come across wherever yea we look, that common strand yes is humanity in all of us 
living life in a void, that sentience we must not dismiss must not nay underrate, yet we cannot 
avow solely belongs to us animate entities O nay, why what life is we also may construe as being 
contrite humility begetting gratitude for life, for being alive here in a voided space 
knowing not how ‘integer factorization’ may help expedite the ‘classical to quantum’ move,  
the bits-to-qubits transition for instance that may help us better figure how ions O yes in 
chemical reactions in and outside our bodies interact how we could those more efficient 
quantum models build to our ever complex world better figure able to millions of units 
of information tweak fastest we could; quantum computing we would sure be grateful for O yea. 
We are grateful for able being to take part in a study such as this, one that explores what life 
is in our precious world the way we could humble we are we could, grateful we are for life, O yes, 
we hope to be able to study more give up not nay on life, for life is good, and it may be 
willing yea to reveal more of its face to us contrite and grateful we are seeking knowledge yea, 
united one and all collaborating to our world improve yes for the good of all, and this 
is a chance we must not pass up, we may at last know reason Giza is, hidden somewhere O yes
may be wondrous mathematical equations that quantum theory simplify making yes 
obsolete need for millions if not billions of qubits to make it come alive we make accost 
spicing our lives advancing evolution yea of thought on what life is and what it’s all about, 
something we’ll likely joyous be to relish being here in a priceless life live in our precious world.