Life 2

Life 2
George O. Obikoya 
We know not what constitutes ninety five percent nay of our universe, O yes, our universe,
dark matter dark energy even sure not are we if the Higgs particle or better put, field, 
is indivisible, where this yea leaves the ‘standard model’ beats one hollow yea, and not that is 
to say all Physicists ready are yea to ‘shut up calculate’ having all issues that pertain 
to us regarding yea our universe resolved, not that we posit in our study nay, maybe 
the Higgs field could be decomposed maybe there is so much more we could see to more see than we do 
now more than we could ever think we would, but how are we to know more silence mantra make? Is it
the case that we have not afore unknowables unveiled? The answers to these queries we must not
dismiss, for we have challenges surmounted in the past even those we invited O yes as 
yea after all we went ‘to the moon not because it was easy but because it was hard,’ we did. 
So, do we really want to keep our mouths shut? Do we simply want to live our life untroubled by 
goings on in our world? Whatever is our answer we cannot deny we marvel at what we encounter as
reality as our precious world, and that JJ Thomson probably did not know nay about 
positrons or at that about electronics even though he discovered the electron O 
yes very long ago, we cannot now but wonder if Einstein would yea be happy to have been 
literally a ‘Jack in the box’ challenging quantum mechanics so vehemently even  
coming up with his ‘spooky action at a distance’ which with proof now only has reinforced yes the 
veracity of quantum theory he so much despised; he would likely kudos give to Bohr, 
for he did not despise protagonists of quantum theory just that it could not our universe explain, 
our cosmos did not explicate, but we know better thanks yea to one Bell, an Irish Bell O yes. 
Even ‘beleaguered’ he held on to the ‘beables,’ such as Bohm’s ‘hidden variables’ whose existence 
does not depend on being observed yet correspond to our reality O yes to what exist, 
beset local hidden variables do not exist Bell for sure proof yea inspire of quantum 
entanglement and by the way that local hidden variables nay do not exist does not 
mean that non-local ones do not, what more could be hidden than what we know not nay about
O yes that ninety five percent yea of our universe we know not much about than that dark matter and 
energy are out there must food for thought be yea, that there may be a holistic underlying 
reality guiding entanglement of elements even aeons apart, O yes, 
our world reality our life therefore entangled we may thus concede, perhaps that space 
does not exist, maybe that spacetime also is mirage, perhaps then we do not exist, who knows? 
But wait; let’s not nay get ahead of ourselves wait, let’s not classical determinism O nay 
probabilistic indeterminism steer us too far from the base where one Bishop Berkeley 
yea would prefer to stay without having to kick a stone rationalism bother much about, 
a place where some Physicist would prefer to hide from feeling too exposed, one we could sum 
up asking what about the ‘measurement problem’ what about Higgs, the boson that is, decomposed? 
You see, we cannot run away nay from the fact yea that neither the ‘standard model’ or at that 
any model of physics or of anything is theory of everything and yea explains 
completely our life our world our reality, an uncomfortable truth for the many who 
do not subscribe to anything less than logical positivism or at that to quantum 
mechanics anyone unwilling granted able yea to interlinked phenomena embrace. 
Phenomena of life that make even conceptualizing decomposed atoms composed, paired as 
electrons with positrons supersymmetry instructive in a voided space, becoming elements in 
‘periodic tables’ and becoming molecules proteins becoming entities biological otherwise that 
lay claim yea to life, to life afore or after yea a Big Bang a priori laid, or was it them contrived 
with ‘proof’ emergent some contend ‘measurement settings’ chosen ‘freely’ quantum theory yea 
it shows after all is complete, for instance, the point here is there is so much we cannot deny 
we do not know hence we cannot eureka sing from high chest-pounding to the local press, we hear 
Einstein no longer spoke to one of the authors of the famous ‘paradox’ that opened up yea the 
Pandora box some see quantum entanglement being after such a ‘show,’ yet we could beat 
the other to the tape breaking hidden variables wherever laid racing yea to the ‘moon.’
We should nothing have nay against healthy competition nay we are not averse to knowledge gained 
wherever yes obtained, eclectic sourcing we subscribe to in our studies yea, as no one nay 
monopoly of knowledge could yea claim to have, no one could claim to know nay what dark matter and
dark energy are, and we have seen how a global team of engineers scientists and others could 
build and give us a boson tighter tie loose ends of the ‘standard model’ of how our universe 
emerged and works O yes, the sort yea of collaborating we must all endorse in everything 
we do, in every nook of void, wherever we may be, the world as one our mantra ought to be, 
a new world order we must hail ecumenism we must all embrace, for we indeed seek knowledge of 
our void, we want to know what makes it tick what makes us ‘waves’ as entities alive, molecular 
entities ‘branes’ ‘fields’ motorized in void, nothingness teeming yes with life in billions, and counting. 
It is a noble endeavour with progress of humanity yea ever on our minds, just like 
the large hadron collider we want to particles decompose, we want to matter make O yes,
to ‘hidden variables’ shake hands with O yea, welcome yea to our world guidance whereof  
of what and what of entanglement hitherto in veils, we want to yes partake of cosmic trysts 
celestial serenades, with ensembles yes divine, illuminated liberated seek yes  
apotheosis yea, yet we cannot attain our goals shutting our mouths O nay, we must seek yea 
to find ask questions to answers receive yes to achieve our aim, perhaps someday our physicists 
mathematicians anyone in any walk of life would find something that may bring us closer 
to understanding meaning yea of life, for it is not enough to know we have a life, exist 
in common parlance we ought why to know, also yea what or who we are why we are here O yes. 
We may not yet know why gravity is so weak a field compared to others or why yes at all 
the ‘classical model’ in physics aspects of our world yes still explains, or for that matter if 
empiricists would rationalists ever shake hands with but we know we are asking questions on 
issues yea we want to explore, we know we are we have a life because we are but sure not who 
or what we are the meaning yea of life somewhere in voided space, in space we really are not sure 
exists teeming with life O yea, in billions in our void and counting life entangled yea, also 
in billions where we know not and counting maybe as well, the jigsaw puzzle life appears to be 
legitimate is to elucidate, as after all electrons and positrons may shake hands 
someday, perhaps even more instructive for us with quantum mechanics supersized is that we 
may too with our supersymmetry mates, we may be standing still and walking at the same time, yea. 
Superposition, walking standing still was shown to the naked eye almost a decade ago,  
that quantum mechanics is not exclusive domains of atomic subatomic particles 
so demonstrated shows we could also yea ‘quantum tunnel’ walk yes through a wall, we could 
imagine quantum navigation inbuilt in us we have not beheld, like we know robins do in tandem with 
the earth’s magnetic fields O yea, and we could also be a ‘Schrödinger’s cat’ alive and dead at once 
yea in our voided space, our precious world O yea, superposition inherent in us, maybe 
not apparent nay with multiplicity of factors affecting us within the complex yea 
milieu wherein yea we exist, ‘quantum weirdness’ not so weird after all we must admit we need 
to redefine what life is to its meaning seek, maybe for now accept that we are dodo live, 
which ought to shape we think about ourselves and others and about our world, keep studying our void. 
It’s not hard to see why Einstein played ‘Jack in the box’ at the Solvay Conference in nineteen 
twenty seven the underlying agon realists and instrumentalists had a potent 
backdrop yea in a stormy state; the man did not believe that God played dice, and did not think the moon
would not be there because we looked away, yet we must not dismiss that we have since ‘evolved’ as if
we have been living life away from life in void, but we must trim our egos calmly yea admit 
we know less yes we find the more questions we ask, even then never stop asking so that more we 
may know, about life and its meaning not only for biological entities but also 
for those not biological, a plant a flower or a hillside cave, all matter rooted in 
atoms subatomic particles in elements molecules prions proteins life invested 
that we may progress make, in how we see ourselves our world our fellow humans yea, we see our fate.