Life 1

Life 1
George O. Obikoya
The seven antediluvian sages each carried a bag, maybe what yea we later deemed 
an ankh, a symbol yea of life, of fructification yes by the sun, handed down by the gods, 
a symbol yes of immortality but what is immortal we ask? We see ourselves age and 
we see our bodies shrivel die decay, we see the ankh in Unicode standard for symbol and 
of text encoding for computing, twice, not once but twice, and someone says we ask the big questions,
‘why don’t you think of something different maybe you may yea answers find and stop wasting your time?’
It may be true we never may answers find to some queries on our mind, that we may be O yes 
be flustered aporetic numb, more so yea with the ladder gone that we had hoped a glimpse of that
unknown maybe would grant us but isn’t this why we strive? Isn’t life why we labor night and day to feed 
ourselves our family shouldn’t we want to know about ankhs yea computers even handicapped? 
We may indeed, be handicapped in this endeavour yea, we may resources lack to figure what 
life is what if an afterlife exists and what it’s all about, as after all we shrivel die 
decay, our bodies that exist in life we see seize to exist, so what is immortal if yea 
mortal we are, if when deceased our bodies seize to live, is there an afterlife is why we talk 
of immortality? Maybe we’ll never know in life, in limbo we may yet remain O yes 
regarding queries ‘big’ we ask we seek answers to with our present mental state yea in our world, 
yes in our voided space, granted we need not worry yet about the jets a supermassive yea 
binary black hole walloping us we cannot but wonder if the ancients knew something we don’t 
and why, about computers and a handbag or yea and an ankh, and we cannot but hope someday 
a centaur alpha will not ‘wake up’ spewing deadly high-energy jets, yet we may never know. 
There is a lot of things that we may never know, or thought that we might never know but now do yes 
because we never gave up asking questions big or small, we knew a lot some would contend about 
our immune system but only recently that ‘chaos theory’ explains some inner workings of 
the system chaos dynamics helps it regulate yea itself, the ‘butterfly effect’ seen yes 
manifest in a biological system, potentially helping us to prevent and cure 
diseases such as Diabetes Rheumatoid arthritis Alzheimer’s Lupus cancer among  
the so many other diseases making life a chore, yet we may answers to the so many 
other questions we ask in our studies truly never know, but this ought not deter us as we 
may yet know what now we do not know we may more know yea about the ankh, about a code, 
about life about afterlife, what immortality is, who or what is immortal and why. 
We may yet know what yea the ancients knew but likely not were we to stop asking questions 
stop being skeptical ‘nosy’ some would say, curious mea culpa we admit but sniffing not 
around about others’ businesses we simply want to know about ourselves living yea in 
a void, existing in our precious voided space our life, who doesn’t want to know about their life? 
Yet, we bear Kierkegaard’s ‘qualitative leap’ in mind, a ‘leap of faith’ we cannot dismiss even 
as we do not aim to externality of transcendence nay discount, for it is as much, and 
yes in the final analysis, if not even is a greater engine yea of change, which sought may aid 
us in our journey to ‘authentic’ be, afraid not to be skeptical we find out evermore 
about mysteries of life we seek to know perhaps the afterlife, the secrets laden in an ankh,    
about computers seven sages yea, about our world, our voided spaces faced, we may, O yea. 
Witness how math discovers and invents, unlocks yea art sublime in numbers ratios yes and all, 
how even those of us uninitiated marvel at the elegance of heavenly canvass reason mirrors in 
an ankh, equations Venus must endorse to beauty so define, awestruck we wonder what magic 
is in the mind of a mathematician could divinity unveil, applied with such 
distinction in algorithms and many other ways to better make our life, why we must not 
as well dismiss the power yea of reason, the sinew of the mind, why we must inculcate in our 
youths and at that in everyone the need to curious be about ourselves also about our world, 
we need to realize we cannot answers find without first asking questions nay, queries that may 
not go down well with everyone to mention not answers to which may even worse perceived, yet we 
must aim to us all bring aboard the ship of progress that we seek yea for our priceless world, O yea.
We need to do this as revisionists hurl verbal cannons at traditionalists and O yes 
vice versa muddling the fields ‘unveiling’ prehistory be it via radiocarbon dating 
or ancient DNA, historians archeologists chemists and biologists and more 
seemingly drawing battle lines when we should all be working hand in hand to further knowledge on 
who we are where we came from why we’re here who or what put us here and what life is elucidate 
yes what it means what afterlife is if there is indeed any such thing and the so many more 
questions yea that we ask, answers to which we seek not academic acrobatics that only 
further obscure our vision of a better world for all, agon on issues such as those we seek 
answers to is nothing new but should it persist? The question yea the nature of our queries tells 
the answer that of why we must persist in asking questions and seeking answers to them belies. 
From 'sexing up' the ‘evidence’ to pounding heads with ‘truths’ we have since ages past professed to know 
the answers to the issues raised concerning life, yet even if someone was indeed right O yea 
the queries nay have never stopped bombarding us demanding answers yea from us but why? Don’t we
already know how long ago the earth was born what life on earth means where we go from here, also,  
yea by the way, who put us here? Do we? As one admits yea ‘I am two fools, I know,’ c'est la vie 
phenomena one sees the bane, perhaps someone is right to wonder why we persevere to aim
‘unknowables’ to know, as after all they are just what they are, they are beyond our reach they are 
unknowables un-understandables, noumena yea the primal source we struggle to conceive,
uncertain what it is we are we started with a bang proclaim, but who knows if we started with 
a bang? Who knows what was in an antediluvian bag or what computers have to do with ankhs? 
At least we would concede Oanis yea may help regarding contents of the bag, as much also that we 
plan as we’ve done before to listen to the dead, what ancient DNA tells us about us and 
about life, ancient modern postmodern O yea, just life unqualified O yes, if that at all 
is possible if we could life of apples with those of oranges compare, which begs the question if 
we could compare or contrast life of the various iterations yea of ‘us,’ including yes 
even their parts for instance that yea of a toe and of an eye the latter older in time than 
the former yea, if we could ‘life’ define to capture these differences between and within us 
we may not yet accost, why someone autoimmune thyroiditis has another Lupus yea, 
why some have immune-related disorders others none at all, or is that so? Is it the case 
that all disorders traceable are to ‘the bag,’ to genes? A riddle ancient DNA may solve. 
Thus, able we may to what binds us yea reveal in echoes from the past, commonalities that 
may help us see the need to join hands forge a void anew, ecumenism yea embrace, how life 
ere now forevermore we could begin to wrap around our minds, conceive in ways devoid O yes 
of colour creed or race, humanity afore our very eyes, that we could henceforth yes O yes 
happily strive for to improve for aye, O yes we can, eight-sided Giza we could mull to not 
dismiss an ankh, geodesy of speed of light that tells us something more mammoth black holes 
may hide, and electromagnetic light and others after all immune, our world forever safe, 
yet we must black holes comprehend to know what is lost figure what is not if even walloped in 
a haste, phenomena we may hope yea to find ‘intact’ yes on the other side, the ‘afterlife,’ 
noumena yes we face, our world who knows may never be the same, for better or for worse, O yea. 
At least we need to stand a chance, this much we owe to not only ourselves but also to our children and 
all those coming after us yea, and we indeed a chance have yes to do just that asking questions 
yea big or small about ourselves our world, and we may still be gulled, to relish nuts you have to crack 
the shell, hopefully, there is nothing wrong with being contrite nature’s tricks yea accept, we must 
admit we know not what is really going on we must our hubris’ toga shed, for then we are 
approaching sources yea of knowledge with an open mind, we’re saying we are novices knowledge 
we seek, we want yea to achieve our aim to pass beyond time to catch a glimpse of ‘life,’ continuum 
of consciousness attain, as answers to our queries manifest in sundry ways divine, and we 
become attuned to life as life for one and all, why yea we need to give ourselves a chance,
support scholarship educate our youths to be receptive yea to knowledge love life in our world, O yea.