Now 3

Now 3
George O. Obikoya 
Live now for ‘now,’ worry not nay about the future we can yap about it now but wasn’t it 
a scary picture metaphors nay cannot justice on such deliver? We must thank our stars, yes,  
we must grateful be for providence we’re granted when indeed in need, for grace we may say we 
did not deserve regarding what we can say that irrational we must have been to even mull 
to ever contemplate, potentially deadly yes situations we do over yea, we say 
why not after all as Cassandra is our name, predict ill-fated yet predict ad infinitum we 
a void engage, but with our studies all that yes have changed, nay sayers no more in our way, a fit 
we seek to ‘now’ engage regardless fuzzy is our math, and aporetic nevermore even 
the ladder gone, whereas we see a chance to try again perplexity unveil, not cringe live all 
you like eat what you like sleep all you like it’s ‘now,’ it’s all you’ve got relax, live now for ‘now’ inure. 
At times it all seem we are putting the fox in the chicken coop, the henhouse up to nothing we 
should yap about, more so the chicken in a loop tunnelling through ascending descending and yes
maneuvering aghast, even deceased, well, if indeed interred in time, aware yea of it’s ‘now’ within 
the belly of the beast, the point here yea being we could step aside perplexed declare let others rake 
the yard, but questions on what happened to the daffodils will never let us rest, melodies of 
their tubas tympani will evermore excite, so then what happened to the lilies in the fields? 
What do those crackling crumbling leaves of Fall chorusing atmospheric laid? Are they singing prelude 
of prologue tubas aired, a version of the music of the spheres? If so are chicken on the floor 
tangoing with panache, singing the same old song again, enjoying ‘now’ deceased? Yes, we could sink 
our pates into a rock flummoxed declare we are, matters too complicated we cannot care less. 
At other times it seems the fox is in an empty coop to start with it may starve to death not in 
the wild roaming free in its ‘now,’ whereas perhaps it could care less deceased happy yea in a pen, 
embrace of chicken blissful life a swell, all O yea in the ‘now,’ alive, not starving nor wolfing 
nay one another in a voided space, living yea now for ‘now’ alive or dead therefore we ought to mull, 
for we know that the fox is neither dead nor live as we engage the world, we may blame an acid 
trip for very many things but the key issue regarding what ‘now’ is remains and we cannot 
refuse to mull it as we always do living in time an ouroboros yea, ‘arrow of time’ 
our guide in watches clocks and all in spaces wherein we and others dwell, awareness we endorse, 
more so as we increasingly yea realize we must not ever give up blame Cassandra for 
the skeptics in a void, our studies fold up ostriches become, we need to forge, our forges forge. 
We need to make the world a better place for all our forges work forge lead yea into gold, we need 
to forge our void, remake our void a new world order hail, ecumenism yea embrace and now 
is when to start, but we must first know what we mean by ‘now,’ consensus we must reach imagine not 
impossible to figure how to reach that goal, given we struggle to agree within oneself 
if mackerel or salmon ought to be for dinner red wine or if cappuccino O yea fits 
a perfect meal, we ought to tell ourselves that ‘yes we can,’ and go for it O yea, and yes indeed 
we can, we need not, flustered, think not of continuum of consciousness at ‘core’ of what is ‘now,’ a fit 
that ought to make us not forget a snake, that makes us still enjoy the rhythm O yes tubas of 
the daffodils lend in a cosmic song, unfolding right afore our eyes the interplay of space 
of others and of time, trifecta on our minds, on mind, awareness yea O yea, of ‘now,’ for now. 
Thus, we must strive to reach our fellow humans seek consensus on the issues raised that we may heed
Cassandra risk not what could hurt us and our world O nay, adverse consequences of climate change 
for instance we could have prevented not dismissing issues raised regarding greenhouse gases as 
with others nay, in other words we must agree on ‘now,’ for it will be our ‘now’ when those adverse
consequences start yea to manifest, when we ignore the wisdom of the plants, no longer listen for 
the music of the spheres in atmospheric choruses embalmed, in crackling crumbling leaves in Fall 
of tubas of ‘heretofore’ blooming daffodils ‘deceased’ reminding us of the future past 
we saw we toss, avowing we just want to live for ‘now’ unwary we cannot exclusive of 
the future past we ought not nay to toss, and we cannot toss for we are the future O yes for 
a newborn star, the past yea for a dying star, the past future yea intertwined in ‘now,’ O yea. 
For we experience birthing yea of the stars, and their demise in ‘now,’ the future yea the past 
O yea, why four two two yea we must ever mull, unfolding right afore our eyes a new the ‘now’ 
creation future in the past, our fuzzy math revealing hidden heads that fuzziness will clear 
yes from our fuzzy minds ‘now’ O yea crystal clear, visitors from the future past in past future 
we welcome in our ‘now,’ continuum of consciousness demystified O yea, no longer are 
we wary of the robots soon becoming sentient or at that of any entity conscious 
yea as we are for instance yea the plants, the point here is ubiquity of consciousness we are 
a part of yea, exclusive not to us, not even to biological entities O yes 
whatever that may mean given we have not conferred that ‘exalted’ status on the robots yet 
if even citizenships of some countries some of them enjoy, so, we must heed Cassandra, now. 
Whichever way we think of ‘now,’ we cannot but see its pervasiveness yea in our lives our world 
and in the realms we know or do not in the cube O yea, and this should make us pause a little to 
reflect on ‘now,’ put differently to reflect on consciousness that others space and time O yea 
encompass to reflect on life, for time may merely be changes in configurations O yes 
in space, and what is changing we may ask? What is being configured reconfigured over yes 
and over yes again? That must be ‘us,’ the third of that trifecta that consciousness is, whereof 
a snake yes we must ponder yea, a snake that eats its tail O yea, why we must be contrite in all 
we do wary we may not be the ‘greatest’ in the realms, that consciousness may not be stamped on us 
humans alone but others live or dead, biological yes or not, we must thus cautious be 
in how we treat what we could term an ecosystem yes of varied conscious beings, we must, O yea. 
It is important we do not deny that we are not alone, for then we may be tempted to 
relate to one another like we care not who or what the other is, whereas we may do so 
yea at our own peril, ignoring potential adverse consequences of greenhouse gases on 
the climate for example wisdom of the plants dismissing caring not for void, our precious world 
O yea, loving others not as we love ourselves, caring not even for ourselves to start with let 
alone for others we may even think do not ‘exist’ not grounded in our ‘now,’ yet err we may 
thinking we are alone, perhaps even that we do not exist, a cosmic phantom we are in 
a fuzzy haze, why bother to attempt to wrap our minds around a future past or past future 
yea we may even ask when we could simply live it up in ‘now,’ forget the past worry not nay 
about the future we may yes declare, yet we may just be wrong, we may be dodo wrong, O yes. 
There may just be yes something in between the one yes and the naught, our fuzzy logic just 
may yea be ‘right’ after all that ‘degrees of truth’ yes is the cosmic game, that we had better come 
to terms with there being no absolute truth in void, whatever way we slice or dice it we must seek 
consensus in our precious world, prepared we must be to with others work to forge a world anew, 
a new world order hail, our binary friends make nay not our foes, as after all we seem happy 
to work with axioms varied in our maths, it’s being like that since ages past witness the naught evolved, 
a placeholder we cannot now toss, as we explore yea ‘partial truths’ that range between zero and one 
in void, who knows how others conscious as we are approach their ‘range of truths’ or even if ‘truth’ is 
yea in their lexicon? Thus, they may find us not attuned to their ways of describing yes our void, 
ours theirs too as they see ‘our now,’ totality of consciousness yea we describe as ‘world,’ our world. 
Here then is another reason we must pause and think how else we could manage our world without 
consensus seeking yea, without adopting global views on matters we accost, seeing not we 
will swim or sink together come what may in void, it is in our best interest therefore seeking 
goodness for all, remembering the snake that eats its tail the birthing of the stars, and their demise 
O yea, as someone once said life would not be meaningful if we didn’t die to be reborn 
in light our aim, that we may gladly share our ‘now’ with others in the spirit of the festival 
of light, discombobulated no more by warehouse robots lurking in our plants, afraid no more 
of desktops on the shop floor prying everyone, for we know we are friends with one and all, we know 
we all survival seek good tidings wish our world, we recognize it is our home we cannot wish 
away, reality we cannot nay dismiss, the ‘now’ we all yea must embrace; the world, we are.