Now 2

Now 2
George O. Obikoya
Mimosa pudica may have a thing or two to teach us all, shaken gently it clos­es its 
leaves at first but no more after eight tri­als as it no longer deems the vibrations threatening
something yea it remembers for over a month, thus we have no monopoly O no over 
intelligence, even plants could knowledge and skills acquire yea and apply, and if O yes we see
consciousness in relation to space others and to time plants just like us could also be conscious 
yea witness the bo­quila for example that its foes avoids by imitating sizes O 
yes and the colours shapes of leaves nearby doing so for varied species with different parts of 
itself in short achieving vision without eyes using as ‘lenses’ its external cells, again 
what we may term being conscious which thus begs the query what else in our world besides us also may
be conscious we know not yet what this may mean for us for our void, our very precious world O yea. 
‘The all is mind, the universe is mental,’ Hermetic principle of mentalism declares, 
one of the seven principles of truth, the others, that of correspondence, of vibration, of 
polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and of gender all are aspects of ourselves and our world 
that we intend to study yes that we may further drink deep not merely taste the Pierian spring, 
the ‘all,’ noumena verily manifest yea in phenomena O yes in material 
yea universe in matter life and energy that we engage in void the phenomenon of 
life Hermetic philosophy teaches us all, is mental, an unknowable and O yes is
an undefinable infinite living mind, a spirit, the universe mind of the ‘all’ wherein in parts 
or whole the universe exists, akin to which in a sense ‘collective brains’ of plants hidden yea in 
their roots below the ground in effect decentralized organizational designs of plants’ parts.  
O yes, of plants and not a plant, we all as one, consciousness we may therefore need to redefine 
to open vistas to explore our minds, operational in the ‘all’ in all, energy and 
power and indeed all of matter yes subordinate to power of the mind, O yes, 
hence whence our study takes us clearly on our mind, an exploration of the mental psychic truths 
we cower not from nay, as hidden truths afore our eyes become, no longer hid in plain sight we 
embrace in void, as ‘now’ reveals the past inklings into the future bears, our lives yea in 
our hands we forge ahead unfazed, we face the future rest assured with faith in all as humans to 
improve ourselves yes and our precious world, with power of our mind to not do anything to hurt 
ourselves or hinder progress in our world O nay, for we attuned yes to the ‘all’ consensus reach 
with ease, aware we swim or sink together think and act our overall survival yea in mind. 
Indeed, we need to be aware we have to work together forge a brand new world, O yes a new 
world order hail, ecumenism yea embrace, we need to know we could for better change our world, 
we need not throw our hands up in the air demoralized O nay, our now we could improve O yea 
our future to insure, adopting for example ways of organizing our lives like the plants 
do that have made them able to exist and thrive yes even O yes in supposedly not so 
hospitable milieus yea in our world about eighty percentage of the biomass of which 
they constitute, maybe we ought to their decentralized organizational system adopt 
tapping into the ‘all,’ harnessing yes collective ‘intelligence’ that all-encompassing all 
‘the best in class,’ and all, our democratic bent assures, and we are yea already doing so 
in architecture plant-inspired buildings popping up everywhere, decentralized our lives become. 
We are already taking cues from plants our businesses and governments more decentralized, 
in technology we work with the plants, from algae biofuel and O yes to floating farms
biodegradable corn plastic to cellucosic ethanol to Velcro that’s right for our 
astronauts we are yes working with plants, and we are saving them saving ourselves our world O yea 
interests in renewable and sustainable geothermal energy sources that help
reduce yea carbon dioxide emissions on the rise no doubt we seek the good of all O yes
progress yea for our world, including that of plants and others in the ecosystem that we call 
our world, eliciting in the ‘all,’ in other words we recognize we’re not alone in void, regardless of 
taxonomy hierarchical no matter rich or poor, or for that matter our yea shade of grey,  
we realize our now somehow must coincide for us to save ourselves and save our world, O yea. 
In realizing we must work with plants and others in our ecosystems we are saying we 
are not alone in void and we are keen to work with others to advance our world, in saying that 
some other entities yea be they plants or any other are intelligent consciousness have 
we are acknowledging the need to trim our ego work with one and all, O yea, we’re simply yea 
saying that these other conscious entities yes exist within the ‘all’ in consciousness of ‘all’ 
hence we ought not to them ignore believing for example we are smarter and are higher on 
the taxonomic scale, perhaps even that we need not collaborate with them, whoever or 
whatever yea they are, but wait; we may be wrong, and we may quickly reach yes that important point
remembering what photosynthesis is all about, how greenhouse gases climate deal a blow, 
disaster yes we may be courting working not with plants to make a better ‘now’ for all, O yes.  
It may be hard to figure consciousness of plants given that we have not ours comprehended in 
our present state, but we must start to wonder whether or not ‘now’ dissimilar is for us and 
the plants, or any other entities in void, considering the ‘all,’ principle O yea of 
mentalism imbibed, in other words that matter emanates from mind continuum of 
consciousness yea implies, a point in time of consciousness between a human and a plant even 
better still one between humans and plants or even better put decentralized collective O 
yes consciousness of humans and of plants properly called their ‘now,’ a turning point for instance that 
deforestation stops, consensus reached yes in a void that augurs well for all, the ‘now’ common 
to both, unknowable undefinable forces yea informed, perhaps at a ‘critical mass’ 
in tandem in space that’s our world in time we yes are all aware of as the ‘now’ for now, O yea. 
Thus, that the ‘now’ becomes a moment that’s perceptible to all even not verbalized is key 
to rethinking the notion of now in our present state, a state in which we are not able it 
appears to chat away with plants albeit some may yea, or others in our world not exactly 
us instructive is O yea, more so as nonetheless we arrive at the same ‘now’ consciousness we 
do not deny any other entity besides us has, for we really may not know what makes 
a plant see why quantum navigation works, and why particles are sometimes waves, yet O yes that
entanglements of quantum particles could yes be said to ‘now’ manifest even with the particles kilometres 
apart seems the principle of mentalism yea to support, helping us mull ways to approach
the many other entities with which we don’t yet share a tongue, regardless gender race, and that 
we are better off yea embracing not excluding entities within our ecosystems for the good of all. 
Let us not Ain Soph Aur forget, dark energy let us all contemplate, decry not those that hold 
spirits exist in trees, mentalism yea always on our minds, the good of all we ought to see 
consensus ever seek as matter emanates perpetually consciousness yes unfolding right 
afore our very eyes we may not know as yet, and we may never know communicating not 
with entities besides us outside us O yea as we busy ourselves equating with our brain,  
a structure in our pate, as physicalists do yes something that we term our mind, something O yes
including consciousness perception memory judgement language and thoughts, phrenology of yore 
that led us to concerns about the limitations of computing power of the neural yea 
networks some deem the fabric of our mind, our brain its ‘box’ constrain as if the bigger this structure 
is yes the bigger is our mind or vice versa mentalism effectively denying yea. 
Need we argue brain size determines yea how smart or not we are? So, where does our ability 
to knowledge and to skills acquire, a subjective experience implying knowledge of also 
perception of data and of a state synonymous with consciousness reside? If in our brain we better be 
prepared and urgently so to address the issue of non-biological intelligent 
entities racing as we speak to singularity O yes, whereas we may be not constrained 
by pate, our mind may not reside in neurones in our brain in matter not O nay, noumena we 
must aim to ‘see’ rethinking yea our ‘now,’ its link with matter time and space, right there we see our mind
being tripartite O yea, Ain Soph Aur we must not forget, the cube yea we must ever mull, that we 
may able be to knowledge see in void hidden yes in plain view in our voided space, that we 
may all consensus reach within the ‘all’ believing in one another ‘now’ to align O yea.