Freedom or Health 3

Freedom or Health 3 
George O. Obikoya 
In keeping with our understanding of the triple confluence of health freedom and knowledge we 
must act accordingly ensure we reach our goal, as evident so far yea in our study time 
is ripe for us to put our actions in perspectives seek the good of all, we have to look after 
ourselves to start with but in doing so we also want to care for others save our precious world, 
as strange as that may sound to some who rightly may wonder what is about our world that saving needs, 
the rightness not to say there isn’t, it is fair to say it isn’t far fetched to assume it does, 
if even this may qualifying ‘saving’ mean, what ‘rightness’ we concede, our world may not be in 
imminent danger but we cannot overstate it may be somewhere down the road, not just because 
of what we did or did not do but also energy dispersion which what we do or do not 
do may someway affect, cosmic events our actions may hasten or not we need to save our world. 
Let’s start from home to further study why this trifecta warrants attention of everyone not 
least nay because cosmos is also home, whatever we must do to save our world is doubtless, if 
even yea just in part, contributing to the overall health of the cosmos more so given 
within it we exist, an emphasis on an interrelatedness that an immediate 
chord must strike in us regarding our connectedness to our void, an example of which being the 
triple confluence of health freedom and knowledge that we have been talking about, something to think 
about this is space junk to mull, yes our ability to be contrite not dump whatever up 
above may help us see why freedom does not mean we must engage in actions that may not only 
impair us all directly but by damaging our atmosphere and even farther put our solar 
system and way beyond at risk, energy dispersion for instance ripping crunching banging it. 
Starting with our immediate world we wary must be of the telltale signs of potential 
trouble yea right ahead our errors of commission or omission may beget, errors decomposed we 
would likely find reside in multilayered confluences complex systems flaunt, yet we must not 
be fazed, we have to set be to our hurdles scale, the starting point being not allergic O no to 
acquiring knowledge that would better place us freedom to deploy without damaging nay ourselves 
others or jeopardizing void, with knowledge gained we act deploying freedom to improve ourselves 
and with the good of all in mind ensuring we do not engage in actions that would harm our world, 
general principles to guide us on the way to forging yes a brand new world, one in which whims 
no longer nay determine what we do but rather evidence based on knowledge gained does, O yea, 
our take on issues thereby sound choices we make the best we could given yea all the facts known. 
Thus, not only do we need information to our acts guide we also do to ensure correctness of 
the rules upon which pivot choices that we make whether to run the traffic light because it’s late 
at night and no one seems to be around or wait yea for the green light before we get on our way, 
decisions that could land us in some trouble or may take a life we’ll probably not contend nay 
we need to base on judgement sound and rules, the key point here is we could use updated data to 
review our choices drop some add some better make our world, thus we do not have to give up if things 
didn’t go how we thought they would, life gloomy is we say, a place we found ourselves we never thought
we would, this may be what chance we have to amend our state, use freedom we have to consider all
our options toss decisions we made that did not work add those that may based on new knowledge fitted
yea in our pates, a new lease give our lives O yea, lessons learned never fritter healthy forge ahead. 
Precisely what we ought to do, we are in this study stressing the need for us to freedom see 
not as an end nay in itself but as a path to one, a path with issues with dimensions yes 
hurdles one with ‘many rivers to cross,’ why in seeking freedom we cannot discountenance the 
obstacles we must envisage rivers we have to cross perhaps paddling our own canoes ourselves, 
or if lucky yes with a little help from others known unknown, it’s clear then we must not be vain 
or fickle we must be decisive not let whims prevail, for we are freedom that we have O yes 
deploying to advance our fate, and that of others in our present state, our aim to make our world 
a better place with our ‘widow’s mite’ yea, which if we did not something from our boss receive to thank 
us for does not clip nay its worth, in any case we should not act nay for the common good because 
we want to gain from coffers into which our precious ‘widow’s mite’ belongs, gratis must act for all. 
So, we yea knowledge seek to act, and put another way we freedom seek to act, for even yes 
even given yea all the freedom we could have it matters little if at all knowing not what 
to do with it let alone how we should, put yet another way knowledge is freedom yea O yea, 
without it we remain in chains, in servitude we wallow lost in all our days groping veiled 
without redress as hope aimless hapless yea in our darkened caves, our egos holding sway, sky-gods 
we fly away in reveries oneirism our bane, but we could change our state, a state in which 
we all may find ourselves from time to time caught in a painful web, yes we could alter choices we 
made chart another path, with knowledge yea vicarious or plucked from sundry sources free we are 
to forge ahead and get on with our lives deploying freedom based on knowledge new, afresh our bets 
our wagers acts a new life spells, a brand new world here one and all agreed knowledge yes is the key. 
It is indeed the key, the success of our search for freedom be it positive or negative 
rests on the knowledge that we have to self-actualize relish our civil liberties lest our 
efforts our struggles to freedom we so much crave acquire may end up being in vain, flummoxed we may 
become demoralized in pain, so when we talk of freedom we must clear be in our minds O yea 
what freedom we are looking for and what we want to do with it, how well aware we are yea take 
seriously that freedom comes yea with responsibility that we cannot ignore, and some 
with legal teeth, for instance our obligations to comply with traffic regulations freedom 
to drive a vehicle conferred on us, a driver’s license ours, and we must not plough into crowds 
we must not drink and drive or plant bombs in our cars, we must obey the laws of the land use O yes 
our freedom very well, deploy it for the betterment not just of ourselves but for the good of all. 
It’s apt to wrap up our study reiterating how important knowledge acquisition is, 
now to be sure we are talking knowledge yea for the good of all not how to make pipe bombs saw guns 
to others maim and kill for instance just because ladies pay no attention nay to us or for 
whatever reason we ought to concertedly take another a close look at our policies 
on educating youths, and all, education required from cradle to grave we must mantra make, 
for no one nay is perfect we all may mistakes make, and errors more so not corrected we may 
someday regret, our health and that of others may impair, our ‘widow’s mite’ may turn out to be yea 
a Trojan’s horse, that energy niche that powers our world thrown out sync critical for its balance in 
fast expanding universe that threatens sooner or later at some point to shear us all O yea, 
perhaps why we may that call yet receive our mates elsewhere our fly-agaric rains alarm, O yea. 
We want to get on with our lives in places whereof fun, intrinsically so, but where? Let us 
assume every other wish we have such as safety and security perhaps even a new 
convertible ox red, a nice designer dress, vintage calico shoes, a black top hat rimmed ‘gold,’
tuxedos so multicoloured turn even Joseph green, whatever we desire let us assume 
is factored into joy, so where we ask do we find joy? The place is in our hearts, a heart that cares 
for all, one that is selfless empathetic seeks the good of all, it’s hard these days and sadly so 
to buy the notion of turning the other cheek but we must strive yes so to do not beat the drums 
of war each time we ‘smell’ affront affrays the go-to answers to the queries agon raises we 
ought to debate, why yes miseducation we must rein and fast, before it tears us all to shreds,
we have to save the children save ourselves our world, a task freedom demands that we must all engage. 
Our study one admits it has learned much from hopes that you as well did yea, doubtless to freedom seek
is noble but we must not all its aspects fail to ponder act according to the rules which we 
correct yes every now and then as knowledge opens vistas we never imagined we could glean, 
our world able we are to tweak improve yes for the common good, happy and healthy we explore 
the voids, venture where science takes us music takes our soul, at last we’re able to true freedom know, 
we build not castles in the air, with knowledge freedom grants we elevate our present mental and 
physical state healthier we become, we trample not on rights of others on the other hand 
we reach out yes to those in need, knowing we could be swapping places with them someday here O yes
in ‘erewhon’ live not in darkness we are in the light, freedom we will continue to study 
further hope to elucidate, for now adieu we humbly say wishing all well, always, O yea.