Freedom or Health 2

Freedom or Health 2
George O. Obikoya 
To say we do not cherish freedom may be not the truth, or not the whole of it, for some contend 
freedom yea is our bane, too much of it we know not what to do with it yet we clamour for more, 
this may be something to discuss but many would concur we may not have enough, and as we have 
seen we must qualify such statements since we may be talking ‘bout positive or negative types 
of freedom maybe even will to make it happen anyway, agency to will exercise 
we may be talking yes about dimensions freedom touches in and out of void, our world O yea, 
whichever is the case that yes we talk of freedom must mean it is important to us, hence we 
must cherish it, and do not want to lose it if we have it we want to acquire it if we don’t,
and blimey who would say we do not cherish health? It’s doubtful any would save for those who do not 
see life as worth living to whom we must reach out to help the best we could, health premium is we say. 
It ought not to anyone pique that we may have some who compassion loathe, for whom to health see as
important in our study is to freedom negativity ascribe, those who may argue health 
should not be in anybody’s mind nay for after all we ought to not expect to healthy be 
at all times we must die someday, the ones who say illness holds back quest for freedom or that we must
not nay allow this to deter those who are not ill we should not health come in our way to be free 
at last, it must not one surprise to see some seeing freedom as an end whatever way yea to 
achieve those unimpressed with caring for the pain, physical or mental, whatever may inflict 
yea on another nay, another rich or poor that may be just the means regarded to achieve 
an end, the end to freedom yes attain, some may even further go to affirm that suffering 
is, you guessed it, noble and worthy celebrating not for anyone to aim yea to escape. 
We may not loafing venerate to label any indisposed a miscreant is stretching things 
a bit, for how could we say a wounded warrior prepared to die to save our world is holding back 
our quest for freedom how on earth could we assert a baby born with flaws with inborn errors of 
metabolism is holding us back we should let them die as we would all die sooner maybe 
even much later anyway we ought to get on with the task of seeking freedom yea? The point 
here is that we may disregard those not as well nay as we think we are but they are like us yet 
matter and not because they hold us back O no, but rather as belonging to the living sure 
also rights have as we do to free be freedom exercise, even dead we must be treated with 
respect and dignity O yes, and we are not nay moralizing here, whatever we do now 
or ever seeking freedom we must not on others’ right trample to find or exercise our own. 
Thus, given yea that some may argue that the common good may not apply to all if we may have 
to choices make to kill one ninety save, the rule being one that’s indisposed, lest all hundred will be 
killed we ought to prepared be to counter yes in our study such contentions to our freedom save, 
for one the fellow need not be killed if going down anyway due to the nature of the what 
the illness is, hence ought to be given the chance to die yes with dignity yea, and if not that 
ill ought yes to have a chance to bounce back contribute too to our search for freedom play a part 
like us, by killing anyone we’re trampling on their rights to live yea and be free, according to 
the rules, correctness of the rules enshrined even in combat yea, in other words we cannot say 
someone is freedom holding back if breaking not the rules, and we may argue contrariwise that 
we are breaking the rules denying those abiding by the rules their rights to freedom yea O yea. 
Apart from guarding rights of persons to be free consequences on us all of denying rights 
of others to be free we must all contemplate, for we may think the poorly nothing has nil in 
our quest for freedom nay to offer but we may be wrong, to which the ‘beautiful mind’ yes attests 
who schizophrenia could not stop nay receiving the highest academic prize worldwide, and there 
was yet another great mind who spent most of a most intellectually productive life able 
not to speak and confined to a wheelchair letting us into secrets of the cosmos told only 
a few more years to live had when an illness first struck several decades yea survived, and more are in 
this group of minds illness did not debar from contributing to our freedom from ignorance from 
our troglodytic ways, not only therefore could we benefit from those we deem indisposed as 
we freedom seek we also could be denying ourselves of freedom we seek lacking knowledge yea. 
We cannot gainsay how important health is to attaining goals we set to realize our dream 
of being at last free in our precious world, freedom defined generically and in special ways, 
however we view freedom health is by its side, while we may seek to health enhance or not even 
yes seek to die we have a right to choose either way freedom rights we claim, regardless of 
our stance on whether we must positive or negative effects on our world our actions may have 
must be prepared to take responsibility for whatever we do, and that is if we could 
an all-important point at play in courts regarding fitness or not to stand trial also yea 
whether or not established could criminal responsibility for levied charges O yea, 
freedom as we see legally linked is to health, why we cannot trample on others’ rights expect 
to go scot-free, we must therefore consider health as we embark on ventures roaming free unfazed. 
Here then is one way to expect to freedom gain bearing in mind not just our health but also health 
of all of us, we need to know that by refusing to consider health in seeking or at that 
in exercising freedom we may be denying others and ourselves freedom we seek lacking 
which we not only compromise the health of others but also our health, directly even if 
yea indirectly we essentially and with our own hands are destroying void, our very own 
world wherein we exist, in bits snuffing life out of life, think of denuded hillsides mudslides lives 
lost wildfires wildlife endangered overpopulation think of rising sea levels smog, the smog 
we cause perhaps thinking we have the right to air pollute in style, and celebrate with flashy gourds 
and yellow tambourines, so we could freedom gain desisting from our actions that may health impair,
reverse engineer damage we have done yes in likewise vein causing them yes freedom exercised. 
O yes we can diehards our middle name, our actions freedom stir we must prepare to change, our aim 
consistent with survival based on what we know, gleaned from what freedom wrought, in other words a fit 
we must our quest for freedom in our science math, in all that knowledge constitute that make our world
go on attempt yea to achieve, for we cannot be free locked in our lonely caves, shadows perceive 
when we could see their real forms we could truly free be in our present state, when knowledge we obtain 
in science math in everything we do fettering not ourselves or others freedom harder to 
reach yea, and what do we do other than build mansions of diseases in our soma pates, invite 
angst court depression even suicide yes, if even we do not want to live it ought to be our 
choice yes some would say but seriously isn’t it if we chose to knowledge jettison be Luddites all 
so to freedom exercise to not science math embrace? We’ve got to think again about our bets. 
It must be fair to say that at this juncture we could see the confluence of freedom health and yes
knowledge helpful yes to consider in our study of the dyad health and freedom spell, for us 
to freedom have or better put to truly have we must not fool ourselves thinking we only need 
to holler on a mountain top abracadabra freedom genies serve, for good measure yea on 
an auric plate, for Pete’s sake we must figure what freedom entails, lest we may lose our shirt on bets 
we’ll likely lose, losing our shirt losing our mind may mean, and unsuspectingly we may find that 
lacking we may remain regarding what we so much crave, and by the way afflictions of the mind 
may not be all that we may bear those of the body we may also pick up somewhere on the way, 
as mind and body closely interwoven may both an ailment manifest a double whammy hex, why we 
must not dismiss a confluence we could well control simply being honest seeking freedom yea. 
Yes, honesty is potent in these matters to help us achieve our aim O yea, some may for sure 
readily this concede yet some may choose to cringe, the point is whether or not we are fooling yea
ourselves affirming we are caring for ourselves taking care of our health deploying freedom we 
have to improve our mental and our physical health seeking knowledge on aspects of health to help 
us better comprehend our bodies and our minds rejecting negativity embracing life 
not death, aware our actions may our mates impair choose to reverse our deeds look forward O yea
to many brighter days hence, prepared to work with others freedom we have put to service of our world 
our very precious world, why we must honest be and freedom seek not just nay for ourselves but for 
our fellow humans also for our world, the question though being how we could avow we aim to do 
this when we can’t be honest with ourselves, what sine qua non we must deem to reach our goal O yea.