Freedom or Health 1

Freedom or Health 1
George O. Obikoya 
Quite obvious is that there is no question mark after the title of our study and for what 
reason none either from which we may cringe, it must be for very fit reasons very apt indeed 
someone must inclined feel yes to be fit hence fit its thoughts within a global fit, in other words 
important so considers being fit it onomatopoetic may seem, furthermore may clang 
association yea suggest whereas a certain aptness tightness fitness it belies that yoked 
with freedom spells, making a question mark redundant if at all required, also making it not 
a matter to confusion stir, one not to wager on, for freedom health begets otherwise yea 
indisposition sires, being able to self-actualize dissimilar to lacking such a fit, 
not being coerced to loaf no one nay in your face to math not music learn fulfilling acts invite, 
in turn wellness assures that in itself promotes health mental or physical offers head starts yea.  
Sure we could think of many reasons we must freedom seek but do we see being healthy one of them?
We should, to not the link see that connects the two is nothing short of being a non-starter yea in 
the quest for freedom and to healthy be, as hard it is to see how freedom, even if attained, 
one could claim to enjoy poorly one often is, lacking the will to set in motion liberties 
achieved, free will has nonetheless not free, why we should take matters of health seriously to be free
indeed, as true it is also that healthy we may be but lacking freedom lose our healthy state, 
hounded harassed intimidated bullied notwithstanding where and when by whom angst depression 
in one that may result in living in the bottle drug addiction even suicide outcomes yea 
of freedom lost or never had may be, why we must seek the fit aforesaid either or not what 
we want nay to engage, we want freedom to seek bearing in mind the need to also seek health yea. 
Having established health and freedom in tandem tread we must deeper dig yea in our study to 
their interactions further comprehend, for this may help us in our quest for freedom figure what
and where to look, it is one thing for instance to depressed be by the loss of freedom to do what we used 
to do having had yea a recent stroke another is to be depressed not due to loss per se 
of freedom but to some biochemical processes going on in the brain, freedom lost in 
either case notwithstanding and no matter minor others see the loss, the point here being that we 
must not forget to freedom view in terms personal to each one of us which underscores the need 
to Bentham and rules consider as we freedom seek, if feeling free to act based on effects it has alone 
or run not traffic lights because it’s late at night there is no police officer around, of course 
correctness of the rule does not apply declare since no one is around crossing the street, O yea.  
Thus, yes we ought mull why we must placards carry on a protest march, we must consider what 
social credit score means to one and all, what we see as tradeoffs in our quest for freedom of 
one for the good of all, and not just most, justifications for the rules we may consider chains, 
for we may find out some rules fit our aims, being able yea to feel safe in our parkade underground 
anytime of the day or night and not afraid someone has been stalking us all the way into 
our flat may rules require that serve the good of all, protect our mental and physical health our 
freedom assured we roam free in the void, our precious world O yea, we cower not to knaves hooded 
yes who are those in chains, for hard it is not to see what potentially permanent damage to 
someone else’s health physical and mental to be raped be violated in whatever way, 
except perhaps for those for whom freedom depriving others’ means, inversion is their aim to gain. 
We must not freedom seek therefore that health ignores O nay, even the rapist may not scot-free go, 
given a gift of condylomata acuminata or related strains, what might have been 
pursuit of freedom one’s health jeopardizes majorly for aye, health and freedom for better or 
worse intertwined we need to ponder understand that we may be aware of issues interlaced 
regarding freedom that we seek in void, issues as we have seen may complex be O yea, may call 
for deep reflection on our parts as we others inject into our models of ourselves and mates 
embedded in society in which we freedom seek both positive and negative freedom yea, 
asking questions that keep us in that fit that oil our precious void, make society function for one 
and all, in other words we must also seek freedom for a global fit, if even acts and rules 
that serve the common good we tweak, our goal remains seeking freedom yea for the good of all, O yea.    
In doing so we mourn yea our respected elder statesman forty one we hail, we pray for one 
a gentle soul to rest in peace O yea, the dream lives on yes and a mission yours completed we 
will carry on, a medal yea of freedom honour till the end, a new world order we pledge to 
achieve one yea in which love peace and justice reign, sophick mercury we will find never nay 
giving up as we our stygian furnace forge to transmutation forge, to elevate our void, 
as we lift yea ourselves to freedom relish evermore to fit our ever changing present state 
the changes in configurations we encounter as we voids traverse, freedom yea in our grips,  
freedom we must protect we must not let nay slip away, for it could vanish not valued taken 
for granted used without respect for rules correct abused misused regarded not the priceless gem 
it is, that health insures, health yea sine qua non to living life in full, freedom and health we seek. 
Dimensions of freedom we therefore ought to bear in mind in seeking to be free, we ought not toss 
what makes it make sense what life glamour grants, if freedom life enhances health we need imagine is 
its bedrock need assured it is, for we cannot freedom enjoy locked in an everlasting pain, 
and whilst nay not pretending to be hedonistic nothing we affirm is wrong with seeking joy 
in pleasure seeking nay, pretty much as there is nothing wrong in being celibate in our void 
our space of value inestimable yea, implicit in the term yea is our choice to freedom 
assume our call is with regards whatever way yes to deploy bearing in mind the common good
consequences yea of our acts correctness of the rules within which we yea operate, thus we 
do not nay want to break the law simply to have our way, just as we do not want to break another’s heart 
just so to freedom exercise because we could, to let our quest for freedom tempered be, our aim. 
With temperance pivoting all our acts we may able be to freedom exercise not carried away by what 
some may regard ‘the omnipotence of the will’ as well by some Byronic ‘aristocratic 
anarchism’ enchanted not by wolverines freed picking fights with rats, we need to aim O yea 
to after-physics morals ethics merge in not only seeking but in exercising freedom 
positive and or negative in seeking joy enhancing health in void, the latter of import 
as some may ask what we consider wrong in seeking pain not joy, here spake not only what we did 
but also what effects arose from it, to start with, if it served the good of most in fact we say 
all in addition to the rules ere now and evermore, invoking primal rules origins of 
our rules correctness of these rules in claiming universality of the rules begetting their 
yea applications topdown to our doors, thus what is right or wrong in seeking happiness or pain.  
Hence, we are not saying that we could not choose to our freedom exercise to damage not promote 
our health but that we ought to factor in how what we choose may damage or enhance our world O yea, 
and since we able may not be to reckon how every rat every bat may suffer from the wrought 
our acts engender damage we inflict yea on our world the rules our guide become, thus in ever 
seeking and exercising freedom we must yes play by the rules respect the good of all, we need 
to all engage in discourses not haughty Machiavelli play bottom-up views reject, O no 
we must forget not plagues, we must remember ravens’ flu jet travel guess what O yes as some may
contend teleportation in our backyards we may notice vectors as may turn out to be of 
Oumuamua plagues the point being someone may claim to be exercising freedom wittingly 
or not jeopardizing all in an interwoven 'voids,' in which we mix ‘faster’ than ‘speed of light.’
We know it may only few seconds take miasmic for some information to become, or for 
that matter vice versa freedom exercised for the betterment of all or otherwise O yes, 
hence we must not discount how huge or small our actions may effects have on the rest of us, which is 
why freedom with responsibility goes we must admit, facilitating jettisoning 
appellations such as ‘the bungled and botched,’ as greatness as history shows could from ghettos rise, 
as it could from the highest echelons of void, likewise happiness agony cancer stroke or 
whatever health or illness that may thwart or may enhance our means to freedom have, freedom O yes
and health we therefore ought to couple think of freedom not nay for ourselves alone, no matter where 
we choose to live social entities we still are our social credit score we disregard 
we may regret why freedom and health we must mull our actions measured for the good of all, O yea.