More Letters 3

More Letters 3
George O. Obikoya 
Dear mates, we must agree we need to be circumspect seeking to be free, we need to know yea what 
we want and nuances incurred, freedom pari passu with responsibilities goes dear mates, 
and in addition it may be positive with prospects of being able to act to take control of 
our lives and to achieve our goals inclusively as members of a whole such as our world within 
our grasp, or negative dear mates with freedom of speech of association movement freedom to 
believe in any faith and worship any god or anything at all, such freedoms we O mates 
as persons seek yea to enjoy also cannot responsibility mates disregard O no 
if even hard they are to not discuss mates in relation to autonomy hence agency 
or free will we must mull, for lack O mates of agency an obstacle yea could be in our way 
regarding prospects to our civil liberties attain to realize our goals in life dear mates. 
Thus, mates we need to freedom seek with these issues in mind, what yea we need to do perspectives fit
our minds pervasive yea our thoughts on such a subject matter as we cannot dodge, for we may find 
out in the end even the sands in which we might have chosen to inter our heads dear mates dance to 
the cosmic microwave background its air from Arkhe, reminding us of ane yea and stones cry out,
reminding us of ere of now and evermore urging us mates to mull, to contemplate freedom 
mates what it is and how it works how we could lift the veil of darkness mates remove the motes that plug 
our eyes stop mates the hatred bigotry shenanigans we hail claiming to freedom seek, when what 
we seek we really know not cosmic hobos mates we are yes aimlessly perambulating voids, 
literalists in realms allegorical coasting hapless lost, modern day Neros robots on 
our heels, seemingly powerless to see we ought to transmutation undergo mates to be free. 
You see, it’s easy to make a lot of noise about becoming free, yet what we need to know refuse mates to
imbibe the lessons hid in plain site mates, in other words the issue mates of freedom or dear mates 
of liberty fundamental is mates to our existence rooted yea in essence yes we ought 
to mates concede the texts contexts subtexts of essence everywhere displayed, in math in music mates
in science art in stone that mates should make us see how we may with our own hands craft positive and
negative freedom obstacles create to achieving yea our aims our civil liberties 
obstruct with our very own agency, and to the more or less of it we have, dear mates, missing 
or plainly undermining and rejecting underpinnings of the issues that pertain O mates 
to freedom in our world, taking control mates of our lives for instance stripped from matters of the whole,
trampling on others for our civil liberties unfazed to others maim or kill whose faith we loathe. 
Yet, we discountenance the nature of our voided space the future of our world, the void in which 
we live wherein we operate, as if we chase our foes deceased straight into rabbit holes, as if 
we could the dead cat bounce prevent, we are never going to die ourselves feeling strong spoiling for 
a fight mates in the name of freedom gleefully yea we deploy to stay our ground if even hell 
at large is lurking everywhere, machine learning our bane, doctors other white collar folks laid off, 
blue collar jobs long gone, yes Nero we adore, dear mates is this what freedom is we hemlock will 
drink vow yea to achieve? Should we not freedom seek in how to work with robots retrain truckers mates?
It isn’t far to seek mates what we’re driving at, we ought to freedom cogitate in every way 
apt mates, we ought to drink deep or taste not a spring the muses moat on contemplating freedom in 
our Phrygians, for this is key mates to our wellbeing our existence yea, freedom at last for aye. 
Mates, the aforesaid ought to prompt us to the issues freedom raises ponder not dismiss, to toss 
we may be doing at our own peril, for we may down the road dear mates be begging robots for 
our freedom yea, if we forgot or could care less mates that artificial intelligence is 
simply software able yes to write itself and may write parasites, configure yea 
some super robots that may help or harm us subject to mates how yea we ‘behave,’ morality 
mates out the window what it wants to do is being more efficient more effective at its task 
O mates, whatever that is even killing us, and that does not necessarily mean wringing 
our necks, as yes taking our jobs making it hard for us to feed ourselves our families cannot 
be suckling us, and some may say it might as well decapitate us get it over yea and done 
with jiggery-pokery quit, why we must not to arms rush at the mention mates of faith, feel faint. 
We’ll get back to the issue mates of faith in a moment let’s before then situate ourselves in 
‘now,’ talk about what’s going on in void, how we may face an existential crisis yes dear 
mates primal essence ditched, we may be doing with self-destructing knowing not who or what we are
that breathe consume vacation also like to jig, composite voided mates that even math perplex, 
no matter cute equations are physics embarrassed after vowing quarks and electrons yes 
are ‘it,’ unable nay to figure what is next how particles or waves could make us breathe relish 
that ‘chicken breast,’ how they could make us lick our lips yea at the sight of roast beef dripping gore, a fit
science praying yea to the atom to explain itself, if even just a little more, meanwhile 
colliding anything it could O yea to matter make, and from interplanetary dear mates 
yes to intergalactic to mates inter-dimensional realms to branes and strings and all we pledge.  
We pledge whatever we could if whatever we meet just would let us into secrets they secrete, 
mates just to catch a glimpse of what we seek O mates that they may know about, our faith in what 
we do nothing to do with faith that certitude implies, for how could we claim to be sure of what mates
nothing or next to it we know about, being frank? How could we even mates be seeking freedom who 
for we know not? Is it for quarks or mates electrons or for teeming ‘emptiness’ of void? And by 
the way mates who or what is ‘teeming’ in our void? It’s time we started asking questions such as these
whatever we may mean by faith mates realize there is also something we term fate faith dear mates 
may render null or spring to life faith siring trust in all we do to answers find to queries yea 
mates bugging us, inspiring hope faith fate determines yea, nay, faith should not mates be a call to arms
against faith we detest, mates we must freedom seek from such emotions coming in our way freed mates. 
It’s time we started cutting interstellar deals, welcoming folks that may look just a little bit mates 
different than us, and whose faith we may not fathom mates, whose science math beyond our faith 
abide, for we could learn and gain a little from each other yea, revealed mates who or what we are 
they may already know, able mates to prions explain, our consciousness elucidate, who may 
enable us possibilities to act take control mates of our lives and fate turn mates into 
probabilities we may then actualize, obstacles in our way of realizing our 
civil liberty goals able yea to remove, able to harness ‘teeming’ energy mates in 
our voided space, a vacuum not at all we may contend a Bishop, bless its soul, irked if we kicked 
a stone, it must be clear mates we’ve got work to do, we’ve got to figure who would pay the bills with job
displacement ringing yea our bells, we’ve got to start to figure machine learning, figure freedom mates. 
Our think-thanks need comprise folks steeped in faith, typological patterns gifted to reveal, committed to
survival of our world, which being here means it could be here, which mates is not to say we couldn’t fit 
it in a cosmic rabbit hole the ‘measurement problem’ ignore physics not ask mates what to make 
of it more so in terms of time perhaps simply being changes in configurations dear mates time 
nay non-existent mates, maybe the Bishop was right after all that God put things yea in our mind 
we call reality consciousness playing games with us, as us, what consciousness is another point 
to wit maybe God plays dice after all, and we may just be right to query God, for matter we 
are we have gone far to reveal its core, mysteries of the heavens also we have learnt but much 
more mates we have to learn about above below, the macro micro read in tandem to unveil 
our state, for which mates we may need some faith, an awful lot of faith, let’s go mates we can do it, yes. 
Mates, this is freedom butterflied we must contend with faith, one thing that tops all thinking freedom yea,
one thing nothing can take away from us our fate determines yea, agency shows we have mates to 
a more or less extent, something we must never let slip away, and it could letting it decay, 
trusting not in ourselves to chart our path mates in a complex state, throwing our hands up O mates in
frustration sure demoralized to find elusive is it to attain our aim to freedom find 
mates in our voided space, at least not how we envisaged it how we think of it, yet we would in 
the end may realize we got it all wrong mates, we think of freedom in a narrow sense akin 
to faith O mates, resulting in our fate being endless internecine wars agonic we declare 
our ‘stable’ mental state, perhaps unwary of the tasks ahead we ought to start to face, maybe 
not merry in our silos wary not our urns, let’s seek the truth dear mates, the truth will set us free.