More Letters 2

More Letters 2
George O. Obikoya 
Dear mates, we have established agency is key to freedom even touched on cryptic sources one 
dares say of servitude but not on other aspects of the subject mates we need to mull, before 
we mention these we need mates to remember we also situated freedom on the cosmic 
stage, how we may not be that free energy dispersion ever in our way, energy yea 
our bodies need to function stay alive, which even healthy means we need to watch mates what we eat,
mates let alone when we are indisposed, energy we need for our cars our aeroplanes our homes 
for some the gaudy side of life, these mates consistent with its moniker freedom we may need mates 
to rein, with or without coercion from within or outside mates curtailed agency maybe mates 
what’s pretty much our bane, let’s say our superego or fiat town criers rain, agency in 
our way, thus we must realize in seeking freedom mates we need sure-footed to be doing so. 
A major aspect yea of freedom we must mention is how mates somehow we may others affect, 
adversely or positively how others’ lives mates we may change for aye, this time let us restrict 
our discourse to transactions we are mates aware of those with principals discuss, leave our mates those 
with principalities try to mates to see how we could freedom seek in what we in void know mates 
if even we cannot be sure we do let us see how it works, or simply maybe does, that thought 
about concealing information from a spouse that may impair the spouse, or that in fact concealed 
yea from the public that may hurt us all, the point being the concealer may be justifying acts 
inimical to others claiming to freedom exercise, a fundamental right contend actions based dear mates 
on which is way beyond reproach, no matter grave the hurt, an argument that needs a closer look,
as mates the acts may spell demise yea of the spouse or that mates of our world, a very scary thought. 
Thus, nuances of freedom at the fore belong, not on the back burner for mates it must be hard 
to justify trampling on someone else’s rights just so mates to be free or for that matter mates 
to freedom exercise, one way to look at this is making a distinction between the thought 
yea and the act, without the act if mates malicious or not the thought is and mates with the act if 
it was mates with malice aforethought was deliberated planned, mates we must not forget what the 
medics term ‘therapeutic privilege’ withholding information on proposed acts O mates on 
their patients simply put in the patients’ best interests, in whatever case we decompose thought in 
relation to our acts the key mate is ‘intent,’ based mates on principles or raw desire popping 
de novo, mates that is to say not secondary to cognitive schema value-judgement based, 
the question then is if our freedom in thought only lives we must admit agency reins our acts. 
We harbour thoughts we do not act on that may others harm or not, the ‘need to know’ or not mates we
may justify, yet mates the ‘root cause’ of our thought or action is ‘intent,’ or lack thereof dear mates 
agency our ability to think or act in motion press ahead, that is to say our thoughts 
are motorized until mattered no more, a baby suckles to survive no ‘need to know’ here mates,   
even a dead cat bounces mostly we don’t want to die, intent therefore is action mental mates, 
like action motorized, energy also burns, in other words our search for freedom energy 
consumes, desire or fiat notwithstanding based, effected what counts is its balance sheet dear mates,  
how far and mates in what direction yes the motion is, if what we chose to not disclose dear mates 
our energy niche yea preserves, in other words we must consider mates that pencil pivoted 
its tip precariously balanced but ready to capitulate its energy balance disturbed. 
Let’s put all these together mates not get ahead nay of ourselves as complex may these matters be 
let’s decompose our case, contention that ‘intent’ belies our seemingly benign smile at a dame, 
the colour of the shirt we chose to wear to work on ‘februated day,’ intention-laden O 
mates is our every thought or act if even we are unaware we drove yes all the way from work 
apparently ‘piloted’ we sometimes think, thus mates we must be contrite in everything we think 
or do in search of freedom yea, back to examples of withholding information we must find 
solutions best we could to dilemmas we face guided by what effects are of desires that mates 
we yea embrace, effects intentions good or bad sire in our present state, our priceless world O yea,
intentions even to one may the rest impact, a dainty butterfly in flight perhaps mates just 
in motion seeking nectar, food and nothing more the root cause of a devastating hurricane. 
Dear mates, there must be more than one way to solutions find to dilemmas that we face including 
learning from the past regardless of its iterations farther from or closer dear mates to the 
original version yea of the text, lessons mates we may learn that may bode well for us, and this 
includes reminding us to think outside the box, we may think there is no answer or that no one 
correctly could answer whether or not to stay home care for a ninety-year old mother or join 
a noble cause away from home for all to gain we may be wrong O mates, if even either is 
the choice we have we also have ‘intent,’ desire, our thought that faith defines, faith cognition O mates 
that we employ yes to emotions rein, that we may think outside the box principles not given 
free reign mates to our actions top, in other words we need to base our judgement on our faith intent 
therein situate, effected, outcomes consistent with our values faith describes in joules conserved. 
So, dear mates there you have it ‘skinny content bundles’ seeming on the way, streamlining every pate, 
its every neurone morons educate, for we cannot afford to let that pencil over tip, 
we freedom hail with grace, who mates or what would query us as one ushering in a new world hard 
it must be evermore to see, as faith in ‘ox’ a placeholder on ten tells one we seek dear mates, 
our science math our values elevate our faith in value-judgements dear mates not misplaced, then we 
could freedom truly have its nuances may really cogitate, for morons we remain mates otherwise lost in 
our morbid troglodytic ways, the royal road mates to our hearts just to be bellyful of whats 
of whys of what-of-its flummoxed unable mates to answers find we agon cook up to relieve 
our angst mates dissipating joules, energy fritter yea, proselytizing war, perhaps aware 
not we are nibbling freedom we may have to save our world O mates, the freedom we should ever seek. 
Pardon me mates for being a bit obscure one seeks much better ways to come across keeps trying one 
assures, and this is not to something so severe belittle in our discourses, the issue of faith with regards 
our quest for freedom in our present state, for as we strive mates for authenticity in dear mates 
for instance mates making difficult choices we rely on faith yea in our thoughts intent presents 
in values we embrace in actions manifest, that is to say we do not only eat when we 
are hungry nay, and must eat even when we are, and we do not deny the integrated sync 
of our emotions our cognitive faculties even our temperament personalities 
our consciousness constitutes that ‘reality’ decodes, mates not at all what we are saying is 
that we are free mates to the extent we are able mates to sublimate, our actions based O mates 
on intent itself based on faith in our desires to our elevated value-judgements back, O yea. 
Thus mates, that choice from which our elevated value-judgements emanates we freedom deem 
defines, hence mates in seeking freedom we must strive to improve ourselves consistent with 
our faith, whether or not it certitude implies, for trusting in what we believe will lead us in 
discourses to its auric state, for trust itself implies honesty and transparency dear mates 
yes even to ourselves, unlikely to denounce divide and conquer algorithms sorting life 
and toil, or whatever solutions our math and science or any yes sphere of life proffer in 
which we our faith repose, our knowledge-base mates best-of-breed-derived guiding our values closer to 
the truth as we prepared are views of varied hues to entertain O yea, open discourses we 
encourage freedom to believe in any credo freedom deem progress in our world, O yea,
progress our energy niche viable ever stays, the pencil balanced yea on its tip in place.  
In viewing freedom as right and responsibility we would be able to its depths explore, it would 
no longer be an abstract hodgepodge of desires strewn fancy may dictate, we know what it 
it is operationalized in our sciences our math our physics mates, phi in our faces arms, 
in pinecones in sunflowers one point six one eight mate even in tidal waves, our faith in math 
and sciences assured in exercising yea our freedom value-laden make, intent O mates 
on making choices we could back with faith mates in our math O yea, beauty our valued math sheds light
upon hard not for us no more to see our fate being unified, a new world mates yea on the way 
wherein our views on freedom coincide mates with personal freedom rooted mates in collective 
freedom that mates ensures our world does not vamoose, our ‘agency’ in play, no matter principal 
or otherwise engaged freedom we ought to seek locked with our fate our faith in math in values raised.