Existence cum Essence 3

Existence cum Essence 3
George O. Obikoya
Yes, we, the people, freedom seek, that which essence on us bestowed our right eternal is, O yes, 
it is our right therefore mates to be free, pursue our goals be happy in our station not distraught 
with fear nay not distrait with angst, not mentally or physically paralyzed, our world zipped right 
afore us even mates as we trust and obey, in these assertions truth emergent is, with truth 
equipped we are to freedom cultivate, emerge from darkness into light our world a better place, 
and we, the people free at last are captains of our ships, are players pawns no more, our future in 
our hands, history now the so-called ‘human condition’ that mates our souls enslave, life very dark 
presents as norm we struggle to endure, inure to melancholy pain our next of kin, but free 
in truth happiness comes our way, pain being a cousin of depression quits our window panes, omened 
birds perched nowhere in sight, and we, the people celebrate our new world dance the night away, O yea. 
Having established interactive essence and existence are we able are mates to affect 
the primal source of essence and whatever else a source, in other words our interactions with 
the primal essence may not be directly given other sources secondary or arrays 
of sources in assorted realms, whose status with the primal essence sundry mates may be, thus there 
may be mates hierarchies of sources of essence in many realms we have no clue exist, yet mates 
they interact with us, for better or for worse, some may be friends others sworn enemies ever 
in conflict life agonic dished miasmic essence gory made, forte ballyhoo mates unfazed 
perhaps yea in their ’hidden’ states, thus we may knowingly or unknowingly be interacting 
mates with others we do not perceive yet they perceive us and affect us our reactions to which 
may mates effects on us are not quite great for us, or may enhance us mates in ways we may not know. 
Thus, mates essence may be agonic or hedonic as existence may also be mates we may 
yea postulate, which begs the question why mates the so-called ‘human condition’ there is to begin 
with and agonic as it is when we hedonic may be in our voided space, and this is not 
to say that we are never happy far from it what we are saying is that we are all dear mates 
condemned to live a life agonic in the main, the question though mates is by whom, is it O mates 
the primal source or intermediaries exerting sinew just because they could because we lack 
the wherewithal to take control mates of our fate regain freedom the primal essence mates bestowed 
on us? Dear mates, by now we must have started seeing how vital yea this issue is if not mates
prior to now, it is therefore one we cannot ignore and mates we must explore, for we love our 
world regardless imperfect, commitments to its progress we make, others mates simply essence dish.
We cannot nay gainsay this matter mates, we cannot go wrong figuring our world, aiming for its 
progress free to operate, free to procreate, to tweak our memories improve our mental state, 
our world a better place, yet this is not a matter mates for tall tales on why we cannot work 
to save our precious world dear mates, it is one we must realize affects yea all of us, affects 
us we, the people yea, affects our priceless void, as complex as it may sound mates our freedom is 
at stake, and this is serious no matter how we choose to mull it in our present state, existence mates 
we share, not cryptic cogitate, in other words continuum of consciousness we may not all 
able be mates to share, yet mattered something common is to us in which we operate, and mates 
if even ‘now’ yea for our toes is younger dear mates than ‘now’ for our pates, somehow yea we must time 
mates synchronize not let it hold us back, our brain a time machine time we would figure in time, yea.   
We share a world dear mates, moronic as it sounds it seems we need to say, remind ourselves it says,
this ‘inner’ voice in us that we, the people, spell, humanity in us defines, commitments to 
the progress of our world ensures we don’t forget, assures there’s nothing wrong in seeking knowledge to 
enhance ourselves collectively advance our world, hence no need to cower to a fable dragged 
down mates by Luddites of our day, guilt-ridden by some sin, inure to pain agonic drowning in 
‘human condition’ rich or poor O mates, bombarded mates with notions of a primal curse even 
as our bombarders swim in wealth and we, the people struggle to pay health insurance feed ourselves 
and feed our families, one wonders who is fooling who and how much longer it would last dear mates, 
this ‘fooling business’ mates miasmic in void that is holding us back dragging us down O mates,
one we must therefore bid adieu serious be to advance ourselves free from these things O mates, O yea.  
One wonders if the so-called ‘human condition’ is selective mates, if wealth brings joy and poverty 
sorrow sires, yet mathematics tells us even mates as a projectile rockets from its source and 
appears yea to accelerate from it actually it is mates accelerating to the ground, which is 
easier seen yea on its way down if it would hit the ground, our pain may start mates right from birth 
or earlier not mates because we knowledge sought it seems, suggesting what we ought to do is not 
capitulate to pain, is mates together say we pain reject, joy we embrace, we want 
to live in freedom free of pain, erase negativity look ahead mates to a future mates 
that’s brighter bright for us all in our voided space, our precious world O yea, deny entities bent 
on thwarting mates our efforts to achieve our goals of progress in our world a place, those making it 
hard for us to see the exponential growth that will free us from being pawns in the greater scheme. 
This, mates then is the type of growth that will able make us to stand up to whoever or dear mates
whatever from another realm harassing us, something we must mates not dismiss, the power play 
of one mates that’s far more advanced than mates another when in contact likely not will favour one 
that’s less advanced were that mates more advanced inherently disposed to being hostile is O mates if
hostility is its trademark mates ever in the realms, the point here mates is we must exit yea 
our guilt-box think outside the box, if we intend to free ourselves from these things these menacing things
that may already be mates roaming round our space, devouring us imbuing us with essence soiled 
contaminating essence primal we have it says we must wrench from things that seem mates not to like 
our face, maybe they face those that may like our face a cosmic war being played out here maybe this is
the case, whatever it is we mates want to know, we want to chart our future freedom yea we seek.
Freedom mates to believe in any doctrine to associate, freedom to happiness pursue 
to do our jobs without being muzzled or constrained without being humiliated bullied threatened 
rights yea our laws enshrine, a primal essence grants were this not so we might have all been zombies
O mates ever think alike, and mates because we do not so was it mates meant to be born to be free 
we were, hence we must reassert, we must not settle to some dated view mates of existence we 
are entering another age a new world on the way, whenever or whatever likes our space 
must work with us mates to advance our world, not come here to deny us of our rights to bully us 
intimidate humiliate us no mates so it says, that voice within us essence primal is says, whose missives in 
our interest is to embrace, for its a voice of freedom voice of reason yea, we have mates been 
taken for granted yea for far too long, ‘nothing we have to fear but fear itself’ so said a sage.
Existence we say essence works with mates, whatever essence is besides the primal essence we 
must study yea, and we cannot much mates achieve in doing so lacking freedom to think dear mates
creative be, and we cannot creative be bogged down by what we do, or maybe better still 
what we are told to do or not to do, don’t talk about this or that you must like this or that think 
cognitive vigilantes say, ‘shut up’ ‘sit down’ ‘keep quiet moron’ ‘watch your mouth or we will wash 
it’ ’face your front’ ‘what are you looking at?’ ‘behave’ and on and on it goes, nay, these things O no don't  
sound like we are in the twenty first century dear mates, it feels more like we are right back in the 
dark ages poverty of speech worse still poverty of content of speech the old norm as new norm 
reborn, what we mates must reject, freedom pursue with zeal, as mates we really want to best use make
mates of the chance to choose our future and that of our children yea, one ane directly grants O yea. 
Dear mates, we have a chance to further know our world and all that are in it, to study who or what 
they are and how they interact, our mission being to work to lift our world, join hands to forge a brand 
new world, where peace and justice reign, where fear is dead and hope is well alive, a world for us all one
and all we seek, we work mates for the good of all, a world we people could yes humbly showcase in 
the realms where mates the so-called ‘human condition’ history is dear mates, a war-free world, love on 
our minds for others not hatred dear mates, a world to top all worlds, these mates solemnly we avow 
our aims, goals we declare we will work to achieve, existence in our world as persons and collectively 
directly yea reporting back to primal source that we may further gain, our world to elevate, 
able to tweak our fate able we will be to advance our world, with essence primal granting us 
more knowledge to competitive be in the greater scheme, afraid no more mates free at last O yea.