Existence cum Essence 2

Existence cum Essence 2 
George O. Obikoya
The interactive nature of existence and essence reveals there is a purpose dear mates in 
existence we may modify yet may not able be locked in dyads of both yea way beyond 
our means mates to unlock, Solidus we cannot ensure survives appears if even lead mates we 
could auric make, if even we admitted we must save the children start to count them yea, as mates
singularity is prancing free in our pates, and on our minds we say reside confusion lost 
we are in kaleidoscopic oneroid states, interminable mental fog our fate it seems 
as we inure endure in troglodytic mental states phenomenal noumena we cannot 
tease nay, psychopathological experiences in potpourri reality we hail 
shadows we see in caves, unsure if mates our problem is too many angels dancing on a pin 
or if it is about too many cooks spoiling the broth we grope for answers in the dark in vain. 
We may conceive of elementary particles as tangible mattered chunks yet energy 
fields yea they are rippling emergent mates as bumps we may consider waves as also rippling as 
with eddies in a pond we see, teasing particles and waves apart them may challenging be, 
as may teasing apart existence and essence be yea, hydrogen colliders dear mates we may 
think smash yea subatomic particles whereas in fact new matter mates they make, what we may term 
not just motional energy changes but thermodynamic energy dispersion O mates 
resulting in emergence mates of many micro-states, unstable yet reversing changes made, 
existence with ‘transmutation’ started essence returns to yea, and up or down a basal base 
of lead or other basal states abode Solidus out of reach, not even clipped, aforesaid we 
may view as ways existence cum essence mates may manifest in quantum superposition play. 
The point being the connection mates between the realms, the worldly and divine, the pillar that connects 
the horse yea and the wheel, what mates we need to do is comprehend the link yea in relation to 
the horse to fit the wheel existence cum essence yea we must mull, to pluck the mote mates in our eyes
to clearer visions have, that we may chart the paths that lead turns into gold essence existence tweaks,
that we may realize could something do in void to save the procreated procreation we 
may mull our way, to better make our world, to keep the link alive, as we the ‘bump’ the boson mates 
may decompose the standard model of particle physics yes elaborate, new realms revealed 
O yea, and we receive that long-awaited call from other realms we seek, a call O mates we must 
be ready to receive yea at some point in time, our science math advanced might have informed us as 
we excavate our memory stores future also glean, why we must knowledge further seek, unfazed.
It is mates in our interest to comprehend our state, to master ways to healthy keep the link 
between existence and essence to matter make divine to make our transmutation dear mates up 
the ladder Jacob saw to hail, believing trying hard enough mates we may knowledge yet acquire 
regarding that twenty seven percentage dark matter and mates that fifty eight percentage dark 
energy in our universe we hardly anything about know even mates O yea the five 
percentage that’s atomic world our reality we sell struggle to know with diligence with 
persistence maybe with a bit of luck yea we may still know mates, we may still mates elucidate, 
further reveal their states, in doing so more insight into interactive essence and dear mates 
existence we may thereby gain, more advanced mates our mental state becomes, no longer we 
are underlings nay in the cosmic game, and unafraid of more advanced states ‘hidden’ in the realms. 
Mates, we are not afraid to ginger up our game, support our folks to realms research we nothing know 
about, there is no time to waste, with exponential growth the new norm we must pause to think, mates we 
must think to gain, business as usual mates will no longer lest we slip again, consequences 
of which this time no one should want to see, for if we may advance our state yea of existence as 
individuals and collectively mates in our precious world there may be others O yes mates 
that are way more advanced than us we do not know that may hate us O yea, that may be roaming in 
our space we may not be aware of messing up our world, and some may want to help us better make 
our world, it stands to reason we must strive to able be to tell apart these states, to save our world 
make it a better realm, our essence to improve to matter make ever better O yea, dear mates 
the iterations in our memory stores upgrade not downgrade, our future prospects elevate.   
It may phantasmagoric sound that we could essence tweak, but mates it is happening as we speak 
the genome we could tweak, memory we could access to explore now forth and back mates we must not
dismiss, hence we could figure essence to existence comprehend bio-psycho-socially yea, 
and tweak, our essence elevate, that it mates may aloft existence take, inborn errors yes mates 
of genomes mend to better make us yea, our banner yea of progress in a novel world thus we 
could hoist in realms, showcase as we venture mates into realms near into voids unknown, imagine life 
ahead our ‘memories’ reveal, our future right afore our eyes, prepared we are to welcome when 
the time comes yea, set mates we are to bid adieu agony woes and pain, in urns not locked in gins 
digital or mates otherwise unable to escape, the so-called ‘human condition’ now mates 
history, holding hands celebrating happiness coming our way, free at last we sing, O yea.   
Yet, we must not rest on our oars slam dunks assume we have, we need to keep seeking ways to refit 
our pates, to further sharpen our memories able emotions that accompany mates 
yea memories study and understand, emotions value-laden we may excavate, explore 
the time machine our brain is to the full extent, as neuroscience cutting-edge is evermore 
our sciences and math become and progress we make in whatever way we contribute to raise 
our state enhance our world dear mates, most importantly may be our efforts to committed be 
to freedom in our world, sine qua non to progress make our aim achieve dear mates, creation on 
our minds, our mission procreation we commit to mates, avow to better chances dear mates give 
the children to survive and thrive, to keep the flag of progress flying higher up the ladder go 
that Jacob saw O yea, correspondingly essence mates exalt, as we mates forge ahead, to ane.
Freedom we seek consistent is mates with that yea our essence must have freedom granted we assume
is why, at least in part, existence sundry is, even identical twins are not wholly nay 
alike, thus we are meant mates to be free but know full well we are not free, at least not fully free, 
thus freedom we still crave, hence loss of freedom underpins our woes, at least to some extent, a more 
or less extent each person says that manifests yea in the nature of the ‘human condition’ 
we experience yea, and how well mates we cope or able not to cope, whichever we must not 
use to judge nay ourselves or others but mates to a helping hand lend to enhance support for one
another schadenfreude mates we must eschew kindness mates we must cultivate, for we belong 
mates to the same world same existence yea, in which we manifest our individual 
essence this world affects O yea, for better or for worse, which mates collectively we likewise tweak. 
Thus, interactive we also are comprising global existence interactive with essence 
global we may assume O mates, what ‘feedback’ we collectively the latter give will spell dear mates 
our future given we could memory tweak in our present state, in other words we could conceive 
of primal essence Big Bang creating universes out of Big Chunks, dear mates what sort of these
universes yea based whereof the chunks, the chunks being individuals or voids, witness heaven 
or hell, a trope to top all tropes, how we could wriggle out of interactions mates mundane O yes 
effected afterlife experiences denying whilst here in a void existent we could 
nothing do mates to affect insist yea conscionable is hollow must one beat, more so dear mates 
having concurred essence and existence interact, suggesting we concede we choose our paths 
to afterlife be it heaven or hell, or mates how else we choose to tweaking our future describe. 
The question therefore is whether we do, whether we choose our paths to heaven or to hell or we 
simply eddied swirl in void straight yea into cosmic sinkholes dancing all the way, saltation in 
our hips hosannah on our lips, that mates one submits it says is raison d’être exploring dear 
mates essence may reveal, why we must not relent in doing so mates for the good of all, we must 
mates want to know if someone something choices makes for us, as persons one as all, since we agree 
we do not think alike freedom to choose we must mates therefore have but really mates do we? And if 
we do how much freedom mates do we have to choose between going to heaven or going to hell?
Not much perhaps if something or someone prevents us to decide our fate, for better or for worse, 
If mates this thing does not coerce us either way the choice then mates is ours, we have a choice to tread
the path of badness or of goodness if coerced must we break down and cry, or freedom seek to gain?