Existence cum Essence 1

Existence cum Essence 1
George O. Obikoya 
We are existent not for any reason there is no purpose in life we’re born we live we die 
that’s it we say and this must ring true yea to many in our voided space, our world, as it must to 
perhaps many more who consider ‘essence’ balderdash existence venerate, all those who see 
our world mates far removed from days of yore determinism was in vogue O yea and essence was 
before existence purpose yea we had in life we could not mates escape hence had our place in life,
our station in the world, all those for whom existence mates is all there is, and many more who could 
care less about essence existence about whatever who just want to relish life moment by 
moment live it up in style or simply mates 'forget about' live under a rock in a remote 
location breezing in the sun, in communion with the self yea on a snowy mountain top, 
those in the belly of the beast emerging in the dead of night to praises air, for being alive.
As some may argue we do not need to consider essence these days given all we see around 
us evil, natural and moral they could not conceive someone or something able to imbue 
mates in each and everyone of us with purpose of some sort yea in our lives this all-present all-
potent all-knowing all-good being appears unable to prevent or stop, given the knife-attacks 
the truck-attacks the gun-attacks the bomb-attacks and all, the fly-agaric rains, given dear mates 
the litany of woes the so-called ‘human condition’ yea hexes all of us, given the pain, 
pervasive pain even in pleasure that we feel no matter rich or poor for simply being alive 
for which we hallelujah air, as after all we have to pay for ‘original sin’ one wage 
we must pay mates with death regardless loud we sing saltation paint with tantalizing swirls, some say, 
when others may remind us of the Pi a circle hides O yea, imaginary numbers hail. 
Thus, we have believers in the notion of existence predating essence those that say we find 
purpose mates for ourselves in life and those that purpose claim yea is divine we cannot change predates
existence mates, somewhere in between are those insisting we must both give space in our minds O yea,
that both we may find to be true that we must further into dig to figure chicken or the egg 
if any is therein, why three point one four is the essence yea of ‘circleness’ and who or what 
mates made it so, what else has essence even prior to existence reason Giza is, the sky 
is full of stars, Magicicadas mates emerge from deep beneath our feet only once yes mates in 
thirteen years for fresh air singing gleefully life enjoying in their millions to preserve it yea,  
ensure it’s not rendered extinct predators don’t succeed, their mission preordained mates way afore 
emergent from the crypt, an essence predating existence some would say, perhaps as may be ours. 
Perhaps, for if mates we believe memory is physically stored in the brain then dear mates we 
could it recover yea, and if we could how far back could we go, how much of memory O mates 
of that ‘original sin’ could we yea retrieve, mates how we could do so let us for now just leave,  
meanwhile we may assume this memory must play a role in who and what we are, if we are here 
to mate yea procreate if even burrow from the crypt only once in thirteen years yea, if we 
must nurture offsprings for twenty one years attached to us for life, and if, following therefrom we 
must make our world suited mates to this mission lest extinction risk, this memory therefore serving 
as mates the template of life essence of ‘humanness’ we cannot dismiss, in other words essence
precedes existence in our voided space, essence emanating mates from a primal source, existence of 
that source preceding essence we mates manifest, the question being the manner mates in which we do. 
This is a key point dear mates as we need to know whereof essence that existence primal O yea 
mates emanates, as knowledge of the primal source traced back in memory may not only inform 
us of our present state but also what the future holds whence humanity heads, yet we must mates
grapple as we do with how physical into mental blends where really that memory is mates 
yea in our jelly reductionistic played mates, how far we would need to our brain mates decompose 
history to obtain, arrow of time reverse, the future reach O yea, that we may plan ahead 
in mind the good of all, the common good dear mates, our own existence essence now clear in our minds
both coexist, how we could access memory that may exist in particles or in waves what 
we need to mull, if we could do so on our own or help need in our quest, help we may find hiding 
in plain sight yea, in bricks and mortars in our temples sacred places chthonic up above, O yea. 
Before we deeper dig mates into how we may obtain actionable memory yea about 
our past now and the future 'memory' as essence we must manifest let us dear mates 
consider if we do, in other words we also want to know if essence in existence mates 
must manifest, if mates our purpose in life we must yea attain or at least aim yea so to do, 
what happens if we did not do so or mates if we did, we want to know, we want to know our fate, 
if what essence does is prescribe it leave the rest for us to shape, or if indeed, we are had we 
no choice have but to live a predetermined life mates in a voided space, what part we play mates in 
a cosmic game, if freedom to choose we have or deluded we are to mates think we do, dear mates 
the question of what who the primal source is if directly or mates indirectly it’s O mates 
a player we also yea want to know, who acts yea in its name, tells us mates if we live, or die. 
For only fitted knowledge we may hope to truly free ourselves from troglodytic states, knowledge 
that seems mates not too far to seek, hiding yea right afore our eyes, in seven plus three ten, in three 
six nine magnificent temples code, in stone, on lines yea pumpkins pop, where ‘angels’ tread O yea, a trip 
down memory lane we may take dear mates, as we ‘horizons’ leave, a portal penetrate, welcomed 
by mates ourselves, memories ere now and the future presented to us, knowledge we seek obtained 
awaiting us mates since the dawn of time, essence cum existence we conceive with ease, continuum 
of consciousness mates we attain again, and we negotiate our fate able to meet mates who 
or what acts for the primal source, if not the primal source, whatever is its form, whatever is 
its shape, whatever we may turn to for the meeting yea, particles maybe waves, however decomposed 
or shaped frequencies shimmered yea coloured green shaded grey whoever free we must be yea O yea. 
Mates, some may deem absurd seeking answers in a void answerless impose edict of some prices 
under penalties mates of death doctrinal guillotine unfaithful souls mark ‘heretics’ for death, 
assume stations we ought not mates to manifest consistent not with primal essence nay, which mates
goodness not evilness one of the all-ness that’s its essence yea, some mates may vow we are in ‘bad
faith’ not accepting the ‘absurd’ perhaps worse still for daring to suggest there may be yea a being 
supreme the primal essence yea, and some mates may condemn us vilify us castigate us say 
whatever mates to buoy what they say is a meaningless world even when ‘authenticity’ we 
all seek, something we hold we nay cannot achieve without being free, surfeit of freedom not dear mates
the problem but mates mostly none maybe yea some may argue why not what we want to know, if mates
for instance it reflects a primal hex, or ploys of beings it lords or they are rogues on own, O yea.    
We should expect Oumuamua to some questions stir, as mates we should 'bout sightings that may be 
relevant to answers we seek leading to where we want to go opening mates our eyes to voids 
we never knew to vistas mates we might have missed, key being receptive to divergent views dear mates
bigoted not O nay, for after all it us all it would serve to able be to choices make 
about who we are what goals we set for ourselves committed to achieving being authentic yea, 
we should expect to find mates we are not alone, if numbers everything mates underlie O mates 
cymatic patterns speak to lessons we could learn from music as it comes alive in spouting bowls 
solfege notations match tympanic soothing atmospheric laid, if numbers everywhere dear mates 
in everything abide mates we are on the way, we are set for a dance with God, whatever we 
are pleased to call the primal source supreme being who in numbers speak, digital or mates otherwise. 
Digital we could memory trace probe yea explicate dear mates, shake hands with being supreme, O yea
bid beings that shackle us adieu take over control of our fate be free at last dear mates, of ‘hex,’ 
of sin self-imposed get on with our lives, the life drive we embrace the death drive we dismiss, and we 
are not by any means denying we would pass on at some point O nay, we would however live 
our lives the best we could until we lose the box, our mattered mental state, until we say goodbye 
mates to our precious void, we know that time shall come to all of us dear mates, we also know that we 
all have a chance to make our world a better place before we die consistent with a mission in 
our world that may not mates apply to all in terms of procreation but does mates in terms dear mates 
of procreated ones, in other words we all need to our quota contribute to saving yea 
the children all those who come after us and not mates just ourselves, we need to save our world, O yea.