The Soul 3

The Soul 3
George O. Obikoya 
Our quest to comprehend the soul takes us wherever it may lead, as we ponder everything refit 
our gel accommodate ideas we may find, for instance that light traveled faster in the young 
universe suggests speed of light isn’t constant mates after all, it follows also mates that if 
indeed the universe is not only expanding but mates at a faster rate we may dear mates 
eventually have yea a Big  Rip not a Big Crunch no more Big Bangs nay, in other words we may 
be venturing a little too far too fast from our source the balance in the universe shifting 
precariously that pencil mates  that’s standing on its tip about to topple over crashing fast
mates into void, the microwave the echo of creation we still hear yea we cannot be sure 
we would at some point in time mates as it may fade away, the universe increasingly O yea 
unstable laws of nature not at all behaving as expected energy mates not conserved. 
Nothing is what it was our void in flux, yet quantum physics is not nay always right mates our ‘laws 
of nature’ may not be the same as in another universe where vectors may be out shopping 
alone or with a mate, feeling free roaming voids with glee, manifesting as matter that is, live 
in two dimensions holding hands having a good time anywhere in voids, much like a prion awes
minds unsolvable appearing these things mates ensure, raising important questions if they are 
escaping semblances of rips wherever they are from, maybe very big rips, a tot reminds 
us to notions sundry embrace wherever they are from who or whatever propounds them dear mates
notwithstanding as mates much of what we assume we know about our universe ourselves a fit 
we reckon ever is regarding us all even everything else in our world may not that well 
fit nothing nay could rend, the very notion of space-time under scrutiny horizons we mull.  
Let us see how all these may help us cogitate the soul, how science may imagination spark 
in us on how a Big Crunch sires a Big Bang that in turn may end up in a Big Rip as ourselves 
ask what the soul has got to do with science yea of crunches bangs of rips also imagine we 
may just be able to science connect to faith, physics to after-physics mates no longer had 
able be to determine yea our fate give up not on life ginger up ourselves to face dear mates 
the so-called ‘human condition,’ embrace master and triumph over it as we yea come to terms 
with pain mates being the enabler of pleasure overcoming suffering the key to joy, thus we 
do not forget our goal of comprehending ‘soul’ no matter how mates hard it is to answers find 
to queries we engage open to knowledge from diaspora be it in science music arts, 
for mates it says we thirst for answers set we are to drink deep the Pierian spring, we really do. 
We want to know if science of creation and destruction of our universe applies elsewhere 
we know nothing about for instance two dimensional beings showing up in void, our world acting 
mates as we do, bipedal vectors shopping even shapeless popping in and out mates of our space-
time in our precious world, tangible or intangible here anyway let us dear mates free float
imagine ask if laws of nature we subscribe to mates apply to them, in other words should we 
not mates be keen to know if we must not ‘eternal recurrence of the same’ now revisit and be
prepared not to relive over and over this so-called ‘human condition’ if even we could 
mates overcome it, if even if just to take a break from its monotony experience 
something that may not be an everlasting pain our vector-friends may just be ready to reveal 
to us, unforced? Wouldn’t it be nice to embrace paradigmatic shifts our studies value-free?
For us to know whatever we may need to know we ought to realize what role value-judgments 
play in our present state, how it may thwart our efforts to achieve our stated aim, whereas to fit 
the jigsaw puzzle we set for ourselves regardless of the ‘pain’ yea we may meet along the way 
preserves our sense of self ensuring we are able to at last be free to be creative free 
to tread the path we set mates for ourselves enables joy O yea happiness that we seek fully
understanding soul for instance anything we want to achieve we may have just been had, a fit 
we seek denied without us even realizing it, why we need to start from this point to be 
free dear mates, be free to ponder gargoyles vectors in our world science says is moribund given 
our universe expanding ever faster yea, nothing to stop it gravitational other 
forces nothing… but ‘wait a minute’ one apocalyptic not says hopeful faiths science will link.  
So, science may faiths merge giving us glimpses of convergence mates of sundry faiths as we in time 
increasingly acquire knowledge we seek in answers to the questions mates we pose, we’re no longer 
averse to notions that we deem do not with ours agree, open to views on popping pumpkins kind 
to mates discussing vectors free to contribute to discourses on bumble bees’ heuristics while 
not perfect puts a smile on the traveling salesman’ face, if even draft defies efficient 
algorithms we would admit they make the world go round in many ways than one, in other words 
we start to shed our toga mates divine come down to mother earth, see what science could tell us ‘bout
the soul, about love for our fellow humans peace compassion progress in our world, for mates we may 
by now dear mates have found the ‘monatomic gold’ to stop our ‘universe’ spiralling, speedily 
into abysmal realms, our vector friends O mates may have a thing or two revealed to us, unforced. 
This mates may be the crux of the matter wherein we have to take stock pause to figure where we are 
regarding whence we head, while we do not pretend we know exactly what is going on and we 
are not meddling in it intriguing is the notion of the soul more so as it may coincide 
with what science describes, if truly mates our universe may rip or some mass from nowhere stops this
another Big Crunch we see to another Big Bang sire, reborn a new universe ‘eternal 
recurrence of the same’ may mates be hiding right afore our eyes, immutability in flux,  
we may return to source, not lost beyond ‘horizons’ spun away from source becoming hobos with 
no fixed abode in realms cosmic marauders boxed or not attached in sundry realms, meddling mates 
here there and everywhere seeking a place to live, and thrive, compared yea to returning to ‘the source’
reborn mates in a universe where ‘human condition’ exists not, cosmic hobos cannot reach.
We mates surmise our universe may be just one yea of the many emanating from ‘the source’ 
or what we call the soul that’s constant in a state of flux a tot advises from the mountain top 
it comes to earth with missives from the muses keepers of a spring, it says we need to stay focused 
not heuristics shun, allegories says is everywhere that hint at truths we seek, as science may
dear mates regarding yea the soul, the farther mates we venture from the primal soul lost mates we may
become, the mass that we must have to overcome centrifugal forces fortifies us to obstacles 
of so-called ‘human condition’ overcome order prevails O mates in our lives, as we pursue 
our aims, our sense of self intact free to create whatever we choose, music, arts, dance, math or 
science anything we choose to do personal goals we mates set for ourselves that make us who we are, 
authenticity that we feel yea energizes us to work with others for the good of all. 
Our search mates for the meaning of existence purpose it may serve will mates unlikely be complete
without examining the issue of the soul, what yea emanates from a primal source, the mass 
that pops a bang universes bear mates, immutable yet in a state of flux, wherein varies 
life in the realms, in some the so-called ‘human condition’ in play in others maybe not, perhaps 
even worse or maybe mates better than we know, continuum of consciousness enabled for 
some not for others yea, why mates perhaps some souls may mates some realms traverse and not 
some other realms O yea, some souls benevolent while others malevolence spread, why we must aim 
to know what mates these ‘souls’ or entities are and what they are up to mates, as after all we here 
are in our world, reality we know or think we know mates may not quite be what we think, as waves 
we may intangible be, as particles tangible, hence dear mates we are in a state of flux.  
In flux we are O mates a tot says free to roam the void, our world, as others seen unseen also 
are why we must therefore expect some beings may in our world exist we may not know they are O yea,
whatever we may choose to call them they may here be yea, to help or harm us we ought mates to know,
how we could do that not embracing science hollow beats a tot, how we could hope to do that mates
disparaging faith is beyond a tot, how we could freedom shun one nay could ever say, yet we 
cannot and we must not delay promoting science and indeed creativity in every sphere 
of human endeavour mates with Olympian zeal to advance our world, prepared to souls engage 
from other realms O yea, why we must not mates give up on our quest to comprehend the soul, why we
must realize that it is for our good yea as a person and the good of all, for we must want 
to have a better world, why else would algorithms we devise to make our world go round? It asks.