The Soul 2

The Soul 2
George O. Obikoya 
Something we call the soul we struggle mates to comprehend declare immortal is its state in flux, 
we want to know more of the soul but beat about the bush, either because we lack yea in a state 
of mind we operate cognitive wherewithal or will to face the challenges involved, O yes, 
particularly that mates of dyadic states, maybe we don’t even want to think of such states, 
we shudder to imagine such states may exist, surprising not given our tendencies mates to 
whatever decompose, which may be helpful understanding complex systems in a voided space, 
but may also be harmful to our quest to study non-matter complexities such as dear mates 
dyadic interacting souls, for we may find ourselves a tot immersed in studies of the soul, 
confused regarding membership of what we may term soul-boxes and that of souls unboxed, more so 
regarding mates the manner in which souls unboxed relate to one another and to those souls boxed. 
To start with we may need to decompose the soul-box figure what is in it to know what is not, 
in other words what a soul-box comprises and if mates in the box at all times or able are 
to move in move out of boxes wherein abode, the soul of one person able or not dear mates 
to occupy another person and if so if still within the ‘donor’ box, why it would leave  
to breach the ‘host’ and how it got there and so on ad infinitum we could want to know, perhaps 
including how many souls may a box contain, how they relate and what the outcome of their acts 
mates as they interact are, how these affect our world, to mention not their interactions mates 
if any with the souls unboxed, again if so why and how these manifest and how they may us 
affect as individuals as well collectively considering the mysteries mates all 
around us many would agree we need to knowledge such as these yes seek, and urgently dear mates. 
It says it takes this matter seriously, an agon with accretion it admits paradigms shifts 
avowing it with zeal embraces in our voided space, affirming what it says chemistry may its 
roots in alchemy be a case in point, perhaps apparitions may still pipettes conjure, who knows? 
Its issue with accretion mates of knowledge is its tendencies to freeze imagination freeze, 
what is yea ‘out of line,’ witness the history of quantum physics many more O mates, whereas 
it says new knowledge may at times step ‘out of line’ we nonetheless must hail, as this may be a new 
way to perceive our world again as Einstein once replaced Newton and Bohr them all many yea would 
contend,  our world a void another case in point, as the tangible intangible may be O mates 
reductionists maintain, with emphasis on interactions ‘twixt soul-boxes box-less souls in void, 
a void at once an image of emptiness it conjures a realm, our world, a void of souls and tots. 
Indeed, a void of souls and tots, or better still of souls dear mates and boxes interacting all, 
souls boxed or not relating yea to one another and to boxes which also relate to one 
another in a voided space, our world, with tots being boxes evident it is we interact 
with one another as colleagues as spouses friends acquaintances mates interact with tangibles 
in void, but do we also interact with intangibles such as souls or is the soul simply 
there mates ‘attached’ to us following where we lead maybe pleased if we did what we should do not so 
if not, or on the other hand we follow where it leads projections of the soul we are dear mates 
in mattered form led mates by interacting souls, that is not just our own but others boxed as mates 
as spouses parents children friends and foes, maybe also with souls unboxed boxed souls as us yea mix, 
that we mingle in void as souls in mattered non-mattered form is intriguing we must all admit.  
The question though is how does this all work? It says we have a framework on our hands about us and 
our world that we may never able be to test mates in a lab yet cannot mates falsify it 
so what mates do we do? Jettison it? It says nobody has to faith have mates in yea the 
veracity truth of eternal truths, inversion seemingly norm anyway O mates, moral 
relativism being descriptive or meta-ethical as normative we ought to embrace, 
no one yea right or wrong as value judgements mates miasmic are, pervasive O mates in our void 
we ought to at the very least agree to disagree and let’s just get along, no one has mates 
to deem the notion yea of souls the truth or false at that what we know is that it intriguing is, 
and it may just be true, we also know we want to further dig mates into what obtains in void 
it says, what mates or who we are, if agents principals control, if we are boxes or alone.
It says we ought to seek to know these things and we all say ‘O yes,’ the starting point then being to have 
a framework such as what aforesaid we described as one, then try to figure how it all works fit 
the jigsaw maze, of course it would still be mates up to us to faith have in our findings what O mates 
we figure out as we explore the soul, as we embark on journeys into realms beyond our void, 
we venture into voids unknown continuum mates of consciousness we engage in sundry realms 
deploy in cosmic realms to open vistas we may just be lost to in our present state, a state 
of mind mates that a three-dimensional reality projects whereas there may be many more, 
many more we could access as perhaps some wherein dwell access our own O yea, as souls boxed or 
unboxed, perambulating mates our world attached to us perhaps mates leading us to where they wish, 
and interacting with our soul whose box we are, in ways our soul and us may have no clue O yea. 
Let us say mates that there indeed is primal soul, a deity supreme from what all emanates, 
that we are not all nay alike and act not uniformly must suggest this primal soul must be 
mates immortal as life ongoing has been and must yea be in a state of flux, ‘detached’ from us 
within each person boxed a soul or more hence host and donor souls, without it souls un-boxed O yea 
it interacts with via its sundry souls, and mates via its box, in other words the souls ‘detached’ mates 
from the primal soul act ‘independently’ of it, there actions taking them closer or farther from their source,   
let us for now leave mates the issue of preferences regarding moving closer to or mates 
farther yea from the source, thus we are saying we are meant mates to be free to act, free to decide 
our fate, but we are also saying we may not be that free to decide our fate with balance of 
probabilities pointing mates in that direction given what we know regarding void, our world.   
We take orders from bosses spouses orders from our parents orders from our world, a world of souls 
yea boxed unboxed, orders that may determine if we live or die, or if we bought a new car if 
we took a trip, we have to civil be obey the laws mates of the land, hence we are not dear mates 
not altogether free, the question we aim mates to answer is not whether we are free but if 
not why not mates, are souls at play in what we say or do that we know naught about? Would we be free 
if this was not the case, more so to do what we must do to closer be to ane, if that the choice 
we made, or farther dear mates if we that choice made O yea? In seeking answers to these questions we 
must ponder how intangibles may have control over tangibles how many angels may 
dance on a pin, if there is a ‘wall’ between the two they could not ‘tunnel’ if ‘entanglements’ as 
proposed in quantum physics is a myth, if matter mates cannot be waves and vice versa, dear mates. 
So, mates, if transmutation we accommodate along mates what we ponder as aforesaid, we may 
be more receptive to ideas of intangibles in matter manifest, of souls and their 
boxes locked in a tango interacting in a voided space, a blend mates of dimensions we could study yea, 
an interesting framework maybe one our physicists after-physicists would concur, would want 
to study further yea explore, meanwhile we forge ahead building on what we have our framework take 
to higher heights, to understand what these potential interactions may mean for us all, what a 
dyadic of competing souls may augur for humankind, if souls from other realms have dear mates
objectives similar or dissimilar to ours, those of us situated as boxes in 
dimensions three, or so we think for our souls may dimensionless be and we are, perhaps unknown 
to us able to realms traverse, more so after we die, whence though we may not also know, right now. 
It says we could closer be to the answers mates we seek if we did not give up on what we make 
our aims, our mission in a void to seek the good of all, as after all ‘detached’ we are our source 
mates still the same, and we may not be totally nay detached mates from the primal source dear mates as
immortal is soul, if even it’s in flux, enabling us to freely roam in voids, to choose 
our fate unhindered in a void, freedom to joy pursue, among mates other rights, yet we know we 
are dear mates everywhere in pain courtesy of the so-called ‘human condition’ yea, dear mates 
no matter rich or poor, regardless shaded grey, entombed on hilltops laid in catacombs, why we 
must ponder who or what we are mull mates our precious world, to see whatever we could do to change 
the so-called ‘human condition’ for the better no one left behind, why we must study forces energies yea 
we encounter yea, as souls, as whatever else mates they may be mates for the good of all, O yea.