The Soul 1

The Soul 1
George O. Obikoya
The soul is immortal its state in flux, sounds like a pretty bold statement to make considering 
it offers no proof to support the claim; it says it has no proof but sticks yea with its claim, it is 
its view it says no one has to believe, reminding us the meaning of the notion dear mates of 
believing is itself in flux, evolving as yea more we know about who yes or what is the 
believer and what the belief is if in ghosts or goblins little tots in sundry shades of green, 
or grey, in logical positivism or the power of the magic flute or mates whatever fancy tickles in 
a voided space, our world, why perturbed not it is lacking proof it says, as after all if even it did 
none has to nay believe what proof it has, or may say it does when it does not yea, or mates avows 
it does not while in fact it does, too timid mates or for whatever reason to admit it does,
unable or unwilling mates to entertain belief yea in the notion of the soul, perhaps.  
Before we try elaborating on the notion of the soul maybe we ought to talk about 
believing mates in anything at all, for the purpose of our enterprise let us say it is 
having a strong conviction in the veracity of what one considers truth, either based on 
another ‘truth,’ known earlier even contemporaneous or arriving de novo not at all 
related to mates what we know a paradigm shift some would say reductionist or not, which begs 
the question what we are or not reducing in belief in faith for instance in a voided space, 
the source of faith arriving in a fully formed belief about intergalactic entities 
perambulating roaming free in void could epigenetic be with mates new cognitions re
domains we know, a novel way of seeing mates our world, more so with how rapidly it has changed 
since the industrial age, and why so much has been packed into such a short time ere compared O yea. 
So, we believe we made tremendous progress in the last couple of decades vis-a-vis the past, 
in every sphere of life, mates we believe in gender equality in the workplace everywhere O yea, 
and we believe in freedom in our world for all, belief dear mates that is our fundamental right 
and expository reductionism not, for it emerges from our notion of belief 
mates in the soul it says, for mates the soul is not a stand-alone idea evolving yea in 
the context of its fate, in other words mates in a constant state of flux, and we will see how not 
that far-fetched this is in a little while, suffice it is to mention what the reason is for such 
significant yea progress what we have to mull, maybe this will mates shed some light on what we mean
by ‘soul,’ in other words did something help us progress make we may not able be to prove or did 
we make it on our own? Was it or is still is what we may term ‘the soul,’ more active than before? 
There must be mates more questions as there may be more than answers as to why we drifted into dark 
ages why it took us so long to emerge from those days and if the soul was in the bottom pit 
of flux mates at the time and has now re-emerged to guide us into light, or mates as some might argue 
it is going back into darkness as it did before, evident in the many wonders of 
the world, these questions we must ask though answers we may find, thus if there was or is a soul it has 
to be immortal and mates in a state of flux, waxing and waning yea but why? Is it dear mates 
a personal or universal soul, at work in context leading from or up to yea its fate,
in other word does soul emerge to progress aid when someone or we lead the way, retreat likewise 
depending on the lead of someone or mates of us all, follow us into darkness as we all 
mates spiral down the chthonic lane, perhaps unable to detach itself from wherein mates abode?
Here then we have the soul attached to us going where we may lead, helpless to follow us but then
speeds up our beats, accelerates progress when we advance decelerates it when mates we retreat, 
enhanced we thrive debased decline, an immaterial soul in material human mates 
in matter yea non-matter laid, or maybe better put non-matter in matter projected in 
a voided space, which if universal we must all act the same, except maybe mates in the sense 
that it derives mates from a primal source yea manifest in individuals in as many 
ways, mates the primal source detached says yea a tot absorbed in ways to know itself, its folks its world, 
thus the containers of the souls are legion the souls as well each soul and its container bound 
in fate as bound they are to other soul-box pairs that constitute the realm, fate dear mates of our world 
for instance thus dependent on its soul-box pairs, their push and pull to and from progress yes, O mates. 
In this scenario mates some may ask if at all primal soul ever engaged is in the push 
and pull, and if without the primal source engaged the push and pull will ever materialize, 
if mates we could ever energy dispersion attain without its source, thus if at all dear mates 
the unavailability of energy to work with would disorder yea would we not dear 
mates should expect to escalate, why we would order see at all in void is food for thought O yea, 
suggesting some connection to the primal soul we all have now severed we must seek to mates re-
establish to yoke mates with ane, thus soul-box pairs may choose to further distance themselves or to be
mates closer to the primal soul at peace yea with its soul and with the primal soul, available 
for work the energy it needs to beauty manifest like daffodils in bloom, its mind sublime 
profound faith hope and love yea in its heart prepared to work mates for a brand new world with all O yea. 
Thus, mates the primal soul engaged is and is not it further takes its thoughts, a tot still searching for 
the missing links regarding contexts in which soul-box pairs mates operate, more so in relation to 
the primal soul and one another even those that may not boxed be yea, in other words seeking 
to know among the rest what happens to the soul without its box, what yea becomes mates of the soul
yea when we die the soul that’s yoked with ane and one nay that is not leaving for now why or how one
is and the other not, in other words considering not for now what soul-boxes need to whilst 
live that would yea ensure its soul able is to return to primal soul and what therefrom occurs, 
if back to source energy is for order made available opposite being the case for souls 
not so yoked back mates to continued disorder perhaps such souls return, or something even worse, 
mixing yet again with souls boxed or not with which it did afore its death and others novel yea.
Let us say as the notion of maximal energy dispersion in the universe ties not 
mates with order we see in beauty of the rose, in songs of nightingales, dear mates in drumbeats of 
the piculets sharks dancing at the super bowl, so it is that local interactions of soul-
boxes and of souls un-boxed may crucial be to how and why their outcomes may at least in part
determine if a soul yokes or does not yoke with the primal soul, extended mates beliefs about 
the soul we need to cogitate to glean the answers to flux yea of the soul if dyadic we 
have not explored plunged us into mates the dark ages and has helped us to advance so rapidly 
mates yes in recent times, and where, possibly, it could lead us in the future yea, if soul-boxes 
herein interact with others boxed or not that may decelerate our progress we ought to know 
how we could all prevent mates that decline, accelerate dyadic that advances yea our world. 
It’s only fair to say a tot determined to explore the mysteries of life not mates for its 
sake but for progress of the world and all humanity insists that knowledge we must seek, belief 
we must embrace that knowledge may reveal we could count on O yea, if even that mates is belief 
we have, we must not business as usual motto make paradigm shifts must seek, hypothesis 
form study to confirm or nullify we must act yes dear mates, we must seek yea to know who or 
what we interact with boxed souls and those not boxed, what we do yea to them and what they do to us,
how we affect their destinies how they mates ours affect, as persons or as groups how we dear mates
determine yes our future in this realm and more so after life, for we already are here know 
mates what the ‘human condition’ we encounter is but know not what we may encounter when un-
boxed we become, we need to knowledge seek, control take of our future personally and as one. 
Dear mates, the matter of the soul a tot avows important is to mull, we know belief mates that 
the soul immortal is yet in a state of flux is not at all far-fetched, but rather resonates 
with cycles of existence we must not dismiss, with parts of it, being born and at some point O mates 
being marked for death we know about mates albeit about afterlife we are clueless yea, why we 
must curious be to about it know, as well seek knowledge of we may be doing on our own 
or in collaboration with other souls boxed or not that may our paths chart in the great Halls of 
Amenti yea, continuum of consciousness with higher realms able we are mates O yea to 
achieve or back yes in lower dimensions we are to start over mates, why mates we need to seek 
Wisdom that love enables us mates to acquire open our minds to what the soul is we must dear 
mates aim to nurture, no matter mates our station in life we look ahead to truth that love reveals.