For The Good Of All 3

For The Good Of All 3
George O. Obikoya 
Let us all mates work for the good of all, it is our right yea to be free but also not to be, 
in other words we may decide to wallow lost in self-pity cower to forces dark, say mates 
that after all we have to suffer all our lives ‘original sin’ on our minds read scriptures night 
and day and seek forgiveness for a sin that we did not commit even then still resigned in time 
mates to a cruel fate, the so-called ‘human condition’ heavy yes on our minds as are many 
sins daily we admit to even if we don’t remember these things some contend suggests there is 
a major problem with us humans we are yet to figure but is dear mates and sadly tearing 
apart and fast the fabric of society the glue that binds us in a mental state, our present state 
that we could yea decide to better make mates for the good of all, and who counter O mates this view 
others may ask hatred yea in our face as some will innocent worshippers gun down at will, unfazed. 
We see expression of free will manifest in positive and negative ways one wonders what 
will is what freedom truly is, if really we are free or willing others’ will, in other words 
what are we up justifying murder of those simply exercising freedom mates to worship, 
associate on yea account mates of whatever, even ‘good of all,’? What really do we mean 
to wish ‘the good of all,’? These queries some would ponder freedom wonder if at all any O yes 
good serves let alone mates the good of all, which we may view in many ways, including pleasure yea 
and absence mates of pain, the path to which is freedom yea to choose between enhancing pleasure or
inflicting pain, free will to choose between hatred and love dear mates, the freedom we have yea as free 
souls to reborn be in our present state, or anywhere else some may yea contend, a point mates some
would say we ought yea to explore, maybe will shed some light on why we are mates how we are today. 
It may, for we have learnt from quantum physics voided mates we are, matter in fact mates emptiness 
O yea, a box container some label ‘Pandora’s box,’ we ought to leave untouched, its lid we must 
not open mates, ‘open at once’ others may clamour fed up with troglodytic ways, in fact may say 
even mates worse than that, much worse than images the mind projects marauding in the dark, it is 
knowledge of who or what projects onerousness the so-called human condition that they want to know,
what they may say will ease exasperation that they feel relieve their angst some way, as others chime 
in honing on some evolutionary traits emergent in our void, the robots on our heels 
making more robots freed, proliferation mates of robots that would wolf our jobs, so will dear mates 
some robots wolf that some say wolf us now, when our box antiquated is? The point here mates is we 
must emerge from darkness strive to save our void what we must all agree on being the need for change. 
We must consensus seek on where we go from here, wherein we face the ‘human condition’ alter 
yea for the good of all, explore the reasons helpless we appear to be to rein in hatred mates,
eschew bigotry racism see mates beyond our nostrils yea, see mates that none of us is free, and that’s 
the bottom line, see mates that what we say is freedom far from freedom is, for we really cannot 
choose locked up in the dark, hatred for others all we think of choice mates we could make, unable or
unwilling to escape our gin, embrace love path to freedom stuck in pain, in agonizing pain 
unable to escape our poorly state to realize we sink or swim together loafing in our caves, our world 
disintegrating right afore our eyes as we murder in broad daylight in a sacred place, genocide vow 
mates with impunity proudly pronounce with zeal, these things call for a major change in how we think
some mates will argue yea, even challenge us to contend their views that they would say we see, O yea. 
So, mates we must have realized we may not free will have inure to what it means to truly lack 
free will freedom yea in our voided space a myth, and we this need to change, be free at last to roam 
the realms as some from other realms may now ours freely roam, continuum of consciousness engage, 
able to meet mates others human not, able to fend yea for ourselves not fodder be mates not 
mates anymore  able to trade with friendly entities our foes invite to lunch, declare love we 
believe in not bigoted we are progress in void we endorse destruction not our aim, no mates,
this we should sing in unison heard mates in every realm many O yea would say, for traits O yes 
of goodness evolutionary is in void as many are beginning to see we could hold 
our own, that mates with knowledge understanding of the goings on in void we could be free at last, 
free to decide our future work together for the good of all mates in a brand new world, O yea. 
Mates, we cannot deny we need consensus on how best to be free not that we need on being free, 
as not that pyramids exist worldwide we marvel at the feats of who built them as are O yea 
the megalithic structures in the deep the arctic to antarctic mysteries mates everywhere 
we look, we cannot say someone that went mates to a sacred place of worship to gun down those in
there worshippers who mates were simply expressing their rights to freely worship did so for the good 
of all, if at all that person has yea any notion of what the good of all is, if any 
mates notion at all what it is, what mates is freedom as for instance in choices we make and do 
not make, our errors of commission and omission positive and negative rights what some would 
trace to a primal source, would therefore argue none, whatever entities nay have the right to take
away from us, regardless knowledge they have that we lack to tunnel through the realms, entangled nay.       
Thus, we do not have to be helpless to improve our lot, we ought to be determined to improve 
ourselves yea to improve our world, we do not have to stand by watch our world mates set ablaze O no, 
if even we face enemies in realms unknown smart enough to enter our world enslave us mates 
as some will say, there may be others in the realms smarter than them that could come to our aid O yea,
and they may even already be here mates right here in our midst mates some would say, the onus being 
on us to choose to work to gain, in other words to rest not on our oars seeking knowledge we need 
to venture into realms to tunnel to entanglements yea comprehend continuum dear mates 
of consciousness mates to achieve assert ourselves yea in the greater scheme, apotheosis we 
could yea attain, we could mates yes be gods, whatever we mean by the term we could yea hold our own 
stand up for ourselves cower not to whatever entities marauding yea our space some would hold. 
Yes, we have come a long way mates, we now are at the point where we agree the ‘human condition’ 
has to change for the better work we have to do our freedom to regain, mates we must make the move 
to form alliances in realms unknown known to achieve our goal of betterment yea for the good 
of all, it seems in fact that we are not alone, that entities from some otherworld able are 
to shear our veil, with relic here and there we know not who mates put them there or if they’re still around, 
mates if they are one wonders why and roles they’re playing in our world if benevolent or if dear 
mates malevolent don’t we ought to know? Don’t we mates ought to know mates who they are imagining
not where they are from what they look like how yea we relate to them if we could trade with them or not  
as they are here to wolf our pates, or souls? The point here is that we must strive to higher take our act,
we must be willing to hard work to be free we must set to hurdles face but not to give up, nay. 
Dear mates, whatever science we may lack that may make us the underdogs yea in the greater scheme
we must acquire with speed, alacrity the name mates of the game when odds against us stack but we
stick to our aim of seeking ever good of all O yea, determined we are to improve our void, 
refuse to let it die moribund let it not be never give up on our world O nay, we may 
be pawns mates in a cosmic game or actors on a voided stage, whatever is the case dear mates
participants we are, we could our status change, players mates we could also be as we grasp what 
the game entails, what is the reason for the game what life is all about, what happens after life, 
if we return here in robotic boxes human forms mates long extinct experience O yea 
‘robot condition,’ elsewhere show up even worse than here, or so much better mates who really knows?
This, mates we ought to seek to know, we ought to find a way to know O mates so to achieve our aim.  
It’s not too late to focus on our aim, yet we must not delay, we want mates able be to choose, 
admit our world could use a facelift we cannot engage in wanton nay destruction of our world 
our very precious void embracing hatred not promoting nay the good of all, dear mates unhinged
discountenancing love, destroying yea ourselves thinking we others mates destroy, it’s not too late 
dear mates to freedom seek the path to which is love, higher-level energies in us we build that’s 
hard to assail, positivity we transmit in void that may critical mass reach that would mates 
repel our foes no matter smart they are, and what is more that would attract entities yea that may 
be sympathetic to our cause freedom within our reach, in other words we have a role to play 
in elevating our world in improving ourselves to attain our goal yea for the good of all, 
it is a task we must do freedom mates our rights, it is a goal we must dear mates achieve, we say.