For The Good Of All 2

For The Good Of All 2
George O. Obikoya 
Pelagian mates as it sounds that we are inherently good appealing must be yea to those  
believers in our choice to evil be or to the goodness yea of all forever seek, those who 
believe in freedom whether or not in the grace of God, whether or not mates in ‘original 
sin’ anything at all, thus those that sin see passed on reason for our death may see no way God may
propitious be yes to anyone that does not mates ‘divine grace’ yea embrace, no matter goodness in 
their hearts they offer to the world, the point here being that we may reap what we sow, no matter how
much we bombard the gates of Heaven with entreaties someone mates expect to reckon with us sin 
inherited from someone long deceased who a pome a partner shared mates chose also to enjoy, 
in other words God must therefore reward us if we did something good punish us if evil we 
are which may be one way those who believe in freedom may conceive of what obtains in void, O yea. 
Let’s for a moment God replace with something similarly we conceive with all the attributes that we
ascribe to God and call it what we wish, a supreme being essentially that following from the 
aforesaid may mates interact with us, rewarding or punishing us for how we think and act, 
emotions we express, whatever we consider sin or otherwise in void, assuming that 
is what the earth is just a voided space, our world likewise a peopled voided space, let us leave mates 
notions of ‘peopled’ that we may not have to beat a hasty retreat if mates topsy-turvy matters turned 
for we must figure who or what is interacting with whom let alone why what it’s all about, 
we must mull if we must plead not guilty to infractions claim someone ate a pome in ages past 
hexing us for eternity, and we are praying hard for something to forgive us for something 
that’s someone else’s fault, and by the way we cannot stop ourselves being evil we are cursed for aye. 
This also is what some may mates believe, remorselessly serving nay not the good of all, what may 
for them does not exist a fallacy insist, there’s nothing like the good of all holler dear mates 
from mountain tops, we have no obligation to anyone but only ourselves, blame God or its 
replacement something for not listening nay to their prayers for divine grace is why there is so 
much pain mates in our world, the so-called ‘human condition’ exists why nothing there is we can do
about it we are here to pay for the ‘original sin’ fallen we are we are cursed yes we 
are lost yes we are fried yes we are.....yes! ‘give me a break’ someone may then say maybe more to save
us from a heart attack than hope for good luck trying to convince us we may just have lost our way, 
that we should start taking responsibility for what we do O yea, stop blaming God something 
for evils in our world claiming it cursed someone who disobeyed it we must pay for yea, for aye. 
Thus, people who do not subscribe to notions of the good of all believing yea we are surely 
mates inherently bad may act whichever way they do believing not in freedom or that we 
can choose mates to do good things or bad things engage, and may get into complicated arguments
about what is good for the goose maybe being not so for the gander for instance sidetracking the 
issue knowingly or not that the common denominator is whether or not mates dear mates 
we blame an entity for what we do or we believe we have freedom to choose to act mates in 
a certain way yea be it good or bad, defined whatever way, maybe it’s Locke or Hobbes we like 
perhaps dear mates we like we prefer ‘ethical hedonism’ pleasure good and pain bad and we 
act mates accordingly or do whatever mates we like with no regard for whether good or bad, 
for we can always blame an entity that hexed us for the ‘sin’ of someone very long ago. 
Therefore our faith in freedom is the final common pathway to our actions yea, it is that we believe 
that we may choose our course of action cursed or muzzled not O nay, and do so knowing full well it 
may pain or pleasure lead, not just for others also for ourselves, why mates we should closer look at 
the notion yea of ‘peoples’ who or what is getting hurt or having yea a good time based on what 
we do, as after all our actions have effects on someone yea or something that someone O yes 
or something they affect, that we yea have freedom to choose does not mean God whatever yes is not 
somewhere out there or maybe even within us or wherever does not exist that could our choices rein,
that may affect our actions in ways we cannot control, we’re simply saying it does not influence us nay 
in any way subscribers to this view would say, asking perhaps how many angels could dance on 
a pin, but what if this being interacts with us affects us and we likewise do? Some may inquire. 
It is, therefore, one thing to say that one believes in freedom quite another able be dear mates 
to actualize it muzzled or somehow powerless to choose hence not that much different from one 
who nay does not believe in freedom who surrendered any such thing to a higher power that’s 
dishing out yea divine grace is propitious to the well-behaved yet punishes those who are 
not sanctions yes iniquities suggesting it has yes some standards of morality ethics 
we all are meant to keep and somehow mates ensures we do or face the consequences every one 
of us, but mates is this the case? Is someone something somewhere nowhere mates we cannot see 
controlling us, determining our actions somehow with mates or without our knowledge making O yea 
the notions of one striving for the good of all essentially irrelevant as it decides 
what mates is good or bad for us for reasons we don’t know? If so who what is this being steering us? 
This brings us to the notion mates of ‘peoples’, what it means and who they are more so if yea our earth
indeed is void as quantum physics says, our world yea voided spaces faced? The faces mattered mates 
in particles or waves, material mates and ‘divine’ yea in our present state, how mates this being 
may interact us then may be yea as divine or mattered which suggests it may be walking yea 
among us even as we speak, in other words the ‘peoples’ of our world mates as we know it may 
include this being maybe mates we must say these beings for we may have a pantheon of gods maybe 
of digital gods mates for instance we may able be to contact mates someday, our knowledge of 
the voids more advanced than it is mates at this time, why we should clear be when we talk of peoples in 
our world, discuss mates what we mean yea when we vow to join hands work together for the good of all,
with no exception yea, why mates we need to matters mull that may freedom control yea in our world. 
Variations in features of those genetically deemed human is evident taken yea 
for granted yet as we have seen we may not in fact be that ‘genetically homogenous’ 
‘pure breed’ yea humans we may not all be, blended mates in the double helix others who may not 
meet mates whatever criteria we may have decided humans yea must meet, which means there may 
divergent goals be among us and some may not be tailored to achieving yea the good of all, 
in other words some seemingly benign phenomena may manifest such aims, who behind which 
mates we may never know, at least not if we only saw them as benign mates as they seem to be 
and not consider they may represent the features of entities not exactly us, the same 
goes for the opposite phenomena manifestations not of hostile entities but those of friendly beings, 
why we must issues such as these explore to save our precious world to ‘know’ it act mates as we must. 
We have thus seen possibilities of varieties of beings on earth with some dear mates maybe 
potentially friendly other hostile who manifest a blend of genes the product ‘human’ or 
have genes mates not in any way human, but mates who or what are these entities, where do they come
from, and why are they in our space, walking among us mattered or hiding in plain sight mates within 
us? These questions those who yea believe in quantum mechanics sure would ask as they did in the past
those who Pelagians were even those who quietism embraced, those who believe that God or mates
whatever we may call a being supreme perhaps also a pantheon of lesser-gods we think 
mates interact with us, divine beings dancing on a pin, interfering in a positive or 
a negative way, our freedom hence ability to freely choose mates what yea we deem is for 
the good of all, even of entities we seem able not yet mates to characterize, our gods. 
If we subscribed to views quantum we ought to want to know more than we do right now, for if we still 
are speculating ‘bout something that has profound implications mates for a void we call our world 
a major problem mates we have as we are underdogs in a dyadic something far smarter than 
us mates it seems we must admit, something able to tweak our will, to grant deny us freedom yea 
at will, that may mincemeat mates make yea of our aim to come together join hands yea determined to
unite yes in a brand new world to work hard for the good of all, where mates our weakness will lead we
may never know except maybe we try to able be to match even doubtless surpass dear mates 
intelligences we now say are gods, we may code memes we may quantum entanglements explore, 
we may tunnelling study to decipher how they breach our space and manifest in matter any kind of way, 
these mates are urgent matters to address, continuum of consciousness acquire without delay.