For The Good Of All 1

For The Good Of All 1
George O. Obikoya 
Whereas planarians can sure their own heads yea replace, a lizard yes its own tail yea regrow, 
we struggle to conceive mates we could clone a tot, the double helix keeps its secrets far away 
from prying eyes or mates does it? This query opens up a box, pandora box of sorts we may 
prefer its lid to stay yea tightly shut, as what enables lizards, flatworms, plants and others to 
themselves yea duplicate and not us cryptic seems O yea, what makes a prion come alive refit 
a cow to kill a tot and why beyond me one admits, as is the mind-boggling feats of base pairs 
forming tots, how mates letters make a monkey numbers forms conjure, a void imaginary is 
as we engage a world, with matter all around phantasmagoric we declare nothingness placed 
afore, most want nothing to do with notions of a void, of life emergent yea in nothing ‘big 
bang’ or a whimper call it what you like, too complicated for my simple soul too much they say.
Many of us would rather not the secrets of our world seek yea to know, but get on with our lives 
accept our station live from day to day, for after all we see and feel the world and not the void, 
we see our spouses children matter we perceive nothingness not relationships we have with Jay 
with Helen not with two, no not with C with Pete yea not with cubes, or mates do we? It is O yea 
the case that one may not indeed be keen to want to ask such queries as may complicate our fit 
wherein we carved our caves, wherein we hide our faces to preserve our fate, the fate we fit refit 
ad infinitum as we live and age, often lack knowledge of deeper than we accost in views 
tots wiser not than us express whose sources they are able not to vouchsafe anyway O mates, 
why we may be content to bother not with queries none solutions to proffer that we may deem 
yea absolutely true, remains shut yea the box, pandora box O yea, perhaps forevermore.
Yet, mates we ask if what we call our world is not a peopled voided space, if really earth is not 
existent life is just a joke numbers and letters fake, what mates these letters numbers are or not  
are where they are from who or what created them and who created yea who did, it is a life to fit
we ought to seek a jigsaw puzzle fix to quieten our agitating pates appease O yea 
whatever in it we cannot retrieve it seems no matter hard we try that make us want to yea 
further query what yea we see more mates to want to know, not flights of fancy entertain and not
whimsical in our ways, we really want to know, we want to know terrains we tread the reason yea 
the sky is blue, that what we see a fit everyday in the maze of life we say no longer fits 
things we assume are there no longer there may truly yea be flabbergasting for mates the profane, 
if not mates everyone indeed, for here we are seeking the code, of yea the freestone in a void.
We seek a pin yea in a haystack some would argue we are dreamers unrealistic even 
crazy or whatever but we respond perhaps we should a sip of bishop’s finger sip before 
we start our journey into space and O yea drink the waters of Ameles potamos and hope 
yea for rebirth illuminated yea, revealed the voided space we call our home wherein we dwell 
phenomenal noumena glimpse, what numbers letters energy project off what we call the mind 
and other mental states, what yea we see in matter manifest so strange we magic term, as rice 
cooked bottled labeled love or hate remains intact or wither yea respectively after some days, 
the energy of love or hate our mind projects ourselves yea first revamps yea or destroys O yea
respectively in void, suggesting we could make or break ourselves and all around us simply O 
yea with our thoughts, also that we may find the pin the code our minds fully engaged refitted fits. 
A prior fit of hatred we turn into love, that mates of war relabel peace O yea, what once 
we cultivated animosity we celebrated we considered settling scores mates or 
whatever we no longer hold in high esteem but rather yes replace with amity dear mates 
projecting love, that heals us heals everyone heals our voided space O yea, our void yea for the good 
of all, in other words thoughts that heal not harm us we embrace, energies that enhance us not destroy 
us we project we do not go around projecting hatred rather peace and love we wish O yes 
our sisters brethren everyone with no exception wishing well the world, our minds mates we refit 
positive energies believe would save our world, the voided space in which we live we able are 
to fix our fuzzy states, a state where angst reigns not so much because we’re flawed but more it is a fit 
not in a maze we find ourselves wherein lost we in limbo strive yea for our daily bread confused. 
We are confused about goings on in our world, a state mates unsurprisingly stressful a state 
anxiety-provoking one imbued with angst, awestruck helpless we watch in horror devastation of 
a storm, of ravaging diseases suffocating smogs, we stand by children watch mates as they starve 
to death yea in their mothers’ arms, we are mates at a loss helpless to try relieve yea the so-called 
‘human condition’ in our voided space, so mates we answers seek to queries yea profane profound 
and somewhere in between, answers that yea may help us ease our pain improve our mental state refit
dear mates our face, why we must not relent nay we must thoughts project that help us all O yea, and not 
destroy our face, it is a matter we consider urgent and important seriously deem 
one mates we hope answers to queries that we pose eventually emerge, queries mates both profane 
yea and profound, we hope would clear our vision fuzzy mates no more, we will mates stay engaged. 
So, let us venture mates, let us consider where we take our world, it is our precious void, dear mates 
if voided yea it is, what numbers letters do to matter make we struggle to decipher in 
our present state, our mental state that energy projects, in particles mates verily in waves, 
affecting us O yea, mind over matter as we like to say, like matter mind affects, O yea 
reciprocally fit, our angst in stomach butterflies, our ailing hearts fear moribund we are 
invoke, and much like Einstein said, whether we live yea in a hostile or a friendly universe 
the most important decision O mates we make, love also matter yes inspires as matter love 
makes yea dear mates, rebirth we ponder bettered hope we are venturing mates in realms, imagined in 
our days here as we strive to knowledge gain to redirect our paths, the road less travelled that we take 
O yea, nirvana on our minds, so let us venture mates, our pilgrimage mates we must yea complete. 
We recognize in phases we engage our world each phase with hurdles we must cross the next phase to 
engage, why we must pay attention to each phase to gain, a scarab labours as the rising sun yes in  
the East arises midday sun majestic traverses the skies, its blessings rays invest in all 
yea in our precious world, setting mates in the West to rise again O yea, reborn in light we hope 
for in our mental state, that we may clear be in our minds the universe we tread, for one cannot 
but wonder what mates Einstein meant, why we must figure whether we reside mates in a hostile or 
a friendly universe to sure be we are safe, assure the betterment of all, secure O yes 
our world, our very own void in the greater scheme, why mates we deeper must dig even as yea our
minds project positively O yea, admitting energy vampires roam the voids we must conceding mates 
our world indeed be void, in particles or waves, something we must also want to know, befuddled. 
So, maybe numbers letters travel abstract mental mattered in some forms, embodied yea or not 
able to work the voided space we term the earth a double helix yea, or in some other ways 
we know not in our present state, what we should want to know Einstein mates on our minds, imagined in 
our state invasions in a quantum state at any time of day, morning midday or sunset we 
may prone be to the forms O yea that numbers letters make, Form-Numbers Plato says, a matter we 
must not dismiss as we know not we truly may be vulnerable to a hostile realm, as we 
may not be certain friends yea we would meet along the way as we continuum of consciousness 
engage, mates in our peregrines, so let us go dear mates, let us devote our lives yea for the good 
of all, a model yea of excellence let us mates make our world, that even hostile entities would like 
to emulate, let us mates take our science math our culture arts and music yea to higher grounds. 
Go mates let’s go dear mates let’s pledge to work yea for the good of all, we have no time to waste O nay, 
regardless phase we find ourselves we must have mates a little something to contribute O yes to 
the efforts to improve our world, to save our void O yea, our very precious world, the only one 
we know mates love so dearly yea, one mates we pledge to love not hatred spread to better make 
ourselves in turn to lift our voided space aloft O yea our world, to make our world a better place 
for one and all a model for the realms, why we must keep on keeping on the flag keep flying yea, 
why we must not give up mates never ditch our earth, voided or not mates we must seek to know, O yea, 
that we may better be prepared to save our priceless jewel if attacked mates welcome friends from realms
we know not now O nay, this is a must-do task mates all hands yea on deck, and mates determined we 
will sure attain our aim yea for a better world, we will remember we said mates we will, we did.