The Evolution of Beauty

That the sensuality of beauty does not always imply goodness is evident in the havoc on us that some of the perceived objects of beauty in nature could wreck. It is appropriate to question therefore, what accord with nature there is in the quality of certain objects, ideas, and persons whose perception by us evokes pleasure. In other words, we need to make our sense of beauty more acute. That our concept of beauty even today has underlying commonalities across cultures underscores the tenacity of pre-Socratic Grecian philosophy of beauty such as the Pythagorean emphasis on the link between beauty and the golden ratio, essentially on symmetry and proportion, for example of facial features, and of the body in general, as the yardsticks of beauty. Could that the cherubic face or that of the newborn may signify this sense of proportion infused with innocence, a double dose of goodness, is the reason for its often-considered inherent beauty?

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