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The persistent of disequilibrium in health systems worldwide despite continuing revisions of the approaches to healthcare delivery suggests the intractability on the one hand of the challenges that these systems face. Yet, it could signal the need for a reappraisal of the underpinnings of the methodologies involved vis-à-vis their relevance to the fundamentals of the milieu in which they operate. Thus, it might be apposite to consider the nature and extent of the potential impact on healthcare delivery of the projected increase in the prevalence of a disease relative to the prevailing concepts of the medical zeitgeist of primary prevention, and the mechanics of its delivery, to match the elements necessary for addressing its anticipated challenges successfully. In the resulting potential coalescence of healthcare delivery key-player dynamics, might emerge considerations of the undercurrents of policy formulation and implementation that determine manifestation in healthcare delivery of the concepts-on-mechanics/policy process dyadic whose iterations require the decomposition and exposition that rectifying its probable errors would warrant.

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