Beyond Healthcare Accessibility

What could the health sector learn from companies, whose inventive approaches to cost reduction such as fostering competition seeking new suppliers and supply options, conducting thorough market and industry analyses, to determine favorable target prices well ahead have resulted in substantial savings? Does the health sector need to focus on management restructuring that in addition to price also emphasizes agility and quality, across board? Should providers be designing products and services to cost, aligning competencies with products and services that healthcare consumers need and paying for which they are willing and capable? What should be the place of healthcare consumers in the healthcare delivery drivers-dynamics, autonomous bystanders, or active stakeholders? The contradiction in the logic of healthcare delivery excluding the healthcare consumer that is, inaccessibility to qualitative healthcare by those the services exist to serve in the first place is self-evident. This explains the repulsion that most feel at the gruesome statistics of the many that lack this access in several countries, developing or otherwise, about 45 million US residents lacking health insurance, for example1.

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